Do  tattoos  make men more attractive and interesting? What are the best tattoos for men or which one is the most suitable?  Which tattoos do girls like or which ones are in fashion? Do you want a new tattoo for yourself or is it your first tattoo, but you need guidance.

A male tattoo is one that just by looking at it represents strength, virility and determination, among them we can use designs of lions, dragons, eagles, skulls, pirates, wolves, among others, that is, figures, objects, animals and things that make you look more manly and firm. Here you can see some cool tattoo ideas for men:

Tattoo Ideas For Men

If you are looking for a tattoo that denotes courage, bravery and strength, explore in this section the tattoo ideas for men that we have prepared for you.

Small Tattoo

If you want to be able to show off some of the best tattoos for men , nothing like choosing those that are small and minimalist like the ones we offer you in this section and that you can get in areas of your body such as arms, hands or legs. Dozens of images of small tattoos is what you will find in our section dedicated to this type of tattoo that is now a trend. Minimalism is in fashion so sign up to wear the occasional tattoo that is characterized by having defined lines and shapes, providing a unique style on your body. In addition to ideas and photos, you will find an explanation of what they are like and how to wear this type of tattoo.

Small Tattoo

Simple Tattoo

If tattoos have always caught your attention, but you don’t want to risk making a design on your skin that you may later regret, then opt for simple and more discreet sketches. You can choose between the tattoos of anchors, lightning, musical symbols, letters or simply, what catches your attention and that you can reduce in size. These could serve as inspiration:

Simple Tattoo Ideas For Men

Celtic Tattoo

If you have Celtic heritage or are fascinated by the ancient Celts, then a Celtic tattoo would be a great option. It is a popular choice for men because the designs are deeply symbolic yet masculine in their representation. Various symbols are used, each with different meanings, including protection from evil and enemies and a way to communicate feelings and thoughts. 

Celtic knots are beautiful and intricate and make for interesting body art; some options include the Dara knot, the Triquetra, or the Trinity Knot. Other images in common use include the Celtic Cross and the Tree of Life. To make your piece more unique, you can add to it. For example, if you want to honor your ancestry, you can get a design that looks like it’s coming out of your skin.

Celtic Tattoos

Wolf Tattoo

The wolf tattoo is a tattoo widely used among groups of friends, because among its multiple meanings it speaks of the pack, the family and teamwork. It is also a tattoo widely used to express how using intelligence you can beat the most fearsome rival. Men who value family, loyalty, and protection are drawn to wolf tattoos because these beautiful animals often represent these characteristics. The animal lives in a herd, and its strength and survival depend on the other members of this unit. This concept can remind the wearer of the importance of a family bond and the need to be there for their loved ones. Alternatively, it can also represent a desire to be wild and free.

Wolf Tattoo Ideas For Men

Cross Tattoo

Honoring your faith can be done in many ways, including getting a cross tattooed on you. The Christian religion sees the symbol as an essential part of its beliefs, since it represents the will of Jesus Christ to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity. However, there are many different ways to interpret the cross, and designs can be detailed and incorporate various other elements or as simple as two intersecting lines.

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Men

Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are mythological tattoos that have become popular in the world of tattoos and their meaning is associated with some very important concepts such as courage, strength, bravery and nobility. Dragon tattoos symbolize wisdom, bravery, and power, making it a popular choice for men to tattoo on their skin. These mythical beasts represent a variety of different things and have appeared in both European mythologies and East Asian cultures. They can be perceived as good or bad, and associated with elements of fire or water. Depending on their interpretation, the color and size of the design, dragons can also represent passion, mystery or ferocity.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Lion Tattoo

The symbol of the lion is quite universal, we already know that it is the king of the jungle and that it is an animal of great strength, courage and courage. If you want a tattoo that expresses all this, the lion is a safe bet. Show your courage and bravery with a lion tattoo! This majestic creature is king in the animal world, a powerful predator that is feared and respected. Lions can also attract a man who is passionate about family; they live in packs, and their strength and survival depend on this close family unit. When you decide to get a tattoo of this big cat, you’ll be glad to know that it suits many different styles, from photorealistic to geometric.

Lion Tattoo Ideas For Men

Owl Tattoo

If you are looking for tattoos for men that have a lot to do with wisdom and mysticism , owl tattoos are a very timely option. Also, owls are associated with the night and spirituality. An owl tattoo represents wisdom and knowledge, but also mystery and magic. It is the perfect piece for someone who values ​​these qualities in life. It can also be seen in many cultures, including Native Americans, who believed it to be a messenger or omen of death. The night bird works well as a stand-alone design, but different elements can also be incorporated to make the piece more detailed. Standard options could include lanterns, branches, trees, and the moon.

Owl Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix is ​​a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The mythical bird is associated with fire and the sun and cyclically regenerates, rising from the ashes. A phoenix tattoo appeals to anyone who has been through a tough time, but survived, only to come out stronger. This design is often best when created in bold colors, including reds, oranges, and yellows, and it tends to make a big statement.

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas For Men

Quote Tattoo

Perhaps there is a verse from the Bible that moves you or a poem that you love from your favorite poet? Sometimes words can be incredibly inspiring, which is why quote tattoos are so meaningful. It is a way to express how you feel or to keep what motivates you close to your heart. There are so many different pieces to choose from, making your choice even more personal. Placement depends on the length of the date, but most men prefer to get tattooed on a larger piece of skin to leave more room for detail.

Quote Tattoo Ideas For Men

Family Tattoo

The family plays an important role in our lives, in particular, the siblings. They are meant to be the people who will be there for you no matter what, who you can trust with anything, and your biggest support and confidant. However, family is not just blood relatives and sometimes it is the chosen family that is just as important. It’s not hard to see why a man would be inspired to get a brother tattoo, to honor this special bond. 

Family Tattoo Ideas For Men

Star Tattoo

When you look up at the night sky, you will see countless stars. For many people, they symbolize hope, guidance, and even the possibility of wishing for something better. So it makes sense that people would want to get these astronomical objects tattooed on their skin because of their deep personal meaning. There are several interpretations of the star tattoo design, one of the most popular being the nautical star, which can represent your direction or the ability to find your way home again.

Star Tattoo Ideas For Men

Skull Tattoo

In your search for the perfect men’s tattoo , you may have already realized that skulls are one of the most recurrent symbols. As also happens in the tarot, the skulls do not symbolize a physical death, or not only that, but it is a symbol of a change that shakes your life. Today these pieces take on a wide range of different meanings and designs vary, often including roses, which represent love and beauty, or snakes, which symbolize wisdom or secrecy.

Skull Tattoo Ideas For Men

Angel Tattoo

If you want to honor a loved one who has passed away or show your devotion to your faith, an angel tattoo is a great way to do it. Although there are many different interpretations of what these supernatural beings symbolize, most would associate them with purity and spiritual development. Other features include protection and guidance, and the wearer may want a piece that serves as a reminder that they are not alone.


Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are one of the most spectacular, we review their meaning and the best tattoos. Eagle tattoos symbolize wisdom, power, and spirituality. Aside from being associated with the United States, the eagle was also used in various cultures back then. In ancient Greece, it was used as a symbol of masculine strength and virility. Zeus, the Greek god who had several secret encounters with mortal women, has been associated with the eagle. Sometimes we see eagles carrying a thunderbolt, which represents Zeus.

Eagle Tattoo Ideas For Men

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are used above all to mark a direction or a path, they are ideal if you do not want to lose sight of a dream and want to fight to the fullest until it comes true. Arrow tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. This is because the cute little tattoo carries a special deep meaning. An arrow is pointed at the end that pierces the target. Therefore, a positive arrow tattoo meaning is that you are focused towards your goals in life and one day you will achieve them. The arrow symbol is also used with other tattoo designs such as the semicolon and the dreamcatcher. The meaning of the tattoo changes a bit and it depends on the context of the whole design.

Arrow Tattoo Ideas For Men

Compass Tattoo

Compass  tattoos  gain more followers every day. Initially they were used only by sailors, then, due to their meanings, they began to be used by men and in recent years more and more women choose them. It really is  one of the most aesthetic and profound tattoos in its meaning , so check each image that I bring you and tell me. We want to dedicate this article to several of our followers who left us their comments requesting to know more about  compass tattoos. Compasses are also known as nautical stars, nautical roses, or wind roses.

Compass Tattoo Ideas For Men

Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos are undoubtedly a highly acclaimed design by many people. They are a very meaningful tattoo idea that can make a big difference in your life. A clock inevitably symbolizes the passage of time, that is, how time escapes our power and ends up leaving, never to return to us. It can represent an important event that has happened in your life such as the death of a person or the birth of another.

Clock Tattoo Ideas For Men

Rose Tattoo

When it comes to popular tattoo motifs, one of the most important is the rose. The rose is probably the most beautiful natural creation; There’s a reason why so many women have a name: Rose. Today we share with you the best rose tattoos for men on the arm. Rose tattoos are simply beautiful; with their colors and complexity they transport us to places and moments that have no comparison. These rose tattoos are characterized by always having a high emotional meaning for the menwho wear them on their skin.

Rose Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tree Tattoo

Nature tattoos are popular symbols to tattoo on the skin, but the tree of life is particularly significant. It is hard to ignore the importance of this ink as it symbolizes immortality, renewal, knowledge, wisdom and strength. It is something that has a transcultural symbolism; in Norse mythology, it explores the link between the spiritual and human world, and in India, it is a connection between God and humanity. The design is intricate, often differing in color, shape, and style, but commonly features intertwined branches and roots in a circle. Some people choose to incorporate other elements into the piece, such as birds or patterns.

Tree Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tiger Tattoo

Nowadays tattoos have taken a lot of prominence and there are many people in the world who decide to get different designs on their bodies to symbolize something special through them. There are thousands of tattoo options that you can get and animals are one of the favorites of many. The tiger tattoo design has become a very popular part of tattoo art for many men who want to wear a wonderful design of this very special animal. Tiger tattoo is a strong art form of tattoo and a very creative design can look perfect on your skin. Next we want to give you a selection of spectacular tiger tattoos so that you can be inspired and you can make the perfect design on your skin.

Tiger Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

If you are looking for a versatile tattoo that can be small or large, Gemini constellation tattoos open the door to a lot of creativity. Whether you prefer fine line work or minimalist details, constellation tattoos can be specifically designed to suit your style and needs. Similar to the mathematical symbol for “pi,” the Gemini sign is just two straight lines between two horizontal lines, making it a simple tattoo choice. Whether you’re looking for something small for the inside of your wrist or the back of your neck, Gemini sign tattoos are subtle yet meaningful. Geminis are known to have opposing dualities that complement and oppose each other, this is most often depicted in the form of twins.

To capture the essence of this idea in tattoo form, try detailed cufflinks that have very feminine or masculine features or simpler, more minimalist cufflinks that allude to the archetype. A Gemini twins tattoo is one of the most beautiful and intricate options for Gemini men.

Gemini Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

Taurus is the most aggressive zodiac among all other zodiacs. To show the qualities of Taurus, you can have amazing tattoos including bulls. Bulls are well known for their strength, persistence, and determination. With such determination and strength, one can tackle any situation in life. Taurus tattoos that display positive qualities can create the good impression that makes them stand out.

Taurus Tattoo Ideas For Men

Name Tattoo

Name tattoos are quite popular. Many boys and girls choose to tattoo the name of a loved one, a person who has been very important in their lives, perhaps a father, a mother, perhaps the name of a grandmother who is no longer there. Another frequent option in name tattoos is to honor children. The tattoo of the name of a loved one or an unforgettable friend is a very good way to always remember him in the best way, to always keep in mind what he meant in our lives, what he taught us and how important he was. In other words, it is a very good idea to pay tribute to a person we love.

Name Tattoo Ideas For Men

Cloud Tattoo

Cloud tattoos can be simple or detailed and create interesting body art. They represent positive and negative things depending on the chosen meaning. For some, clouds are associated with bad luck and darkness, while for others, they have a dreamy and whimsical meaning and can be a symbol of your aspirations and hopes. 

The great thing about clouds is their versatility, whether you choose to keep a basic outline or add other elements to your design, such as people or angels. Your body art can make a statement about how you feel; for example, you have your head in the clouds. Or it can be a comment about how you are going through a period of transformation.

Cloud Tattoo

Christian Tattoo

Those who are religious and whose faith has played a significant role in their life may wish to honor this with body art. Christian tattoos are a fantastic option for a man who wants to show his connection to God or how the teachings of Christianity have impacted his outlook. 

There are many design options, but popular themes include illustrations of crosses, the image of Jesus Christ, angels, or praying hands to indicate devotion. Or Bible verses. You can keep your tattoo simple, with a small cross or a reference to a specific proverb, or go for a complex piece that tells a story.

Christian Tattoo

Scorpio Tattoo

Scorpion tattoos have been a popular choice for men for many years. They are both respected and feared, and often serve as a warning to others not to get too close to the wearer. The predatory arachnid can cause pain, but is also associated with protection or strength. Although there are many ways to ink this dangerous creature, the hyper-realistic versions are the most intimidating.

Scorpio Tattoo Ideas For Men

American Flag Tattoo

If you love  American flag tattoos , there is no better way to express your  patriotism. These  patriotic flag tattoos  come in every  size,  shape,  color,  and  style imaginable, and you can even incorporate  Old Glory  into just about any other  design. Similarly, men can choose  small  and  simple,  tribal  or 3D  artwork with a ripped skin look . Ultimately,  American flag tattoo designs  are truly some of the most  versatile  and  popular. Men often choose  highly visible areas  to ensure their  patriotism  is always on display. 

American Flag Tattoo Ideas For Men

Grim Reaper Tattoo

The Grim Reaper represents death, and many societies represent it as a robed figure with a long scythe. Due to its connection to death, the tattoo is very much a symbol of negativity and bad influence, which is a misconception. According to popular belief, the grim reaper tattoo appears on a person when he is about to die. The scythe in his hand is to cut the ties between her soul and his body. The relationship of the tattoo with death and the soul is one of the reasons why it appears in various graphic works when a person is about to leave this world. If you are looking for some of the best grim reaper tattoos than the ideas below could help you make an optimal choice.

Grim Reaper Tattoo Ideas For Men

Demon Tattoo

Demon tattoos present a perfect balance between occult and sexual energy. They are images that very easily evoke the seduction found in the forbidden or the bad. In some cases they can be used to symbolize a certain disregard for the rules established by society, morality or religion about appropriate or incorrect behavior. Those people who understand that neither human nature nor energy can be divided into two clearly defined and opposite segments, the good and the bad, find in demons a way to express and recognize their dark side. Sometimes accepting the most twisted and strange corners of our being can give us an enormous sense of freedom.

Demon Tattoo Ideas For Men

Star War Tattoo

The Star Wars Tattoos design gives a new hope to the person who chooses a side of the force. The force awakens within himself and he became more aware of his surroundings. OK OK, too many references to Star Wars. Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises in this world and millions of fans are looking for Star Wars tattoo designs and ideas. Here we have chosen images of the 50 best Star Wars tattoo designs for men.

Star Wars Tattoo Ideas For Men

3D Tattoo

If you want a piece that comes to life on your skin, then you need a 3D tattoo. Artists who specialize in this style are highly skilled and can create hyper-realistic pieces that add an extra dimension to your ink. The design challenges your perception and can be quite intimidating, especially when it comes to a dangerous creature like a scorpion or snake that has been tattooed on your skin. One thing to remember is that these pieces are incredibly detailed, and as such, it is common for them to command a higher price tag.

3D Tattoo Ideas For Men

Music Tattoo

Music plays a vital role in our lives and can lift us up, improve our mood and inspire us; this is even more true for those who play an instrument or simply have a deep love and passion for songs and sounds. When choosing a music tattoo, your creativity is your limit; you can incorporate other designs, such as flowers, note sheets, and letters, or keep it simple.

Music Tattoo Ideas For Men

Feather Tattoo

What do feather tattoos mean ? This type of tattoos have multiple meanings attached. The first of these is the concept of freedom, of a bird that has been released and in its flight has dropped some feathers. The second is the symbol of the air, because it stays floating in the air. It also has a lot to do with dreams and the ability to achieve our goals.

Feather Tattoo Ideas For Men

Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanics is understood as that connection that exists between the living and the mechanical. Based on this, biomechanical tattoos are those representations that seek to appear that a part of the body has been replaced by a mechanical part. Many of the biomechanical tattoo designs have an amazing realism as well as being done in 3D which ends up polishing the look they provide. In order to know if a tattoo can be considered biomechanical or not, it is enough to see it and check that it brings to mind some part of a machine that is incorporated and works inside the body of the one who wears the tattoo.

BioMechanical Tattoo Ideas For Men

Crown Tattoo

Do you feel you have all the qualities of a king? Well why not a crown tattoo then? Headdress is often associated with royalty; therefore, it represents power and glory, but it can also indicate self-control or a desire to be better, making it a meaningful design to tattoo on your skin. Another popular option is for men to get a matching crown tattoo with their partner.

Crown Tattoo Ideas For Men

King and Queen Tattoo

Have you always been fascinated by the fame and power of being royalty? Maybe you have found your king or queen and are looking for the perfect matching tattoos. Whatever reason you’re considering a king and queen tattoo as your next piece, we’ve got you covered. King and queen tattoos are a unique option for many couples to express their love to each other. They are diverse in the sense that they can be manufactured as a single or multidimensional piece.

King and Queen Tattoo

Norse God Tattoo

It is something that has a transcultural symbolism; in Norse mythology, it explores the link between the spiritual and human world, and in India, it is a connection between God and humanity. The design is intricate, often differing in color, shape, and style, but commonly features intertwined branches and roots in a circle. Some people choose to incorporate other elements into the piece, such as birds or patterns.

Norse God Tattoo Ideas For Men

Samurai Warrior Tattoo

Becoming a Samurai was not an easy task, it was a privilege that only a select group enjoyed. They were figures that had the respect and esteem of all, they always carried their sword at their waist as a symbol of physical and mental discipline. Perhaps this is the reason why his figure began to gain space in the world of tattoos, especially for men, although women have also been creating their own. If you want to know a little more about samurai tattoos and see a few examples of them, we invite you to continue with us.

Samurai Warrior Tattoo Ideas For Men

Where To Get A Tattoo

Choosing where to get a tattoo is a very personal decision. It will depend on the size of the art, the  parts of the body, the pain tolerance, and if we want it to be visible or not to other people. Among the most popular places to tattoo on men are: The chest, the back, the thighs, the abdomen and the  arm. These allow for great tattoos with realistic designs.

Without going off topic, there are places on the body where it is not recommended to do a tattoo for various reasons such as sun exposure, which can discolor the ink more quickly.

Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are those that cover the entire arm , from the shoulder to the wrist. There are also half-sleeve tattoos, which go up to the elbow, or quarter-sleeve tattoos, which go up to the middle of the arm. If you are one of those who go to the gym frequently and have well defined biceps, a sleeve tattoo can help highlight your muscles and attract the attention of girls. And if the only muscles you have developed are the ones you use to press computer keys, then don’t worry, a sleeve tattoo can look great on you too.

Sleeve Tattoo

Forearm Tattoo

A type of tattoo that is very fashionable for those men who want to wear a tattoo on their arm is to choose the forearm area. In the section of forearm tattoos for men , we focus on offering you the best designs, photos, and ideas so you can find the perfect tattoo for your forearm, with its meaning. This is one of the most exposed areas of the arm, so those who decide to tattoo it do so to carry those designs that have a greater meaning. From messages, to fashion drawings such as animals, crosses or even flowers or tribal. You choose the design, but we offer you the inspiration so you can find the forearm tattoo you’ve always wanted to wear.

Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Men

Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos express what we carry, so it is a good place to get a tattoo of our slabs or traumas that we carry. It is also a place to express something that lightens that load for us, as a symbol. Shoulder tattoos have become really popular, one of the most used designs in this area of ​​the body are the tribal ones , whose design usually goes either to the chest and/or the arm. For the design to look really good, it is best to have a large shoulder, so that there is much more skin to work on to achieve more detailed tattoos.

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men

Chest Tattoo

The chest is a perfect area for men’s tattoos , together with the back they are the largest areas to make fantastic designs. Designs like wings on the chest, or tattoos with skulls on each end are very popular among men. Only one pectoral is also usually tattooed and is complemented along with the shoulder and part of the arm.

Chest Tattoo Ideas For Men

Back Tattoo

Back tattoos tend to look great on men, especially those with broad backs, giving the tattoo a better look overall. It is the largest area of ​​the body where we can make a tattoo, so if you want a large and totally unique tattoo on your back you can make truly amazing designs.

Back Tattoo Ideas For Men

Thigh Tattoo

The placement of your body art can make a statement, or it could be intimate and special; Thigh tattoos for men are both. The great thing about getting tattooed here is that it can draw attention to your legs and lower body. It’s also a versatile option, allowing you to get tattooed with something small and simple or large and detailed. Go for the front of the thigh for a statement piece, or go for the side or inner thigh for less visible options. The area is also low on the pain scale due to the thick skin and muscles, and you can show it off whenever you want or keep it covered. The choice is yours, but we can all agree that this is a cool, sexy place to ink.

Thigh Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo

We will show you some wrist tattoo designs that can go well for both men and women, they are some of the most popular designs.The arms are an ideal place to acquire body art , especially because it enshrines maximum expression and spectacular designs can be made in this area. The wrist is also an area highly chosen by men that is currently taking center stage. Ink has become a fashion staple in the modern age, and all men can benefit from the original personality that a tattoo provides. Today in this blog we want to show you a selection of wonderful wrist tattoo designs so you can choose the most beautiful ones and find the perfect design for you.

Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Men

Arm Tattoo

The tattoos for men on the arm are among the most popular that exist, and it is a very typical area for tattooing. Arm tattoos for men are perfect to express something that we carry with us, that we want to keep and “embrace”. Manga designs made with the integration of symbols and ideas are also typical.

Arm Tattoo Ideas

Leg Tattoo

The legs have a lot of space and the tattoos in this area can be very good, you can choose between something small to put on the thigh or a more complex design for example around the entire leg. It is an area that is very popular in both men and women, but in men, due to the hair that usually grows on the legs, the designs can be a little more opaque. If you have too much hair in this area, a tattoo on the legs may not be so recommended.

Calf Tattoo

Ankle Tattoo

The ankles are an area that has also become very popular for tattooing, especially now that ankle-length pants have become fashionable and this area of ​​skin is exposed. Usually, ankle tattoos are small, taking the symbol to its minimum expression.

Ankle Tattoo Ideas For Men

Rib Tattoo

Tolerating pain is difficult, but everyone agrees that rib tattoos for men are a place that can cause a lot of discomfort. This is because the skin in this area is thin and close to the bone. For this reason, this place should be reserved for really meaningful and cool designs. This position is not for the faint of heart, but the tattoos here often look very masculine and powerful.There are also plenty of options to choose from, whether you want something big and detailed or something small and simple. 

Rib Tattoo Ideas For Men

Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are not for everyone, for men who always want to show off their tattoo this would be a perfect place. But for those who don’t like it or have trouble displaying it, this could be a big inconvenience. The hand is usually a very painful area to get a tattoo , also because it is such a small area we will not have many alternatives when choosing the type of tattoo. Some really original and very striking tattoos can be created.

Hand Tattoo

Neck Tattoo

Previously, neck tattoos were not very well seen because they were too exposed, but today many people usually get neck tattoos without any problem. For those who are more conservative, this sector is not usually among the options when choosing where to get the tattoo, but some designs look really good on the neck.

Neck Tattoo

Face Tattoo

While face tattoos may be gaining more acceptance, they are still a bit of an extreme style.As such, it’s critical to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to get one.

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