Summer is that time of year when you feel more free and happy. The sun is shining brightly and the days are longer. So we all have a good reason to experiment with our look, whether in terms of makeup, outfit and nail color. And indeed, this year’s fashion puts a strong emphasis on nails and eye makeup. Lips and face make-up now take a back seat, although some brands already offer lipsticks and foundations that can last all day. When it comes to summer manicure, you don’t need such special products or tricks. Just let your creativity run wild with these summer nail dedigns! 

Bright colors and summer nail artcreative are the key words in summer manicure trends this year. Among the stars of the season, we find especially yellow and orange. You can therefore adopt them without any hesitation in plain mode or in an intriguing nail art version. Another fantastic alternative is to paint each nail a different shade of their favorite color. Needless to say yellow, green, pink and blue are a very cool choice for hot days! In the first place, we are mainly talking about shades of yellow which vary from pale lemon yellow to dark mustard yellow through bright fluorescent hues. Plus, yellow is a great choice for this time of year not only because it makes your hands look sunny, but because it also pairs great with summer outfits. Let’s see the most beautiful summer nails ideas from which you can be inspired!

French Tip Nail Design


The French manicure is a classic, versatile and feminine nail design. A sophisticated white smiley face jacket is the perfect complement to any feminine look, perfect for women who have to follow a dress code. In spring and summer, multi-colored summer french tip nail designs is especially popular. One or two nail plates can be decorated with real jewels, patterns or trendy prints. French manicure looks elegant and fresh at any time of the year and also adds a sense of cool charm to the summer months. Use glitter polish or a light color instead of white to try something new.

Graphic Art Nails


Graphic manicure take your style to a whole new level. One of the most popular options is the paint splatter effect, where a glossy varnish is splattered over a hard matte base. Every spring-summer season, the modern art of manicure design brings amazing and fantastic ideas. In 2022, judging by major fashion trends, every woman will find both a delightful option for a special occasion and a concise design for everyday and business environments.

Summer Ombre Nails


One of the most fashion trends 2022 ombre manicure. You can add it with sparkles or draw curls. Like last summer, bright neon colors and soft pastels are all the rage. Treat yourself to some sunshine by painting your nails a matte peach color. Bright pink, glittery purple, sky blue, moon white, coral, peach pink, neon green, bronze and caramel red are all summer ideas.

Almond Nails


If you like nail designs for summer that are elegant as well as modern, then there is nothing like looking at the shape of the nails and among those that are most worn and those that are going to be worn the most, there are almond-shaped nails. for which you can also find all kinds of colors, decoration and drawings. So let’s see some of the best ideas for almond nails 2022. Through almond design, your fingers will look slimmer and the shape is easy to match many colors and patterns. The light shadow effect is particularly impressive. 

Neon Nails


Special mention in this summer nail menu deserves the neon nails for making the most of the tan (at least, that’s what it seems in the shower). Hence, the original French manicure is dyed in colors during the summer season. Smileys, hearts and patterned nails lift the wearer’s spirits at a glance. This is what summer nail designs are like, an “emotional” external battery. Also, if you are going to opt for summer acrylic nails, go with everything: neon colors elevate any outfit to another level.

Summer Acrylic Nails


If you are thinking of wearing perfect decorated nails every day, you are probably thinking of opting for acrylic nail designs, so we recommend that you continue reading this article because you will find many ideas to make incredible nail designs. Below we show you the best photos of acrylic nails 2023 with decorated nail designs and ideas. These cute acrylic summer nails are a mix of colors, neons, intricate designs, ombre styles, and much more. You will be able to choose the perfect manicure for your beautiful hands.

Cute Summer Nails


The summer season can already be inaugurated and with this you may be wondering how the nails are worn this summer 2022. Nail trends have long established themselves as a key element of any look that aspires to succeed. But they become more prominent in summer, since the possibilities are doubled with the arrival of sandals. If there is a nail color that will be a trend this summer 2022, it is undoubtedly fuchsia pink. This tonality is triumphing this season either in monochrome or in subtle touches. Among the best summer nail colors, neon and fluorescent tones will be other musts, as well as pastels, perfect for highlighting tanned skin. 

Mountain Peak Nails


Ladies who have medium-length nails love the mountain top nails pattern. All you’ll require is some slight length on the tips that can be documented into a fine point. Picking quieted varieties to coordinate with this shape regularly works best since the furious point is an explanation completely all alone. These cute nail ideas are very popular this summer.

Fun Summer Nails


What is a summer without a fun manicure? Any! Therefore, in addition to a vacation suitcase full of trends, you will need a visit to the nail salon to get your hands ready. And here we have the summer 2022 nail colors and designs that you cannot miss for a stylish and fashionable look. Let these cute nails ideas to inspire you!

Coffin Nails


If you are looking for elegant nail designs, you will love these acrylic coffin nail design ideas. Coffin nails (also known as ballerina nails) were made popular by Kylie Jenner. They’re called coffin nails because… you guessed it, their shape resembles that of a coffin (and a ballerina’s shoe ). If you want stunning nails, you should definitely consider going with coffin nails. 

Cool Nail Design Ideas


The nail colors for this summer 2022 are the vibrant ones, the ones that give life to your hands and the ones that, at the same time, combine with those colorful summer looks. Bet on fuchsia pink, orange, waves and eighties prints. Multicolored manicures triumph this summer , especially with fluorine colors  and in the  traditional French manicure, but also with pastel or less vibrant tones. Try these cute summer nail ideas for a special manicure.

Color Blocking Nails


If you are wondering what nail color to use this summer 2022 , we leave you some of the most trendy ideas to wear nails . Of course, do not forget that the pattern also counts and bets on manicures such as the marble effect, the color blocking nails or the summer waves that transport us to the 80s. As for colors: intense pink, white, soft lilac or olive green.

Bright Summer Nails


With the good weather the color has arrived. The first sunbaths are already tanning our skin and we feel like dressing it with fresh colors and prints that open the doors to summer. And our hands are no exception. When you think of summer, you think of summer nails. And, when you think of summer nail designs, you think of vibrant colors. The best summer nails are colorful and bold and perfect for the season. While you may be tempted to go for a bright, saturated color, go for it twice. 

Because neon colors can make your fingers look shorter . But too much color can distract from the nails themselves. As a general rule, longer nails look better with one or two colors. While shorter nails look better with three or more colors.

Cute Summer Toe Nail Designs


The heat is here, and with it comes the time to take out the sandals. And what does that mean? That is the moment to give all the protagonism to the feet. That is why we bring you ten original decorated nail ideas for the feet that are perfect for summer. Wearing a neat and beautiful pedicure will be part of your summer image and will give a plus of style to your looks. That is why it is time for you to make an appointment at your beauty salon and join the decoration of toenails with some of the ideas that we bring you below.

Square Nails


Although the color takes most of the prominence, the shape of the nails is also governed by trends.

The square nail shape is one of the trends for the spring summer 2021 season. After having recently analyzed the ideas of decorative patterns and manicure, in this article we focus especially on the design of square nails. The elegant and strict square shape of the nails has the correct lines that correspond to the name. The following spectacular and fashionable options are ideal for square nails in 2022: bright rainbow gradient, multi-colored mirror rubbing, matte manicure, modern nude jacket with minimalist decor, delicate ombre with smooth and almost imperceptible transitions, accents sparkles and decorative elements on a black background, negative space in natural colors, rather large floral and fruit prints.


You may be in love with summer or the heat may bring out the worst in you, but what we cannot deny is that the trends of the summer season are much more original, fun and daring than at any other time of the year. We have seen it through vitamin colors, which make the leap from the world of fashion to that of beauty, and also in hair trends (it is no coincidence that balayages are the most sought-after highlights to lighten hair in summer ) and now we confirm it through the most original nail trends for this summer 2022.You may have already seen some of them on the most successful influencers on Instagram , but we are sure that you are still not sure what the most original nail trends are for this summer 2022.

Round Nails


A delicate, feminine, soft and smooth manicure with a round nail shape looks surprisingly graceful and beautiful. For a round shape of manicure, original and stylish nail art ideas 2022 are suitable. These include the decoration of the lunula (moon pattern), gradient or ombre, a classic and universal jacket of various colors, exquisite accents in the form of floral and animal prints, decoration of various areas of plates at nails with rhinestones, glitter, sequins, decorative stones, laconic combined design of different textures (matte, dusty, flocked, shiny), monochromatic base, the use of many types of incredibly beautiful foils for decorating nails.

Simple Summer Nails


Minimalist nails is another of the most idolized manicures of the summer, which achieves sophisticated and very chic looks. It is a type of manicure starring soft and discreet nail forms, many of them short, and with designs in which simple elements such as isolated dots , very graphic lines or even mini beads barely stand out. The effect is striking, yet very subtle and ideal for a long-lasting manicure.

It is one of the most outstanding trends of the season that triumphs for its elegance and versatility. It consists of varnishing the nail with a natural tone (from the range of pale pinks or nudes ) and a smooth design like the one that anyone can do at home. Also included in this category are American manicures (like the French ones but in a beige tone). as well as the milky ones  (with a very flattering milky finish). It is a perfect style for the summer, as it helps to enhance the tan of the skin and combines with any style, both to go to the office or to go out for a night. That’s why there is no influencer who can resist this manicure!

Pastel Nails


Pastel colors are one of the big bets of the summer. This summer season we go from one extreme to another, from pastel shades of purple, orange or blue to the most vivid ones, which are always a trend in the coming months. Broadly speaking, gradients and color-block will be used, stickers to decorate our nails without complications or French tips in color, sticker manicures and neutral and natural tones with details. Regarding the tones, it points to the marsh color (soft lilac), olive green, intense pink and white, highlighting four of the brand’s colors to enhance tanning at the beach or pool: Love Red, Paradise and Just Pretty.

Floral Nail Designs


Floral manicures are a long-standing beauty trend. Among these greatest advantages, it is obviously the ease of realization, even for those who are zero in nail art. Another attractive characteristic is its ability to adapt quickly to the taste of the season. Tulip in spring, sunflower in summer, chrysanthemum in autumn, anemone in winter… The possibilities are so many. But if we have to be honest, is there a better time than summer to spoil yourself with such a manicure?

Summer Gel Nails


The first quarter of the year is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock of the gel nail trends for this new 2022 season. In this new 2022 season, the trendy color for gel summer nails or semi-permanent varnish is very peri. This Pantone color is truly the color of the year. It is a mixture of blue and red-purple. It therefore oscillates between blue and purple and pulls towards a lavender hue. Between softness and audacity, the very peri color will undoubtedly be visible everywhere, including on the nails. In addition, it highlights both long nails and short nails. With the approach of the spring/summer season, it is necessary to bet on the peach color for the nails. Available in several shades, from caramel to coral, each skin tone will find the right shade. The peach nail polish brightens up any outfit. It is the trendy color to wear on the nails, the one that suits any occasion as well as everyday. 

The third color to wear on the nails this summer is blue. Whether electric, royal or pastel, blue is making a comeback on the nails. It is original on the hands as on the feet and allows you to change traditional colors. White skins, just like black skins as well as tanned complexions can wear blue, because it comes in multiple shades. 

Done well, nail art can be a real gem, which says a lot about your personality and your values.With these few ideas, you should find your happiness! 

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