Ending the day with some good night texts to make a Woman or a Man fall in love, is something that can become memorable and especially very tender and charming. If you dedicate good night love messages to make that special person fall in love, keep in mind the right moment, which obviously will be the night, but first, give it a romantic touch and look for the ideal moment to dedicate some romantic texts, for example, the presence of the stars or the moon.

These protagonists will not only awaken those deep feelings of love, but will also guarantee their attention from your love to the words that you are going to dedicate to them with great affection and best wishes. You are looking for the best good night messages for Whatsapp, beautiful sweet dreams cards my love for boyfriends, beautiful good night texts to send to my girlfriend by cell phone?

These protagonists will not only awaken those deep feelings of love, but will also guarantee their attention from your love to the words that you are going to dedicate to them with great affection and best wishes. You are looking for the best good night messages for Whatsapp, beautiful sweet dreams cards my love for boyfriends, beautiful good night texts to send to my girlfriend by cell phone?

Good Night Text Messages

Sending a nice romantic phrase before bed to the person you love never hurts. That is why we have prepared these new good night messages my love for you to dedicate to your boy or girl and to keep the flame of love alive. Do not hesitate to send any of these beautiful texts of love to him or her.

Romantic Good Night Texts For Her

Surely before going to sleep, your girlfriend does nothing but think about you and the beautiful moments you share together, so it would be a very romantic detail if you shared a nice goodnight phrase with her.

Do not worry about the words that you are going to use to send a romantic greeting before going to sleep because this time we bring you a list of many innovative good night messages , so choose the ones that you like the most.

  1. I send you my kisses from a distance and I know you will feel them because we are connected. Have a good night, my love, I will dream that I sleep curled up in your arms.
  2. May God watch over your dreams and make me appear in them because you are always in mine. Good night, my love, soon it will be day and we can both be together.
  3.  Good night, love that the night gives you the rest you deserve and that at dawn you remember that I will be waiting for you in the usual place. Love you.
  4. You are as beautiful as the moon that I can see through my window, the same moon that listens to me sigh for you. I wish you a nice night, my queen, rest well.
  5. I would like to sleep hugging you and dream that our love lasts a lifetime. And believe me that no matter what happens I will make that dream come true. My dear, rest because tomorrow a wonderful day awaits us together.
  6. I close my eyes, but I do not sleep, I dream of you over and over again. I hope you sleep well, my love and that at dawn you remember that I am thinking of you.
  7. I know that tonight you will be in my dreams and when I wake up I will feel that you were by my side. Good night, my love, I want it to dawn to feel the taste of your kisses on my lips.
  8. Good night my Love. I will close my eyes and hugging the pillow I will imagine that you are with me so as not to miss you so much, so that the night does not last forever without you. Love you.
  9. I do not count sheep to sleep but the kisses you gave me during the day, so I sleep happily and start the day much better. Rest well, my love, it will not be long before we see each other again.
  10. In the world of my dreams, you and I are always together and every night I have you by my side even if you are far from me. Good night, my life, dream of me and rest well.
  11. Good night, wild flower that grows in the garden of my heart.
  12. The moon is reflected in the glass of the room, in this glass imagine your cheeks and your smiling mouth. Although you are not here accompanying me, you occupy all of my thoughts, I have loved you since before I met you.
  13. I write your name in the infinity of this sky of ours gathering all the stars of the firmament, with the sole hope that you, wherever you are, can read it. I will always carry you deep in my heart.
  14. You are the dream that everyone would like to have… sweet dreams princess.
  15. I hope that each star decides to kiss you, that the moon tucks you in and that my sincere thoughts reach your icy heart.
  16. The moment before going to bed is one of the most beautiful of the day, because I always remember you, and how special the day has been thanks to you.
  17. Before Morpheus exerts his force on me, I want to tell you that if I fall asleep and never wake up again, don’t cry, instead of a funeral have a party, it doesn’t matter, as long as I don’t see you cry I’m capable of anything, our love will be eternal, even if there are a thousand more lives after this one.
  18. Before going to sleep, in my mind you will always find a sweet thought for you, that you are the person I love the most in this world.
  19. Sometimes, I seem to see your dreams shine in infinity.
  20. Good night have the stars that illuminate our love, also the dreams that by your side will become reality, and to you, who are the most special person I have ever met.
  21. I hope you have a good night, I resign myself to spending it, simply, trying to suffer as little as possible, because when I am without you it is as if a part of my body is missing, it is difficult for me to feel complete if you are not by my side wrapping me up.
  22. The night is long and cold these days, but the old men of the place always say that the night is much darker before dawn. I love you.

Sweet Good Night Texts For Her

Are you interested in dedicating some beautiful good night messages to fall in love ? Then, choose the night, prepare the moment, visit that special person or take her to a place of your choice, or call her before bed to tell her with total serenity and affection. , all the best wishes of love that he or she deserves and thus, can sleep peacefully weighing how great your love is for him or her.
  1. Perhaps tonight I will be lucky and we will meet in dreams, perhaps when I wake up I will still feel you by my side. Sleep well, my love, I already want the day to come to be with you.
  2. I would like to lull you to sleep every night with my kisses and I hope that those nights will come soon. Meanwhile, sleep well my love, do not stop thinking about me, you never leave my mind.
  3. At night when you are not with me, I tell my pillow everything I feel for you and even she gets excited knowing how much I love you. Good night, my life I will dream that I am by your side .
  4. It is not uncommon for my lips to pronounce your name in my dreams, you are always on my mind and not even while I sleep do I stop thinking about you. Sleep well, my life.
  5. I would like to cuddle up in your arms because I know that I would sleep very well listening to the beating of your heart. Good night, love, have beautiful dreams .
  6. Good night princess. Receive a kiss from me on your forehead and one on each cheek. Lastly, one on those sweet lips of yours. Sleep very well .
  7. For every star in the sky I breathe a sigh of love for you. My life, the nights are sleepless, waiting for dawn to be with you. May you have dreams as beautiful as you.
  8. I would settle for a kiss from you to sleep well, but in return I take comfort in sending you this message wishing you rest well. Good night, love .
  9. Good night, my love, may your sleep not be interrupted. To sleep happily I will dream of you and I hope to do it all night.
  10. We hope that with these nice good night messages my love you and your partner spend a nice night thinking about each other.
  11. Another day comes to an end. I like to know that I have someone like you, who will turn each of my days into something special. Thank you my heart, every second by your side is unique.
  12. Of all that I have lived in this world, I only have the memories that come from the heart. Goodnight.
  13. There is no difficulty in sacrificing something for someone, the difficult thing is to find a person capable of paying the sacrifice of being with an angel.
  14. I am going to sleep, but I am calm because I know that you will continue to be present in my dreams. Good night my love!
  15. I was looking for beautiful flowers to put in a vase, but I found you and put you in my heart. Sweet dreams and good night my love.
  16. Every day I spend with you is so much better than the day before, and every night is phenomenal by your side. Sweet dreams my love.
  17. The most beautiful flower in the garden, princess of my heart, do you know what time it is? It’s time to close your pretty eyes so you can rest and wake up tomorrow smiling with happiness. Sweet Dreams My Love.
  18. Every night I do nothing but think of you. Before sleeping I look at the sky and ask the moon to take care of your dreams. Sleep well my life.
  19. In all the days that I see you, in all the moments that I feel you, in all the seconds that I have you, in all the caresses that you give me, I breathe love. Your love. Good night my love
  20. When I say good night to you, it is so that you know that you are my last thought before I go to sleep. Love you.
  21. Good night my love, sweet dreams. May that beautiful morning that comes next join us more in love. Love you.
  22. I say good night and rest well. May the little angels take care of your dreams and allow me to be in it so that together we can go to a paradise created by your imagination.
  23. You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and the first and last thought of my day. Have a very sweet and beautiful dream my love.
  24. Very good night, my love. Sleep peacefully because tonight the sky, the stars and I will take care of you so that you have sweet dreams. I love you very much.
  25. Before going to sleep I felt that something was missing. I had my pillow and my sheets, but I realized that something was missing. Thinking I could remember that I didn’t say goodbye my life. Apologies. I wish you a very pleasant rest and have a very good night.
  26. Love is the simplest feeling that exists. Every night I dream of you and I always have you in mind my love.
  27. Tonight is as beautiful and beautiful as your little heart of mine, that sometimes I can’t even sleep from thinking about you so much. Your love is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you, sweet dreams.
  28. Good night and rest well. May the little angels take care of your dreams and allow me to be in it so that together we can go to a paradise created by your imagination.

Cute Good Night Texts For Her

If the previous short good night text messages did not convince you, here you will find more original messages so that every day you have something to say to your partner or child before going to sleep. You will find the best way to say “good night, beautiful” to your beloved.

Look at these short good night texts and enjoy their good vibes to end the day in the best possible way.

  1. My sweetest good night my love, I hope that your patience and understanding accompany me forever and give me the serenity that I need.
  2. If you are a man who likes to be delicate with his partner, you are used to treating her very gently like a rose petal and you would like so much to have nice details with her to keep her very much in love with you, do not expect it to be a special date or an anniversary to tell him how in love you are.
  3. Good night sun that illuminates my days! You are the star that protects me while I sleep, rest quickly because life is short and our love is very long.
  4. When night comes I like to fall asleep thinking of you, sweet dreams my love.
  5. I will always protect you, even in the darkest moments, I would like to be your light forever. Sleep well!
  6. Even tonight I would like to reach the brightest star to watch from there in the long night of your dreams.
  7. Before going to bed, I would like to thank you for all the beautiful things you have given me on this splendid day. Actually, they are beautiful because I have spent them with you.
  8. I love the night, without its darkness I would never have been able to see so clearly the light on your face, which shines as it stares at me, suggesting I go down to hell from your hips.
  9. I have the impression, although it is really more of a wish, that the moon shines only for us. I love you my love.
  10. I just want to wish you good night. You and all the angels that surround you when you go to bed, flying around you while singing sweet lullabies.
  11. No matter how far away you are, you always flood my deepest thoughts. Good night my Love.
  12. Love may be one of the simplest feelings, but the most difficult to control and, moreover, impossible to contain, not even when you go to bed… I love you!

Lovely Good Night Texts

It’s time to go to bed and you will surely want to say goodbye to the day remembering that special person whom you love so much, if you are a little short of ideas, we have put together dozens of good night texts for your love so you can find the words What are you looking for to express your feelings?

It is also not necessary to copy the phrase literally, you can use it for inspiration or to personalize it, personalized texts go much deeper than generic ones. Try to include personal details that identify you with the other person and you will see that the results are much better.

  1. Happy night my love, tonight you have me as a protective guardian of your dreams.
  2. As exhausting as your day has been, it’s over, now you just have to rest. Good night my love.
  3. I write my last message today from the bottom of my heart to wish you a happy night.
  4. Good night my heaven, thank God for everything you achieved today and you will have a happy rest.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the dark, I’ll be here watching over you. Happy night Love.
  6. Before going to sleep, free yourself from all burdens, leave this day behind and prepare to receive the best that is to come.
  7. Happy night my love, receive a kiss on the forehead and a hug full of tenderness.
  8. I’ll hold your hand while you sleep, don’t even think of letting go
  9. I know it will be a happy night my love, because I have you on the other side of the bed.
  10. Although we are in different places, the moon is witness to how much we think. Good night my love.
  11. Good night my love, we meet in a couple of hours in our dreams.
  12. How beautiful life is when it allows us to sleep with the loved one!
  13. Happy night my love, I would tell you to dream of the angels, but that implies that you are going to dream of yourself.
  14. I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of, a home and a brave man sleeping by my side. Good night my love.
  15. Watching you sleep I love, with your messy hair and those muscular arms, you are the perfect combination between a naughty boy and a strong man. Good night my love.
  16. Happy night my love, before going to sleep I want to remind you how much I love you and tell you that being with you is the best of all the wonders in the world.
  17. How lucky I am to have you by my side tonight. Love you.
  18. You are the only one capable of giving calm and tranquility to my heart, give me a kiss and I promise that I will dream of you
  19. You are the most beautiful flower in the garden, you are the princess of my heart, it is time to close your beautiful eyes so that you can rest and tomorrow you will wake up smiling with happiness
  20. I send you kisses and hugs before you fall asleep. I hope you dream of me, just like I dream of you every night. Sweet Dreams My Love.

Flirty Good Night Texts For Her

Good night, text messages are not the same as normal forwarded texts. They hold a special place as they show your partner your ability to be thoughtful and funny. These erotic texts convey to them that after a long and exhausting day, you come home and value their presence. Goodnight texts are those messages that instantly make your partner smile, even if she hasn’t spoken to you all day.

Keep your partner close to you by sending her sexting messages before bed from this complete list of sexy good night texts for your partner.

  1. I bet you look so sexy snuggled up in your blankets. But not as sexy as you would look snuggled up next to me.
  2. If I was in your bed tonight, I’d be rocking your world.
  3. We are far from each other, but tonight I know that you will appear in my dreams, do not close the door of your heart, let me enter it.
  4. Right now, I would like to transform myself into a moonbeam that gently enters through your window, I would like to be just to whisper “good night my life”.
  5. I’m here playing with my toys before bed, wishing it was you. Jealous? Sexy cuddling in your blankets may work better.
  6. Since I met you, I lost my fear of the dark, do you know why? Because you are the light that illuminates all my nights.
  7. When you are not here with me I always look at the sky to look for the star that shines the brightest of all, I never find it, because that star can only be you.
  8. I just wanted to send you the naughtiest goodnight emoji party ever [insert silly but suggestive emoji pairings]
  9. Good night honey, I hope you have sexy dreams with me.
  10. Every night that I spend without you is a sad and dark night, there is only room for the longing to sleep in your arms while I listen to the tender beating of your heart. I will always have dreams!
  11. Good night my life, see you in a while in our dreams.
  12. In the depth of the night, while everyone sleeps, I can only think of you, you are the warmth in the humid cold of loneliness, the glow in the house of oblivion.
  13. Like every night, it’s time to go to sleep, I like to call it the moment when you leave my thoughts to enter my dreams: good night my life.
  14. Sweet dreams my darling, I can’t wait for it to be tomorrow so I can say good morning to you with a wet kiss that gives me the energy I need.
  15. Thought I’d let you see what I’m wearing to bed [insert photo of you in just a sheet] Goodnight!
  16. If you were here right now, your clothes wouldn’t stand a chance
  17. I’ve been wondering for a long time if I like to think about you or dream about you. You see, life can sometimes pose very cruel questions… I love you!
  18. Going to bed with the certainty that tomorrow I will see you again fills me with hope, and hope is always a source of life for anyone.
  19. Receive my most affectionate virtual caress before going to bed. Good night beautiful.
  20. Good night my life: close your eyes and dream a lot about me, because I’m already dreaming about dreaming about you.
  21. When it gets dark and the sky turns completely dark, it’s because he’s looking for the most beautiful star, so you know, until he finds you we’ll be in the dark.
  22. Tonight I will fly in your dreams while the first ray of sun caresses you, and I, always so fleeting, will kiss you with the smile that only someone immensely happy can have.
  23. If this was all a dream, don’t wake me up, I’d rather live in it for 100 years than in a real world without you. Sweet dreams.
  24. Good night, my treasure. Although when you sleep you are never alone, because I am always with you, my dear love.
  25. Are you too tired to text? Because I’m ready to play.
  26. He is just upset and the moon is happy, because he will be by your side all night. You have nice dreams.
  27. Give me a kiss on the lips to taste your mouth and sleep like a little angel all night, I love you my life
  28. You are the only one capable of giving calm and tranquility to my heart. Give me one of your sweet kisses and I promise you, I will dream of you.
  29. Look out the window and look at the moon, because as long as we are both looking at it at the same time, our hearts will be together. Goodnight, I love you alot.
  30. The day is worth it if I can finish it with you. Good night sweet love.

Good Night Texts For Girlfriend

Do you want more beautiful good night words ? Look at these short good night texts, in them you will find hopeful, funny, sincere messages, with love and many more to spread love. Find among these beautiful texts of good night your favorite to dedicate to whoever you want.

  1. I who have always adored the sun and the light of day, today I wish the night would never end to continue dreaming of you.
  2. When I think of you my heart warms, and my happiness is only comparable to that of a child who has been given his first ball. Sweet dreams my girl.
  3. I feel your hands on my skin making a sweet movement, meanwhile, I look at the sky and see a star that stands out among all the others, if I could take it with my hand I would give it to you my love… Sweet dreams!
  4. Good night, my heart, my soul and my life, the air I breathe… I miss you so much that you appear in all my dreams, in all my thoughts, every day at all hours. I love you to the point that even I don’t know how much.
  5. I wish the stars in the sky would come down to kiss your sweet lips while the reflection of the moon would wrap you up on this beautiful night. I wish my arms could embrace your dreams.
  6. That you sleep as you live, as I see you. May you sleep like an angel my life.
  7. Happy dreams my life, I hope you sleep well, tomorrow I will tell you in what magnificent dream you have appeared to me. I love you.
  8. Sweet nights little moonbeam that illuminates my dreams, only you know how to transform them into fantastic stories that I will remember forever.
  9. The stars are counted by millions, like the kisses that I would give to you.
  10. Perhaps this splendid moon can arm your dreams by giving away a sweet stay in a distant country, where there are no wars or headaches. Honestly, I am satisfied that you are in my dreams.
  11. Have happy dreams my love, my kisses will travel to you and they will whisper to you until, little by little, you sink into a deep sleep.
  12. I don’t want to go to bed without thanking you for being a unique and special being. You make my days make sense and at night I just want to live another day by your side.
  13. I let you sleep in the depths of my kisses, which smell of eternal love, with the awareness that only you will know how to appreciate its smell and taste, no one else has approved them with this aroma, because my heart became a pastry chef know you.
  14. Tonight is as beautiful and beautiful as you, sometimes I can’t even sleep from thinking about you so much, your love is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Sweet Dreams Love.
  15. I never find any better way to fall asleep than thinking of you. Good night my love.
  16. The moon gets angry and the stars are jealous. And it’s because every night you are the most beautiful. Good night my princess.
  17. Every day I love you more than yesterday… Sweet Dreams
  18. The sun makes me remember your beautiful face and your sweet smile and the moon and the stars the beauty that is inside you, I love you.
  19. I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes, so I will think of you as I turn to spend the night. Good night, love.
  20. Before going to sleep, receive a kiss and a hug from me so that you feel safe in your dreams… And so that I can continue to have you in them.
  21. The stars are something more than them. They are my eyes watching that your dreams are beautiful. Have a good night my love.

Good Night Texts To Your Crush

Saying good night can also be a way to fall in love. Here you will find a nice selection of texts to say good night to your  crush.

The act of saying good night is a kind of tradition of all times. When they say goodnight, they wish for a good night’s sleep, a pleasant rest and also something else. From a young age, mom, dad or grandparents say goodbye with a kiss on the forehead before going to bed and when the moon is already in the sky. This small act helps you fall asleep, you feel accompanied and it gives you a little calm in the face of the night that can sometimes be a bit terrifying.

  1. I was looking for beautiful flowers to put in a vase. I found you and put you in my heart. Sweet dreams and good night, my love.
  2. Although the distance separates us, in the shadows of my thoughts the most beautiful memories will whisper your name to me. It is that in the distance I understood how much I love you. Good night, my life.
  3. When I say goodnight to you, it’s so you know that you are my last thought before I go to sleep.
  4. Before going to sleep I felt that something was missing. I had my pillow, my sheets, but I realized that something was missing. I meditated and was able to remember that today I did not say goodbye to you. My beautiful, have a very good night.
  5. Before going to sleep, look at the sky and remember all the beautiful things we have done and I promise you that you will sleep in peace, as if you were a baby, that is my wish. Good night and have beautiful dreams.
  6. Good night, my treasure. Although when you sleep you are never alone, because I am always with you, my dear love.
  7. Allow your consciousness to be clouded by sleep and let your arms drop. Relax and rest for tomorrow will be an action packed day. Good night my precious love.
  8. The day is worth it, if I can finish it with you. Good night.
  9. The moon gets angry and the stars are jealous. And it’s because every night you are the most beautiful. Good night my princess.
  10. Tonight before you go to sleep, take some time. Look at the sky and look for the brightest star: it is she who I have asked to say goodnight to you, my love.
  11. Goodnight. I will miss you so much love… See you tomorrow and may you rest very well.
  12. Good night sweetheart, receive this good night greeting with lots of love. Keep it in your heart and you will sleep like a princess tonight.
  13. I’m in love because every night I think of you it’s hard for me to sleep. Tell me you love me and I can close my eyes once and for all.
  14. You are the light that illuminates my day when I wake up, and the peace that allows me to sleep. Thank you for being what you are to me. Have a good night sweetheart. Take a rest.
  15. I long for the night so I can dream that tomorrow comes when I can caress you. See you tomorrow honey.
  16. I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.
  17. I want you to dream tonight that I have wings to leave my room and fly to yours to contemplate the beauty of your being when you are sleeping.
  18. Good night sweetheart, receive this good night greeting with lots of love, keep it in your heart and you will sleep like a princess tonight.
  19. When the night comes I don’t want to sleep so I don’t stop thinking about you, but in the end it goes away, because I know that you will appear in my dreams, as always. Good night my princess.
  20. You are the only one capable of giving calm and tranquility to my heart, give me a kiss and I promise that I will dream of you.

Good Night Quotes For Her

o you want to entertain someone tonight? You can do it by choosing the best good night love texts. How to say good night doesn’t seem like something very complicated, but when you spend every day with someone, little by little, the nice words of good night begin to end . But you don’t have to worry anymore, here you will find the best good night messages. Choose your favorites among these good night quotes for someone special and make them end their day with lots of love.

  1. The day is over, it’s time for rest. Sleep well, my dear, you did your best.” – Catherine Pulsifer.
  2. Listen to the night sky; the mockingbird always sings you my lullaby.” – Jmemo.
  3. I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep, cuz I’d miss you babe and I don’t wanna miss a thing.” – Aerosmith.
  4. The day is over, the night is here, know that I love you today and forever, my dear.” – Catherine Pulsifer.
  5. Star Light, star bright, you are the first and last I think of tonight. Good night, my true love.” – Unknown.
  6. You are my blue crayon—the one I never have enough of—the one I use to color my sky.” – A.R. Rasher.
  7. Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” – The History of Love.
  8. And tonight, I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart.” – Unknown.
  9. No matter how far away you are, you will always be in my thoughts. Each day that we are together is the best day of my life.” – Unknown.
  10. And I start sleeping and dreaming and I think I’ll dream about you all through the night.” – John Mayer.
  11. I have found the one whom my soul loves.” – Song of Solomon 3:4.
  12. You are the best thing that’s ever been mine.” – Taylor Swift.
  13. I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams.” – Luke Bryan.
  14. I miss you in waves, and tonight I am drowning.” – Denice Envall.
  15. Good night. May you fall asleep in the arms of a dream so beautiful you’ll cry when you awake.” – Michael Faudet.
  16. I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night.” – When Harry Met Sally.
  17. May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.” – Fred Jung.
  18. How strange, to dream of you, even when I am wide awake.” – D.J.
  19. I wish I was there to hold you tight, instead of just sending you this loving ‘good night.’” – Unknown.
  20. You’re nothing short of my everything.” – Ralph Block.
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