If there is a fashion style that currently sets a trend, that is without a doubt, that of the fashion of the 90s, so we see how all the stores are filled with “mom fit” type jeans, wide sweatshirts or plaid shirts but If you want to know what the clothes of that time were really like, we want to review the styles that were worn and that we can adapt to our “looks” today. Let’s see then how is the Fashion of the 90’s. This was the wardrobe of the 90’s!.

Fashion in the 1990s

If there is a fashion style that currently sets a trend, that is without a doubt, that of the fashion of the 90s, so we see how all the stores are filled with “mom fit” type jeans, wide sweatshirts or plaid shirts but If you want to know what the clothes of that time were really like, we want to review the styles that were worn and that we can adapt to our “looks” today. Let’s see then how is the Fashion of the 90’s. This was the wardrobe of the 90’s!

This is an era also influenced by rock groups, rap groups, grunge music and of course, a time when series with teenage protagonists, such as Sensación de Vivir, Salvados de la Campana or El Principe de Bel-Air, swept the all over the world and marked a before and after, leaving very urban clothing as an influence, also marked by striking colors and prints.

All this is what we see today with that “nineties” fever that is lived, so there is nothing like reviewing in more detail what the costumes of that time were like, to be able to imitate it in detail and what garments were essential.

90s Outfits

90s fashion has so much variety that it has become timeless. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he is back. The fashion of the 90s was distinguished by the variety and influence of diverse styles. Find out what outfits and trends have grabbed the attention this year.

Crop Tops

Another style of top that was very popular in the 90s was the “crop top”. A fashion garment that takes us directly to the most youthful fashion and can become an interesting style accessory. Simply combine it with a pencil skirt and palazzo pants with a very high waist for a refined and very “retro” effect. With a youthful touch, this garment is one of the favorite accessories of the moment. In addition to high-waisted jeans, they can be combined with pencil-cut skirts. You will achieve an outfit with a refined and very retro effect.

Flared Jeans

The «Flare» are a type of cowboy or Jean that was also very popular during the 90s. They especially began to be worn in the late 90s and early 2000s. These were a type of cowboy whose essence or origin was in the fashion of the 70s that in some way was one of the influences that the fashion of the 90s had. In reality, they were still the flared pants that many young people wore in the 70s, but they were adapted with a wider cut and also with several broken knee . This type of jeans has come back with great force and in fact you currently have them in stores.


Nostalgics will especially love this super versatile garment that seems to stand the test of time well. To wear during the day, with sneakers and flat shoes, and at night, with sandals or low-cut, it is an excellent investment for summer and also for autumn. To recreate her 90s style, too, there’s nothing like choosing to wear it with a tight crop top. 


The nineties revival has brought with it jewelry items such as chokers, as well as pieces of clothing. Find out how to combine them this season. Chokers are easy to wear and, at this time of year, they have the approval of numerous public figures and it girls . A stylistic trend that will definitely push us to advocate –through our clothing– for extravagance and maximalism, two concepts that will position themselves on the podium of what is fashionable in the coming months.  


When hip hop started to gain ground, it made headscarves a trend. If you like urban looks, this year you can take advantage of this accessory. If you don’t have an idea of ​​how to combine it, take a look at the Instagram of characters like Billie Eilish or Rihanna. This year, you can swap cotton scarves for vintage silk ones. In addition, you can complement your look with backpacks, choker-style necklaces and ear-cuff earrings. The latter are the earrings that hug the ears. Although they were popularized by the punk wave of the 90s, they are currently being worn with great style by influencers.

Hoop Earrings

From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor to Brigitte Bardot… there were many divas who opted, in front of and behind the camera, for hoop earrings. Like pearls, they have been part of the jewelery box of style icons for decades and have been reinventing themselves without losing their essence. In the world of cinema, they completed some unforgettable looks like that of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. the royalsThey also tend to give in to its charms: Queen Letizia opted on several occasions for minimalist designs (such as those of Coolook), as did her daughter, Princess Leonor, Kate Middleton (who recently made us fall in love again with Sézane models, in the framework of his trip to the Caribbean) or Meghan Markle, once again confirming its timelessness and success among all generations and styles.

90s Shoes

We know that there are pieces that must be forgotten to this day and that we are grateful for not having them back, but in terms of footwear , some models are experiencing their triumphant return; so it’s time to give yourself the time to refresh your wardrobe to have incredible looks every day. 

Chunky two-strap sandals are a nod to decades past, fused with a newfound prioritization of comfort. Some luxury brands such as Jason Wu, Longchamp, Etro and Anna Sui have shown some models of this type of sandals in some of their collections.  Platforms are those shoes that give you centimeters of height and that in the 90s had a favorite place in the wardrobes of fashion lovers. he iconic jagged shoes of the 90s have had a refresh with brands like Versace, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and other mostly Italian brands that have brought this inspiration to designs that we have seen in fashion retail brands. 

90s Hairstyles

In the 90s the series was followed by thousands of fans. And there were many who dreamed of wearing the same hairstyle as their favorite heroine! In the mid-1990s, Rachel’s cut was chosen as “the best hairstyle of the year” by numerous women’s magazines. The lengths are simply faded and swept, the hairstyle is voluminous and the hair has been given luminous highlights.

Who has not ever done a high ponytail, two buns or half ponytail with the ends combed out? At Delooks we sigh with emotion because the 90s were a lot but in this 2022 they will be more. If you haven’t tried any of these hairstyles yet and you’re looking for inspiration for your next event, guest look or, why not, for your day-to-day, take note. The 90s are back!

90s Hip Hop Fashion

Talking about the 90s is talking about hip hop, and talking about hip hop in the 90s is talking about fashion. Today we bring to the table brands and trends of a movement that was born as a counterculture, but grew so much that it ended up becoming mainstream, keep reading because we analyze the hip hop fashion of the 90s and the trends and brands that were in the golden decade of the hip hop.

90s hip hop was instrumental in contributing to the revival of the nostalgic fashion scene that proliferated in the 90s. Not only was the streetwear movement born and consolidated, but the hip hop movement also appropriated haute couture, rappers like 2pac or Biggie they also wanted to handle those codes, they included those brands in their style and automatically streetwear and haute couture were embracing until today, where brands as opposed as Dior and Jordan collaborate.

90s Grunge Fashion

This rebellious and scruffy style came straight from Seattle to break the rules , not only in music, but also in fashion. Iconic influences like Eddie Vedder or Kurt Cobain left us with a messy and masculine aesthetic that today leaves stereotypes and gender behind, becoming a casual and multifaceted trend . The scruffy and androgynous clothes of the second-hand stores influenced the grunge style and fashion, baggy and timeless , far from all the brightness and color of the 80s. In this aesthetic, the basics are the protagonists although, without fear of mixing of textures and patterns, the grunge style is mainly characterized by the overlapping of garments. Garments, fabrics, colors and accessories are arbitrarily combined in a chaotic but simple union.

Checked shirts, knitted cardigans , ripped and worn denims, lingerie dresses , oversize garments and muted colors , basics to which materials such as leather , velvet , patent leather or tulle give a unique and melancholy touch . Rough and dark hats, chokers and combat boots took center stage, embodying in theDr. Martens all the essence of grunge styling. Today, luxury skirts, stockings and bags join this underground aesthetic to give it a lady touch and reinterpreted the most rebellious aesthetic.

90s Celebrity Fashion

If each decade has its iconic characters, in the 90s we could say that they were the characters from the Friends series and their New York outfits. And, if we had to describe his style it would be with two words. Simplicity and comfort. Nothing to do with the ostentatious style of the 80s, in which shoulder pads and fluorescent colors set the trend!

What would have been of the 90s without Jennifer Aniston! Surely you remember each one of her outfits in her role as Rachel in Friends. Her capsule wardrobe couldn’t fit any more high-waisted jeans! A style that was completed with basic garments such as basic t-shirts and tight dresses. Casual and youthful at the same time!

Other queens of this style that we still love despite the passage of time are Kate Moss, Lady Di, Madonna or the Olsen twins.

That decade was characterized by an explosion of color and a touch of rebellion that could be glimpsed in the great collections of Gianni Versace, who, along with models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell , changed the canons of fashion and beauty forever.

90s Fashion Trends

That the 1990s was a special social and aesthetic turning point is a fact for the country. The Olympics-Expo’92 double, the birth of private television channels and the arrival of the Internet allowed popular culture to definitively open up to cultural and aesthetic influences from abroad.

The reason for the revival of the 90s in fashion that we live in today is very simple. These are the years of childhood and youth of those who now set trends in magazines, blogs and social networks, as well as the cradle of what is consumed in the media by today’s emerging designers who have been treading hard, becoming their source of aesthetic references.

That decade was characterized by a mixture of rebellion -with prints derived from pop culture and leather garments- minimalism, and an explosion of sportswear taken to street style that were seen on the catwalk and on the asphalt through the first influencer movement to through the quintessential batch of TOP MODELS like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, who changed the canons of fashion and beauty forever.

In 1995, Kate Moss walked the CFDA awards carpet wearing a Calvin Klein dress with minimalist lines, satin fabric and spaghetti straps, and the world fell at her feet. Or Cindy Crawford turned high-waisted, fluid, pleated pants accompanied by bodysuits or basic blouses into her minimalist bet for her day-to-day outfits. 

Whether it’s for the tail end of the summer holidays or to start preparing the autumn wardrobe, at L’illa we bet on the fashion of the 90s in its most sporty and minimal key with some proposals that adapt to the day to day of the current woman. 

If you want to join this aesthetic in a relaxed way, plain bodysuits, XXL version blazers, sweatshirts and masculine shirts, mom-fit jeans and high-waisted trousers in a suit version will be your best allies. Do not forget to add some white sneakers, a stiletto, a ballerina and a rocker boot and you can go out and conquer the world.

The basics in light tones are always a hit for the most relaxed summer looks. Add a touch of style by tying a colorful scarf around your waist.

That the basics always get us out of any trouble is a fact. This fall give them a push with knotted blouses, mum-fit jeans and white sneakers to return to the aesthetic of the 90s and you will succeed with your style. 

We continue with the 90’s aesthetic in a working urban key. Flowing high-waisted pleated pants, bodysuits in a minimal key and a good moccasin and you will achieve the off-road city look for the most active woman from morning to night. 

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