Until a few decades ago, tattoos seemed like a men’s thing. There were very few women who opted to draw their skin, and it is a practice that has long been associated with the male gender. However, today, with the emancipation of women and the emancipation of the body from her, tattoos for women have become a palpable reality in our society. Today we can find a large number of women wearing tattoo designs full of great beauty and complexity. Tattoos for women have been gaining popularity in recent years, and today there are many who choose ink to beautify their bodies.

In this post we are going to select a catalog of tattoos for women with tattoo ideas and designs full of meaning so that you can get inspired and choose the best tattoo for you depending on what you want to express with it. We have chosen  the best tattoo ideas for women, which one do you prefer?

Cool Tattoo Ideas For Women

A good feminine tattoo is one that is inspired by fashion, new trends and subtle and delicate elements, therefore, if you want to make a design that looks totally feminine, you will have to opt for those loaded with color or quite simple and minimalist, such as butterflies, birds, a special phrase or a rose. In this way, you will be reflecting style, elegance and a lot of femininity. Here are some examples:

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos for women and mandalas are a popular alternative among women, with these styles different tattoos are usually decorated and designs such as the popular lotus flower for women, the hamsa hand and some traditional mandala designs.


Feather Tattoos

Another of the girls’ favorite designs are feathers. These tattoos can symbolize aspects as varied as love (Cupid’s arrow that pierces the hearts of two lovers), it can also be a sign of freedom since feathers are part of the body of birds and can even be the symbol of writing. since in the past pens were used to write.


Tree Tattoos

This tattoo design can be worn by both men and women since it has multiple connotations, the most outstanding of which is to highlight the natural aspect that we all have inside, that link between people and nature, with trees, forests, etc.. Trees can also be a symbol of maturity and of having reached a stage of your life in which you have already grown, you have learned and now you fully enjoy it.


Butterfly Tattoos

Another of the best tattoos for women are those that contain butterflies. This animal, as with birds, symbolizes freedom but is also a symbol of femininity due to its elegant appearance, its varied colors and its beauty in its forms.


Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dreamcatchers are another of the favorite tattoos for women since their design and color is ideal for the female body. Besides because aesthetically it is a very striking symbol thanks to the feathers, the circular shape and the color, a dreamcatcher is an ethnic object of the American peoples that was treated as an amulet or talisman of protection.


Bird Tattoos

Another of the best options to get a tattoo for a woman is to opt for a design that includes birds. This animal is considered a symbol of freedom, especially if we opt for a design of birds taking flight or in full flight. But, in addition to this, birds can also mean peace, the reunion with the sky and, therefore, spirituality or mysticism.


Star Tattoos

Meaning of tattooing stars: The stars are another of the most popular, these have a meaning of delivery, truth, individuality, power and brightness when everything remains in the dark.


Dragon Tattoos

Meaning of tattooing a dragon: Tattooing a dragon is a symbol of greatness and nobility contemplated in a single image, which tells mythical tales that relate purity, creativity and majesty. A dragon tattoo is all about attitude. It’s about capturing the intensity of the dragon with all the classic features: scales, claws and flames.


Sun and Moon Tattoos

The sun is a tattoo that expresses energy and vitality, in addition, it is the opposite side of the moon. It also symbolizes reincarnation and immortality. Solo tattoos are a very good idea of  ​​tattoo designs for women. The moon is a symbol of women and femininity, although it is also associated with changes in life and as people we adapt to these changes, as does the moon in the sky.


Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are associated with religion, since it has a huge component of spirituality and faith. If you are looking for ideas for  small tattoos for women, this is an option to consider.


Skull Tattoos

As we can well assume, skull tattoos for women are rooted in death, either the concept itself or the death of a special person we remember. It also symbolizes a great change in our life, something that marks a before and after in it.


Owl Tattoos

Owl tattoos are very popular tattoos, since it is an animal that is popularly loved. This bird is associated with intelligence, wisdom and as an expression of freedom.


Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are birds of prey that can give something of an impression to the naked eye. Eagles are a good idea to get tattooed in case you want to express something that has meant personal improvement.


Wolf Tattoos

Wolves always go in a pack and protect each other, therefore, wolf tattoos are perfect to express loyalty to the family and the people we love. They are also cunning animals and of great strength.


Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are animals that have long been associated with good luck. In some countries, such as India, they are sacred and rooted in spirituality. They are also symbols of loyalty, family and strength.


Sunflower Tattoos

Yellow is the flower of the sun, as well as being a cheerful color that is associated with youth. Sunflower tattoos are tattoos that express vitality and energy when facing the difficulties of life. Why are these types of cute tattoos for women super cute?


Rose Tattoos

The rose is another of the universal symbols of love and passion. There are many rose tattoos for women that we can find today on platforms like Pinterest, because it is a tattoo that many women have chosen. Each color of rose symbolizes something different.


Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower is an aquatic flower that has a great relationship of spirit and Buddha. It is a wonderful idea for  small tattoos for women. The lotus flower as a Buddhist symbolism represents purity , and wearing it on the skin is a reference to the constant search for peace, balance and wisdom in people. This tattoo design invites us to leave the material behind, to fight against the fears and feelings that prevent us from moving forward and continuing to evolve.


Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos for women are those that look like works of art made with watercolor using the skin as a canvas. The strokes are delicate and fine, and the color simulates the stroke of a brush with this gouache technique. These designs are splendid for delicate tattoos for women and  modern tattoos for women.


Flower Tattoos

Flowers always have a special meaning. In fact, each one of them seems to have a symbology that can represent us and they lend themselves perfectly to being a great design for small tattoos. We can thus get something as beautiful as this tattoo of a daisy, which symbolizes love and hope, on the ankle.


Wings Tattoos

Wing tattoo is a type of tattoo that looks flawless regardless of the placement. However, placing this tattoo on the neck is particularly charming. The meaning of this tattoo, regardless of the actual design, is almost always freedom. The wings represent a person’s ability to free themselves and move away from the challenges and expectations that weigh them down.


Arrow Tattoos

Before we have shown you an arrow with a much more realistic aspect, in this case, it is a much simpler design, ideal if you like modern and fine tattoos on the forearm. Arrows are a great image for a minimalist tattoo as they are often delicate, thin, and perfect for those looking for something that isn’t too thick or flashy. However, and given the great diversity of designs that exist, only you will decide what the appearance and aesthetics that it will have, so you can opt for the minimalist or, make a large or ornate tattoo , full of details, well arrows are very versatile elements.

Clock Tattoos

For many years, the trend of clock tattoos has become stronger and stronger, and it is that they are much more detailed designs with truly deep meanings. We will be able to different styles of tattoos for this design. The designs for girls, in addition to being able to be made on the arm, also look great on the back, so that the design adapts to the silhouette and provides a lot of sensuality.

Music Tattoos

Music tattoos are much more minimalist than others that can be more elaborate, although some can be mixed in different images, normally a tattoo of this genre is usually a musical note or a sound effect, small fragments of musical notes can also be requested that express a song.

Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos are usually one of the most chosen designs by men and women when it comes to engraving a design on their skin. They represent the feminine, protection, rudeness when defending those who must protect, etc. Below we have gathered the images with the  most incredible angel tattoo designs for women, although they can also be an excellent option for men.

Phoenix Tattoos

There are tattoos that will never go out of style. One of the most popular and that has managed to remain the favorite of many women is the phoenix.In addition to being original and looking spectacular, it manages to reflect a brave personality that can overcome any obstacle that life throws at it. We show you 13 designs that have this mythical figure as the protagonist and that are perfect for people who are not afraid of adversity.

Lion Tattoos

One of the classics in the tattoo world, lion tattoos, but this time only designed for girls. Lions  are one of the most popular themes in the world of tattoos and they come in strong for those of you who want to choose power animals. The ordinary symbolism and accepted meaning of the lion is royalty and self-confidence.

Cloud Tattoos

Clouds are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They seem to paint the sky and have emotional value for both the body and the mind. There is also something spiritual about them, and looking at them can bring great happiness and spiritual satisfaction. They also symbolize illusion, mystery, secrets, and dreams depending on how the tattoo wearer interprets the meaning.

King and Queen Tattoos

King and queen tattoos are one of the most famous couples combining tattoos. While “bachelors” also wear these tattoos, but what is a king without the queen of him? There are many variations of kings and queens tattoos; some include small symbols, crowns, or a royal wizard of a king and queen. These tattoos help you awaken the royalty and value of your relationship and make you feel like one.

Taurus Tattoos

The Taurus zodiac sign tattoo meaning is closely related to the symbolism of the bull in tattoo culture. However, they still have different meanings, so the two images should not be confused. However, sometimes, instead of a calf, the head of a bull or its entire body is depicted, implying the sign of the zodiac. In this case, the tattoo will symbolize the calf, not the animal. The sign of Taurus in a tattoo means strength and power, authority, the will to go all the way and achieve your goals. It can also be a symbol of stubbornness or self-confidence. The Taurus tattoo often signifies conservatism, caution in decisions, or even unabsorbed vitality.

Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos are a great idea to do on your body and here in this blog we want to give you a selection of the best 60 crown tattoos that can exist, so you can choose the design that you like the most and you can ask your tattoo artist professional to do it on your skin. So keep enjoying this blog and everything we tell you and show you here.

Matching Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos have been a growing trend in recent years. While there are many ways to show the world how much your friends mean to you, but matching friend tattoos could be a cute and special way to celebrate your friendship. If you’ve considered the idea of ​​BFF tattoos but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are the coolest best friend tattoo designs ranging from big to small to inspire you.

Bumblebee Tattoos

According to tattoo owners, the bumblebee is the most positive character among all insects. The meaning of a bumblebee tattoo is self-confidence and self-confidence, in the use of honest fighting methods. A person with such a tattoo never throws words into the wind, he makes all decisions deliberately and carefully. He can be sure that person won’t backstab, he just has to turn around.

Christian Tattoos

Tattoos usually express many things, one of the most prominent is the fervor for a certain dogma, religious ideograms are usually used as protection, the most prominent are those of the Catholic religion, although to express spirituality in this art it is It is usual to use various symbols of various beliefs, from lotto flowers to rosaries, tattoos are responsible for manifesting all this type of deep existentiality, below you can see some Christian tattoo designs for women, which stand out for their delicacy.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

A mother is for the vast majority of daughters the source of inspiration and motivation they need every day. There are many ties that unite them and today we want to present you with a beautiful way to represent these ties. What better than tattooing both of them with a design that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We have prepared a collection that can inspire you if you decide. Do not miss them, they are all spectacular for mother and daughter.

Family Tattoos

Family tattoos are a clear representation of what the world of tattoo means. Go through the process of turning an abstract and not at all tangible feeling into something visual that you will carry engraved on your skin all your life. Many people opt for family union tattoos that consist of representing in one way or another the deep love and respect they feel for their loved ones through a tattoo design that is representative of him or his family.

Thigh Tattoos

The thigh is a very interesting place to get a tattoo. On the one hand, it is a fairly large area that allows designs of a certain size. Also, the tattoo will be covered if you wear pants, shorts, or a skirt, but you can easily show it off on the beach when you put on your swimsuit. As you can imagine, there are thousands of possibilities for a tattoo on the thigh, here we present these sensational designs for all tastes.

Disney Tattoos

No matter how old you are, Disney tattoos always make us feel like children again. We remember dialogues and songs by heart, we still get emotional with our favorite characters and there are phrases, situations or stories that have been taught to us since our childhood. With vivid colors, black and white, royal portraits or free tattoo versions of Disney princesses, the characters of your childhood come wanting to clean up all the old video tapes and sink into the sofa to enjoy one movie after another: The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and many others.

Gemini Tattoos

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, Geminis are people who are born between May 21 and June 20. Gemini zodiac sign tattoo meaning Gemini. Most of the people who decide to get a Gemini tattoo is because it is their zodiac sign. Getting a tattoo as a zodiac sign means acquiring an amulet for life. Attracts: good luck, wealth, happiness, success.

Where To Get A Tattoo

When choosing a tattoo, we must take into account the design, but also the place where we want to get tattooed. The arm is not the same as the shoulder, the chest or the back. The size, the colors, the necessary sessions for the tattoo. All this changes, and to correctly choose the most popular areas of the body for each tattoo, we show you the most important and popular in the following.

Arm Tattoos

If your idea is to tattoo the arm completely, you can use tribal styles, designs loaded with a lot of color or figures of different types, so that it looks like a sleeve designed by everything you like. Many women use hearts, diamonds, roses, butterflies and portraits, but what is really important is that you capture the images with which you have always identified on that area of ​​your body. Now, it’s time for you to see some designs:

Forearm Tattoos

Mostly, the tattoos that are made on the forearm are those that have phrases, some kind of mantra, roses, and, in some cases, arrows. They are especially beautiful designs and can be displayed at any time if you wish. We show you some of the ones that already exist:

Hip Tattoos

The tattoos made on the hip have a very sensual and aesthetic meaning, since it is a highly attractive area. On many occasions, what is commonly tattooed in this area are flowers, but you can tattoo whatever you want to look unique and extraordinary. Here are some examples:

Sleeve Tattoos

Just as we highlight in arm tattoos, the designs that are made in the middle of the sleeve, are also usually designs loaded with a lot of color, flowery, full of meaning and enormous details. The important thing is that it looks like a half sleeve and that you wear it in the best way. Look at some designs of this style:

Behind The Ear Tattoos

Understated but cool, behind-the-ear tattoos have become very popular in recent years. That’s because delicate and feminine designs look particularly beautiful in this placement. At the same time, it is the perfect place for a tattoo that represents the most important things in your life. Small tattoos are and are perfectly suited to be placed behind the ear, as there is not much room for the artist to create a larger design, choosing a delicate inking with a fine and delicate look is essential.

Hand Tattoos

In the context of the ideas to tattoo on the hands, the truth is that you have a lot of variety. From large to small tattoos, the possibilities are endless, but the truth is that some of the best ideas that come to mind are the following:

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are very chic and always look good, they are delicate and very subtle feminine tattoos, so it can also be a place on the body for you to place your tattoo. You can see some super beautiful examples that you will surely love. You can explore more about the different styles of wrist tattoos so you can see all the possibilities there are. The hand is also one of the options for tattooing, but because it is a slightly more painful and much more attractive area, it is not commonly chosen.

Rib Tattoos

The ribs and the abdomen are not areas that are tattooed very often. The abdomen is an area where the tattoo must be very well done so that it does not look strange and perhaps out of place. On the other hand, tattoos for women on the ribs look quite sexy and attractive, the only problem is that it is an area that is usually quite painful to get a tattoo. You can find different designs, from lines or tribal, to roses and much more elaborate tattoos.

Leg Tattoos

The tattoos for women on the leg are not usually as simple and delicate as those of other areas of the body, women tend to choose much more elaborate and detailed tattoos to put on their legs. In this area a specific design does not predominate, there are tribals, feathers, small phrases, animals such as octopuses, lions, etc.

Ankle Tattoos

The ankles and feet are also an appropriate part to put the tattoos on, as they look great. The only problem is that it usually hurts a lot more than a tattoo on the arm or maybe the wrist. The good thing about ankle tattoos is that they can be easily hidden and you can look like you don’t have a tattoo at all.

Back Tattoos

The back is the perfect place to make practically any tattoo, because it is a very large area, it is there where we can make the largest and most detailed tattoos without any problem. The tattoos for women on the back are usually located either in the upper and central part of the back or on one side just below the back of the shoulder.These are usually the areas that women use the most to tattoo on their backs.

Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder by itself is not an area that is very chosen when making the tattoo, generally the tattoos on the shoulder are part of a complete design that usually covers the arm. But for women you can find some more delicate and feminine designs, mandalas, roses and flowers are a good alternative. The best thing about shoulder tattoos for women is that they can be worn without any problem with their daily clothing.

Neck Tattoos

The neck is not one of the most common areas to get a tattoo, since it is a very visible area and either because you do not want everyone to see your tattoo or because it can cause problems at home or work, this area is not usually chosen. as first option. Henna tattoos can be a good option to see how a temporary tattoo looks on you. What some girls do is get the tattoo on their neck but on the back, this way they can easily hide it with their hair in case they don’t want it to be seen by anyone.

Chest Tattoos

Lately, tattoos for women that are made just below the breasts have become a trend. This tattoo is usually in the contour of the chest and has a horizontal shape, for this design the tribal and mandala tattoos are the most chosen by the girls. They can also be done on the upper part of the chest or a tattoo on the collarbone, but believe me, it is not as good an idea as it seems. A tattoo around or on the collarbone or any bone is usually quite painful.

Unique Tattoos

If you want to find the best tattoo designs for women, this blog is the one for you. Here we are going to show you a selection of spectacular tattoos with unique designs that will surprise you and inspire you to design your own tattoo. So it is a good idea that you keep looking at this blog and you can find the tattoo designs that you were looking for so much.

Badass Tattoos

Badass tattoos are always a favourite, especially if you like cool tattoo designs that look cool. After all, femininity has nothing to do with cuteness. Instead, feel free to unleash your femininity with a cool design idea. Instead of going for a tattoo design that looks good and is aesthetically pleasing, consider a thoughtful design that means something. Meaningful tattoos are those that are special, that will always transport you to any memory, person, place, event or feeling that inspired you.

Meaningful Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo and want to contemplate some ideas, here are some meaningful tattoos for women that may interest you. Choose the one that best represents you! Some are original designs, others are more classic but beautiful. Choose the one you like most. These tattoos that will look great wherever you decide to place them: shoulder, wrist, arm, chest, ankle, etc. Tattoos are incredibly personal, for obvious reasons.

Sexy Tattoos

When choosing where to get the tattoo and which tattoo we want to wear, we always try to make it according to our personality and our style. However, when looking for the best answer to both questions, it is important that we bear in mind that sensuality can be intensified by them, so we must make sure that our decision is correct. It is true that the choice of tattoo has a lot to do with bringing out our sexiest side,  influencing everything from the colors to its size and of course, the area in which we wear it. In fact, it will be the place where we place it that will be in charge of making the most of our curves and our sensuality, and even more so when we choose to wear it on the side or if we have a tattoo on our ribs.

Cute Simple Tattoos

A simple tattoo is one that, just by showing the silhouette of the figure you want, will have a great impact on whoever sees it. They are styles that are not recharged with so much color and that are rather represented through the black value. In addition, they are designs that are normally located in certain areas of the body, such as the wrists, the fingers, the back of the ears, the feet and the shoulders. How about? If you like any of these tattoos, choose yours:

Cute Little Tattoos

Within this catalog of tattoos for women, small tattoos for women cannot be missing. There are many women who want delicate, fine and discreet women’s tattoos. If this is your case, surely you will love the examples of beautiful tattoos that we show you. Among the different tattoos for small women, the tattoos of anchors, stars, flowers, letters, words, birds, etc. stand out. Below you will see the best small tattoos for women, so you can get ideas and get inspired.

Small Tattoos

Within this catalog of tattoos for women, small tattoos for women cannot be missing. There are many women who want delicate, fine and discreet women’s tattoos. If this is your case, surely you will love the examples of beautiful tattoos that we show you. Among the different tattoos for small women, the tattoos of anchors, stars, flowers, letters, words, birds, etc. stand out.

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