Do you like a girl and you don’t know if they are reciprocal feelings?Do you fear being rejected? Don’t you understand her comings and goings?Stop short!It’s just a matter of taking a little perspective and analyzing the matter. Knowing if she feels the same way about you is not an easy task, and when you think you already understand everything that was bothering you, boom! Something happens that breaks your schemes. Usually you end up freaking out trying to figure out if she’s interested in you or if she’s just looking at you because of that cool hat you’re wearing. Don’t worry,your love advisors are hereto stay.Take a look at what we tell you and you will be a crack catching all the signs.

Signs A Girl Likes You

To know if a woman likes you, itis necessary to pay attention to what she says, but it ismuch more relevant to understand the non-verbal language that she shows.That is, understanding the body language of women is essential to know if she is interested or not, since this type of communication provides us with much more information.

In the XXI century, the liberal world makes its way to the new (and not so new) generations. The traditional couple gives rise to new forms of love, where it is not uncommon to jump from flower to flower practically every week.

She Likes To Touch You

If she repeatedly touches you, it is always a good sign. In the same way, if she decides to put on your shirt correctly, or if she directly wants to give you a hug, she dictates a lot about someone’s intentions, and of course they are the clearest and most universal signs in the world. Normally, if a girl doesn’t like you, she will avoid physical contact with you at all times, basically because they tend to be very careful not to send the wrong message.

She Reschedules A Date She Can’t Make

If a girl likes you, she’ll want to see you again! She’ll be willing to reschedule the dinner you had planned that overlaps with her girls’ night out. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll do anything she can to make you think she’s really busy and can’t be bothered. Eagerness is a confident sign that a woman is into you, as she will make time to make plans with you no matter how busy her schedule. Adam LoDolce, founder of Love Strategies, puts it simply: when a girl likes you, “she makes herself available to you.”

She Smiles At You Often

Her smileis one of the main signs that will tell you that he really likes you.If every time you talk, he gives you amischievous smileor you provoke more than onenervous giggle, consider yourself lucky, because it means that he enjoys your company and likes to talk with you.Do not forget that women highly value a sense of humor and, without a doubt, something that they hope to find in their better half.

You Catch Her Staring At You At Random Times

A girl’s eyes are constantly giving signals to those around her; learning to decipher them is essential to know his level of interest for you.

A girl who is confident enough and interested in you will maintain eye contact for a long time while you talk. He may even stare at you while you’re not talking, hoping that you’ll look back and notice his attention. At this point, should you take action and start a conversation with her?

She Shows You Her Dorky Side

If she’s comfortable around you, her little quirks will start to show. “She’ll let herself act silly and awkward around you,” Schulman says. If she shows you her silly side, make her even more comfortable by doing the same! Allowing her to feel accepted can increase your chances of getting another date.

She Wants You To Feel Good and Be Happy

If a woman likes you, she can go out of the way to be helpful when you have a problem or need help. She will always have a word of encouragement or support when you are feeling down. Also, if she comes to know that you are sick, she might immediately call you or even visit you because she is concerned about you.

She Responds Quickly To Your Texts

This signal never fails. Before they were translated in SMS to the mobile, today, in messages to Whatsapp. If she answers immediately, she already means something, but if she does it in a conspicuous way, with an excess of emotions and especially those little emoticons that are so striking, there is a high probability that she is looking for something more than a friendship.

Her Body Language Is Positive and Welcoming

There is nothing that says more about a person than the way they move their body . Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean we don’t communicate. Nonverbal communication sometimes says much more about a person than her own words. However, you will not only have to be attentive, but you will also have to make precise and correct interpretations, which will not lead you to error. Let’s face it: it’s a bit complicated to know if a girl likes you through her body language, since there are more than 50 gestures for it. However, we do not give any cause for lost, everything is to try to make you feel as safe as possible when you are ready to take a first step. Precisely for this reason, we have tried to compile a series of indicators that do not fail to identify if she is interested in you. Do you recognize any?

She Teases You

A girl who tries to play with you, tease you, annoy you, etc. is a girl who tries to hold your attention. She’s a girl who wants to provoke a reaction from you. She wants you to play her game and start playing with her. It’s a good sign. She values ​​your presence a lot and feels good with you.

She Asks You What You Look For In A Girl

We will tell you more, the girl will take an interest in your supposed ideal of a woman. In practice, she will want to be sure that she fits this stereotype and what is the advice of a great seducer? You have to be smarter than her and so if you’d like her to be a little more enterprising put this detail on the ideal woman list. 

The same if you want her to be more provocative try telling her by referring to the dream girl , you will see that she will make an effort from the date afterwards to look like your prototype. Don’t overdo it though, if you’re there with her it’s obvious that something has moved you and that you mostly like it as it is.

She Makes An Effort To Continue The Conversation

When you’re having a conversation, say something positive, make a plan for the future, and give her a reason to end the conversation. For example: “I like to talk to you, but I have to run to do some work, maybe we could meet again if you are free.” If it’s well known that you’re the best student in science class, then it’s only natural that people (even her) ask you about homework or an upcoming test. But if she asks you dumb questions that she could easily research elsewhere, pay attention. If she asks you on Facebook things like: “Hey, do you know what day winter returns?” that’s not a clue, that’s a bright flame.

She Compliments You

It doesn’t just mean that he likes how you look, but that he actually notices you and the way you look on a regular basis.  Be receptive to compliments. If a girl says nice things to you very often, she may have a crush on you. It’s a way of telling you that she thinks you’re special. She can make remarks about your physique, your personality or your performance.

She Opens Up To You

If he begins to tell you significant things about his life, his family, his problems, his aspirations and his goals, it is that at least you have earned his trust.

She Gets Nervous Around You

As we mentioned before, the movement or fidgeting of feet is a clear example of nervousness and, therefore, of interest towards the person with whom you are at that moment.

Another example that is obvious is the way in which women touch their hair. That constant movement of the hair, either with quick movements or with smooth movements and twisting the hair around your fingers, is a clear sign of nervousness.

Her Family and Friends Know About You

If there is something they do not know how to be friends, it is to be discreet. When you walk up to a girl who’s in the middle of her circle of friends and they all start gossiping, you know there’s something interesting there.

She Remembers Things You Tell Her

She could be into you if she not only pays attention, but shows you that she’s listening by bringing up conversations you talked about a few days ago. She’ll make little jokes with you based on the things you’ve told her. Even the silly little things she’ll remember, because if she’s into you, she’ll find everything about you intriguing. She is aware of what you are going through. Whether you have a big game or a stressful deadline at work, she will take note of these things and be sure to wish you well. Maybe she’ll even give you some space.

She Lets You Know She’s Single

Whether it’s talking about how she can’t find the right guy or giving you details about her excruciating 3rd wheel experience, she’ll let you know just how single she is. Use it to find out if she is genuinely interested in you. If she mentions needing a date at an event or someone to take her to dinner so she’s not alone, offer to go! Chances are she’s waiting for you to take the hint.

She Invites You To Meet Her Friends

Women are often sentimental and like to see themselves in an idealized relationship. This is not pejorative, quite the contrary. A girl who is in love with you will integrate you into her daily life and will want to live a love story without pitfalls. She will ask you for advice before making a decision, will want you to give her your opinion, even on unimportant matters. A girl in love will not hesitate to introduce you to her friends and family.

She Wants To Hang Out All Day Together

This is valid for both men and women. A person in love needs to spend time with the loved one. It’s a sign that the moments you share have a special flavor in their eyes and it helps to strengthen the bond in the relationship.

She Makes Time For You

A sure sign that a girl likes you: “She makes time for you in her busy schedule! says Margot Schulman, author of Choose Love: A Simple Path to Healthy, Joyful Relationships. It’s so simple, but it’s one of the best ways to tell if a girl likes you. Winston agrees: “A sign that a girl likes you is when she regularly makes herself available to you, whether in person, on a phone call or by sending you a sweet text. After all, if she didn’t, why would she care?

She Sends You Cute Selfies

Girls can be watched when someone asks for their photo. So if she sends you a picture of herself even though you didn’t ask for it, chances are she’s interested in you. When sending photos, girls tend to send the most flattering photos of them – made up like a model and dressed to kill. A girl really likes you if she sends you a picture of her wearing her house clothes, messy hair, or even making a face.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

It is always a clear sign of falling in love . If when he is with you he presents a happy and spontaneous mood, it would be a clear sign that he is enjoying your company and that he is most likely attracted to you. Keep in mind that if he’s constantly laughing, giggling, or smiling mischievously, that’s a dead giveaway. He is enjoying himself by your side and it will be a sign that he feels good.

She Asks For Your Help On Little Things

Sometimes women go to great lengths to get your attention. If she asks you to teach her something that seems basic, she’s most likely sending you some important signals. Women recognize that men have protective instincts, so when a woman is “too small to reach for anything” or “can’t quite figure out how the remote works,” she’s usually implying that she wants your assistance ! All of this is happening near you so she can be sure that you are there to help her with her supposed “helplessness”. So before you take her for a fool because she can’t download songs to her phone or drive a stick shift, remember this sign.

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