If there is one thing that there is no shortage of, it is sex positions. Since ancient times, human beings have been devising sex positions that range from the intimate to the animalistic and everything in between. However, you don’t always have to seek out the craziest positions to have great sex, and there are a handful of reliable positions you may not have considered. However, it is also totally valid to want to find a strategy that helps prolong sex passion and enjoyment. That is why we have listed four sex positions that will help you and your lover to last longer in bed in your next hot encounters.

Best Sex Positions For Women

Although it is true that each head is a world, there are several favorite sex positions for women and that are usually preferred by them when they are in bed. Keep reading, get to know them and practice them.
There are some sex positions that are the favorites of women. There are also those that men like the most. But, of course, there are those in which both coincide. And although certainly not all people have the same tastes in bed and generalizations should not be made, certain positions can be more comfortable, less painful or more stimulating. Next we will introduce you to what are those favorite sex positions of women, why they are among the most practiced and most importantly: how they are done.

Legs Over Shoulders

This timeless classic has many nicknames: the hook , the Big Dipper, the rock and roll … but whatever you want to call it, specialists can agree on one thing: this position has been a reliable destination for ‘happy endings’ for many women who they have a vagina.

Downward Doggy

This modified version of the classic ‘doggy style’ works by changing the angle of penetration to allow for more intense stimulation and better access to the G-spot. As a bonus, it also allows room for clitoral stimulation to occur at the same time, to that twice as many female cumshots occur.

The G-Whiz

This one is straight out of the good old Kama Sutra Book of Sex Positions . While some of the tricky maneuvers illustrated in this ancient erotic text may be intimidating to us not-so-flexible folks, the ‘G-Whiz’ isn’t one of them.

Edge Of The Bed Sex Position

No, we’re not talking about that annoying file storage app we all use. Despite the lack of a racier title, ‘the drop box’ is nothing short of exciting. And according to relationship coach and sex enhancement specialist Delilah Taylor, it’s one of the most orgasmic positions for vulva owners.

The Cowgirl Who Darts

Lunges in the gym might seem like a chore, but lunges in the bedroom? Lots more fun! Ideal for couples who like to ‘exercise’, the ‘Cowgirl Thrust’ could be your ticket to the workout – and climax – of your dreams! This delicious variation on the classic ‘Cowgirl’ has been tried and tested by sex experts and enthusiasts alike. With increased depth of penetration and clitoral stimulation, you’ll want to do it again and again and again!

Best Car Sex Positions

Although not the most comfortable place in the world for almost nothing, the back of a car has been the place where many have had their first sex forays. Sometimes, it is impossible to find a better place to have sex with our partner when doing it outside is ruled out. Well, let’s start with some general tips to improve the experience. Here are the best positions for car sex to try:



If we decide to stay in the front seats, a nice position might be for the man to be sitting in the passenger seat and the woman to climb on top , facing him, with her legs on the sides of the seat. This is also a good option for anal sex. It is a position in which we will feel very close to our partner and we will be able to look them directly in the eyes. This position also stands out because it allows a deep and pleasant penetration.

The Dog At The Door

Suitable for practicing in a particularly lonely place, in the middle of nature, it is the only position that we propose that involves being outside the car. She is standing next to the vehicle, with the door open and her hands on the back seat. He behind her, also standing, can penetrate her vaginally or anally. One of the best options for having sex while standing.

With Legs Up

One position that both of you will be very comfortable with is the raised legs position . To do this, they must be in the back seat and you must lie on your back in the chair with your legs elevated, either resting them on your boy’s shoulders, or resting your feet on the roof of the car.

Doggy Style Sex Position

If they have time and are in a place where no one can see them, they can also have sex in the car doggy style or the famous position on all fours . When you’re in the back seat, get on all fours and your guy on his knees will be able to penetrate you from that angle. If you are in a very private place, you can even open the car door and your guy can stand outside of the car to make it more comfortable for both of you.

The Cowgirl

The position that guarantees orgasms cannot be missing from this list. Although doing it is a bit complicated due to the lack of space, there is no doubt that they will love the friction they will have being so close. If the car allows it, they can expand the trunk so that he can lie down, if not, just recline the front seat, or use the back seat. The man lies down, and she gets on her knees and leans forward (to avoid hitting her head on the ceiling). As is already known, in this pose, she takes control of speed and movement.

Best Anal Sex Positions

Don’t let anal sex be a taboo for you and your partner(s). If you want to experiment with this practice, it is best to know all the tips that will help you enjoy the meeting to the fullest, without discomfort and with all the pleasure you are looking for. For this reason, in this article we explain the best positions for anal sex and the recommendations to enjoy it and turn it into an unforgettable experience.


Face Down

It consists of the couple lying face down, one person on top of the other, this position also allows control of penetration and good enjoyment of the act. For greater comfort, it is recommended that whoever is below place a pillow or cushion in the belly area, in this way it will have a slight elevation without being as high as the doggie.


This position allows greater control of the depth of penetration. You have to lie on your side and the partner(s) must be behind and also on the side. The legs are separated and the upper leg is placed behind, on your partner. Both of you will have your hands free to caress.


In the sex position called dragon, it is the man who controls the rhythm of penetration, however the closeness of his mouth to her ear and neck make contact a highly erotic experience.


This position is much more intimate, since their bodies will be very close to each other and they will be able to see each other directly in the eyes. Your partner should sit cross-legged and you should sit on top of him or her hugging her body with your legs. Once on top, start moving your hips to stimulate the area.

Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm

Every day is perfect to enjoy sex with your partner. Would you like to melt with pleasure? Here you have a detailed manual of pleasurable sex positions for women, with which you will surely enjoy. Discover the best sex positions for her and put them into practice!


The Clitorian Missionary

This is the classic missionary, but reinvented with  clitoral stimulation. How is it done? It is very simple. She lies on her back and he stands on top of her. While he penetrates her, she can stimulate her clitoris with the friction of her partner’s pelvis and also control the rhythm of her penetration with the movement of her hips. Guaranteed orgasm, friend.

The Pleasure Chair

This is also very easy to do and facilitates the emotional connection during penetration, which will make both of you have a much more intense orgasm. To carry it out, as we see in the images, he sits on the chair and she sits astride him,  looking straight ahead or turning her back on him . This position gives the woman complete freedom of movement, and full access to her clitoris and nipples, which can (and should) be stimulated by herself or by her partner.

The Drill

This position is reserved only for those women who like to be submissive in bed and for men who want to be dominant.  In this position, he has complete control of the action, since he controls all the movements of his penis, which is inserted into the female’s mouth . She only has to be receiving the virile member on her lips from her. Remember that if the man inserts his penis down her throat , she will have to stop breathing to suppress the gag.

The Teaspoon

A basic position during the sex act. You should only sleep with your partner, who should be behind you. The key to reaching orgasm is that the person must push the penis or sex toy into the front wall of the vagina instead of going in and out.

Sitting down

You can start with this posture because it is not complicated. The couple should sit on a flat surface like the bed and you should be sitting on it. You will be in control of reaching orgasm , and to make it more pleasurable, you must look him in the eye.

Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

When you make the decision to have a baby, the bond between you and your partner becomes even stronger. One of the most positive points of this common project is that your sex relations will increase considerably. Here you have more effective positions to get pregnant. Of course, you cannot subordinate the pleasure of your sex relations to the fact that you want to have a baby . Moreover, stress could make the task more complicated. However, if what you want is to find out which sex positions are the most recommended to get pregnant fast, keep reading. Theese are the best sex positions to get pregnant:



The most classic pose is also one of the sex positions to get pregnant more easily. With the woman lying down and the partner on top, penetration is comfortable for both, easy to perform and allows the cervix to settle down to receive all the sperm. It is also a very romantic position to conceive a baby , since both face to face visual contact is total, allowing play with looks and caresses.

Doggie Style

Other of the most popular sex positions is also perfect to facilitate deep penetration and have more chances of getting pregnant. In this lovemaking position, the woman is placed on all fours and the man enters from behind, holding on to his hips. This posture not only facilitates deeper penetration, but also favors a more open cervix, allowing better sperm reception. This makes it a great sex position to get pregnant quickly.

Legs On Shoulders

This position is similar to that of the missionary but with variations that allow greater depth, thus becoming one of the best sex positions to get pregnant. This position is like the missionary position, only this time the woman has her legs elevated above his shoulders. Making love in this way achieves a very deep penetration and is also exciting for both, since it also allows the stimulation of the woman’s g-spot. There is a belief that if a woman reaches orgasm during intercourse, it is easier for her to get pregnant. Although this is considered a myth, the truth is that reaching orgasm allows for greater relaxation, which will be beneficial to having a better chance of conceiving.

The Teaspoon

Another of the best sex positions if you are looking to get pregnant is the spoon. This very intimate and affectionate position is also ideal for conceiving a baby in a very romantic way. In this case, the penetration is carried out with the two members of the couple stretched out on their sides and with the woman turning her back on the man. It is a very relaxed posture for both and that favors fertilization.

Reverse Cowgirl

Until now, most postures were relaxed and focused on the woman’s comfort, something important if you are trying to conceive a child. However, looking for a baby doesn’t have to mean less action in bed. There are other positions in which there may be a little more action on the part of the woman and they are just as beneficial for getting pregnant. The reverse cowgirl is one of them. In this position, the man remains lying on her back and the woman sits on top of her, like a cowgirl , turning her back on her. This allows for an ideal angle of penetration and is especially beneficial for women with a retroverted uterus.

Best Sex Positions For Men

Men are quite visual and love a woman’s body, especially when it comes to giving her pleasure. There are different sex positions and men’s favorites are those in which they have more access to sight and pleasure control. The best sex positions are those that can cause pleasure through gestures and complicit glances and those in which power can be exercised. Logically, everything becomes more satisfying if there is communication between the couple before, during and after sex, to find out what they prefer to do and make them do them. Be that as it may, we don’t think anyone will mind that we have compiled some of the simplest and most pleasurable sex positions for guys, focusing especially on the reasons why we find them so exciting. Let’s see the best sex positions for him:


The 69

This position is based above all on sensations. The sense of sight, for example, loses all importance here to be replaced, in part, by hearing, which actually helps us a lot to concentrate on sensations. The fact that giving and receiving pleasure is mutual is very exciting for both members of the couple.

Doggy Style

This position is one of the most satisfying for a man for several reasons. First of all, because of the depth of penetration (which is why you have to be careful not to go in too much too fast, especially if you have a very long or thick penis). Secondly because of the total control that we have of the speed, and finally because of the vision that we have of the body of our partner that, if everything goes well, is probably shuddering with pleasure.

Reverse Cowgirl

In the inverted variant, the difference is that we have a view of the rear of our partner. It is also a good opportunity to change a little more and go from vaginal sex to anal sex, yes, calmly.

The Missionary

Classic among the classics, this position combines physical contact with looking face to face, as well as allowing us to control penetration and be super comfortable. What more could you want?

Lying Dog

An ideal position for those who have a smaller penis. You will achieve great depth in penetration and pleasure is guaranteed for both her and him. This position is so pleasurable that you may need some of those tricks to last longer in sex.

Face To Face

Allows face-to-face intimacy; cozy for long sessions.Sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Your partner turns to face you, puts his arms around your back, climbs on top and sits on your lap. Once in the chair, he can go up and down on your penis by pressing with his legs or knees. Do you want to go faster? Help him by grabbing his buttocks and lifting and bouncing.

Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

The pregnancy progresses and it becomes more and more difficult to find a comfortable position for sex. And as the months go by, it is likely that those positions that you and your partner preferred no longer satisfy you in the same way, or even that they are not comfortable or cause you pain. It is normal but that does not imply giving up pleasure. During pregnancy, more creativity than ever is needed so that both of you can continue to enjoy full sexity. The slogan? Theese are the best sex positions during pregnancy that do not put pressure on the belly:


Face Up, With Legs Bent

The woman on her back, leaning on her elbows, with her legs bent and open. The man kneeling in front of her. If you want to lift your pelvis, he rests his tail on a pillow or cushion. As this position allows quite deep penetration, it is not always well tolerated in the second half of pregnancy.

Woman Standing, Man Behind

The woman standing with her legs slightly apart and her torso leaning forward. The man, standing behind her. The penis enters from behind her. To make it more comfortable for you, you can stand in front of a dresser or a table where you can rest your forearms. This position can also be performed with or without penetration.

Variant: The woman on all fours, but resting on her forearms, so that her shoulders are below her hips. The man kneeling behind her. Her penis enters from behind her. In this position, your partner can stimulate your clitoris with his hand during penetration.

Sideways, Face To Face

This position is very similar to the previous one, but with a slight variation so that you can be face to face. Once lying on your side as in the spoon position, turn around to face your partner. Raise your pelvis as far as you can until you meet your partner’s, then wrap your legs around theirs. Bending your legs helps your private parts meet in the middle. Once you’re in position, you just have to adjust to each other to find the right rhythm. This position combines all the good things of the previous one with the fact of being face to face and being able to add a round of passion in the form of kisses, which are never too many.

She On Top Of Him

This option actually has many variants. If the man is lying down , she will be on her knees on top of him and will have full control of the situation: the rhythm, the depth of penetration, etc. In this case, it is she who can look for new alternatives for joint enjoyment. If, on the other hand, they are on a seat (chair, sofa, etc.), they should find the most comfortable position for both of them. Sitting facing each other, they will be able to have eye contact and feel the torsos very close to each other. The woman can also choose to sit with her back to her partner , with which she acquires freedom of movement and can, in addition to being penetrated, stimulate her genitals with her hands with total freedom.

From Behind, Standing

Having sex standing up is always very exciting, and it can be even more so when the woman is pregnant. However, care must be taken to avoid any kind of mishaps. She should be in a place where she can hold on to something for a secure position and should not put pressure on her tummy.

With these precautions, both the woman and her partner can feel free to enjoy sex even until the last days before delivery.

Best Sex Positions For Orgasm

Not all sex positions make it easier for a woman to achieve orgasm.And although no woman is the same as another, pleasure is reached through different paths and they need and like to receive certain stimuli, there are some sex positions that are more flattering or advantageous for them.Fundamentally, they are the ones that stimulate and do not leave relegated some of the erogenous zones that are key to having an orgasm and reaching the climax safely. Theese are the best sex positions to please your girl:



In this position, the bodies form a large X and the woman’s legs are in the middle of the man’s, who is kneeling. One of the main benefits of this position for women is that she can move with some ease, rubbing the clitoral area as she needs. On the other hand, the man has access with his hands and can see the whole body of the woman and activate, at the same time, other erogenous zones.

Doggy Style

For those who enjoy deep penetration, unlike the others, doggy style is good for stimulating the G-spot (that erogenous zone inside the vagina). In this case, the advice of the specialists is that it is key to be very excited, foreplay and that -when penetrating- your partner makes movements from side to side rather than rapid thrusting movements.

How? You get on all fours and your partner penetrates you from behind with his penis or harness. Depending on your comfort, you can stretch your arms or go down on your elbows… as well as hold on to the back of the bed or a support that is practical for you.


Another classic for female orgasms, what it enables is direct access to the clitoris. The best? That massage can be with your hand, that of your partner or also encourage you to add a sex toy that enhances the interaction.

How? You and your partner lie on your sides: you are the internal ‘spoon’ and your partner is the external one. They are arranged so that he can penetrate you with his penis or harness.

Inverted Wheelbarrow

It requires a little more creativity and acrobatics, but 100% possible. The reason for recommending this position also has to do with the ease of access to the clitoris.

How? You lie on her back and your partner penetrates you while you raise your feet on her shoulders or around her neck. If you feel like experimenting a little more, you can also do it with you on the edge of the bed and your partner standing up.


It is a classic but -according to specialists- it works for many reasons: since the woman is on top, this allows her to control the speed, movements and intensity. It also gives space to add additional stimulation to the clitoris (either performed by herself or her partner).

How? Very easy? Your partner lies down on the bed and you climb upstairs and ‘ride’ him. Then you simply place your partner’s penis or harness inside you.

Best Gay Sex Positions

Gay sex is very varied, since both people can enjoy penetration actively or passively. This allows the couple to choose one of the roles that night or they can decide to change roles on the spot. We love sex, and we also love to have fun and we hate being bored. That is why it is very important to have morbid and at the same time original ways of having sex. Who does not like to invent something new that gets us out of the routine? We know, that’s why we wanted to collect the  best sex positions for gay, so that when you get bored with one, you can move on to the next, so that you can find the one that works best for you and your partner, and so that you have fun in the bed as it should be.


The Horse

We continue with the animal references, and in this case we are going to get a little more cane. Here we are going to be as cowboys as possible. The passive stretches face down, tries to relax and prepares a lot because curves are coming. The asset is going to literally mount it and ride it, so if you like the gear and the rod, this is your option, which leaves no one indifferent.

The Deep

With such an intense name we can only find one of the most desired sex positions for gays . Not everyone can enjoy it in the same way, but it’s all about trying. The passive stretches, raises his knees and bends them, while the active climbs in front and penetrates him. This is supposed to be the way in which the passive stimulates his anus in the most pleasurable way possible, so if they say so much, nothing like trying it to confirm it, don’t you think?

The Swing

A classic that never fails: the active sits on your back, and the passive sits on top of you. You don’t see the faces, but the active one can caress and masturbate the passive one. The difference in this case, very significant, is that it is the passive who takes the reins of the situation. In cases where bottoms want a little more prominence and leadership, it is the perfect situation: they rule, they know how to do it and they enjoy it to the fullest. The asset, yes, works less, it is a matter of preferences. 

The Mirror

Imagine the deep gay position that we have mentioned before, but with the legs fully raised, as opposed to The deep, in which the passive flexes his knees. In this way, the active body accompanies the shape of the legs of the passive and you will merge into one. It sounds very romantic, but it’s also very morbid. They ensure that in this way the penetration will be absolute and very, very deep. Will have to try it! 

The Missionary

And we cannot forget the missionary. It is a sex position that is not associated with gays but that also exists and is practiced by many. In the end, we all want to see each other’s faces and it’s something as simple as lying down facing each other, with the bottom underneath, and starting the penetration as if it were a heterosex relationship. It is evident that not everyone can accept this position, either because of the different body types, because of the stamina that the passive has or the strength of the active, but without a doubt, it is a great recommendation to try it at least once, to see if it convinces you.

Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Sexuality is equally pleasurable and intimate for all sexes , including all tastes that exist, as well as for homosexs, bisexs and transsexs. It is a way of maturing as a society and understanding each and every one of us.  That is why sex education is important regardless of tastes, since homosexs, whether they are gay or lesbian people, have the same way of exploring their sexity with their partners , in a pleasant and fun way. Lesbian women are creative when it comes to sex relations , the absence of penetration by a male member ceases to be a problem for them. To prove it, we will show you the most pleasurable lesbian positions:


Simple scissors

The famous and classic scissors, known even by men, but considered quite erotic and full of pleasure by lesbian women. She is famous and preferred for the touch and touch of vaginas. For the position to be comfortable, both girls must cross both legs , fully open first, meeting face to face, while making rubbing movements by uniting their vaginas, gaining momentum and support through the buttocks and pelvis.


A very creative and interesting sex position, where one of the girls will be lying on her back, with her legs drawn up but without completely closing them, while the other surrounds her partner’s legs, only until friction and contact between them is reached. the vaginas. 

Tip: While moving erotically, you can touch each other’s breasts until you reach orgasm.

Velvet scissors

Derived from scissors, it is simpler but still very exotic. In this case, one of the girls lies down, with her legs open and her body relaxed, while the other joins her vagina with that of her partner, moving with slight friction, acting as the dominant and as if it were a penetration. Tip: In this position you can even use sex toys for lesbians , which will increase the pleasure and enjoyment between the couple.

The 69

Another famous position, both for lesbians and in straight sex . Simply both girls are placed on the bed, in a comfortable way, one will be on her back and the other will lie on top of her but inverted, with her face towards the genitals of the girl lying down, immediately afterwards, both begin oral sex mutually and in sync . 

To highlight: Here the work with the hands, the mouth and the touches to other sensitive parts such as the anus are complemented.

Wild Rider

A required sex position for passionate couples with a mere desire for satisfaction, one of the girls must lie on the bed, with her legs bent, while the other is sitting on her vagina, holding tightly to the other’s bent legs.

Immediately afterwards, both girls begin rubbing movements , guaranteeing a great orgasm when both want to finish.

Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

If his penis is on the small side, or if you find it difficult to orgasm from penetration alone, you may want to find ways to maximize the depth of intercourse for better climaxing. One way to get more enjoyment during penetrative sex is to opt for sex positions for deep penetration.

But if you don’t know what the best options are, keep reading, because in this article we reveal 5 positions to help you get the most out of the length of your partner’s penis and so you can enjoy wonderful stimulation of your G-spot.


Doggy Style

This position is one of the most acclaimed because both sexes love it so much. ‘Doggystyle’ is a very carnal and animal position, just what sex is. Those who practice it bring out their instinctive side and forget about prejudices. The logistics, moreover, are very comfortable for both of them , since she gets on all fours (as if she were a dog) and the man penetrates her from behind. He can be both standing, fully erect, and squatting.

G-Whizz Position

This one is called the G-Whiz (or the anvil) and it’s for the flexible among you. Lie on your back and raise your legs. Your partner kneels in front of you, so that your legs rest on their shoulders. Your partner then leans over you, causing your legs to come back towards you and your hips to lift, achieving super deep penetration. For a different twist, place the soles of your feet on your partner’s chest instead of extending your legs. The penetration will still be very deep and your legs won’t have to stretch as far.

Throttle Position

For deep penetration that allows you and your partner to see each other (remember your partner, they’re so cute!) try the butterfly position! Lie on your back with your bottom just off the edge of the bed or on a sturdy table. Your partner stands in front of you, raises his hips so his legs can rest on your shoulders, and then holds on to your legs as he pushes. Because they are not on top of each other, they can see each other while getting sexy!

Reverse Rider

The penetrating partner lies on his back with his legs stretched out. The couple sits on his squatting body, but with their backs to each other. When straddling, the partner being penetrated places their knees on either side of the penetrating partner’s thighs.

The Bridge

Bridge is not only a great yoga pose to strengthen your pelvic floor, it’s also a great sex position that allows perfect G-spot stimulation. The trick is to start in missionary with your legs closer together than normal, both of you. sides of the couple’s legs. Once inside, squeeze your buttocks and lift your hips off the bed. This will help the other person to thrust closer and deeper, bringing your bodies closer together and working in perfect rhythm to orgasm. Why not encourage you to try it?

Best Oral Sex Positions

Not all positions have to end in penetration: here we leave you a few so that oral sex is one more jewel of your most intimate moments of sex. A minipoint to which the names of these foreshortenings that we have collected in a list have been invented, because of ingenuity it is left over. And you, how do you use your tongue when it comes to pleasure? Put it into practice with the best positions for pleasurable oral sex full of orgasms:



Little explanation here. Sexy, productive and reciprocal. Be careful, you have to concentrate on giving and receiving. It is without a doubt one of the sex positions with the woman on top that you should try. Or why not, also with her under her.

One Up

Many women find that they are more sensitive on one side of the clitoris , and this is the perfect sex position to make the most of that sensitivity. She lies on the bed with one leg in the air, while he kneels on the floor.


This is just for them. The man must stand up, with his back straight, while his partner performs oral sex on him on her knees: “The sender will thus have an incredible point of view of his companion’s body, and will be aware of everything he is enjoying with his good work, which in turn will excite him enormously”. If that day you are invaded by a generosity that does not fit in you, the experts recommend that, since you have your mouth busy, you use your hands to touch his body (torso, butt, legs…) while you finish your mission.

The Chair

Much like number three, in this oral sex position she sits on a chair with her legs spread wide and he is on his knees, pleasuring his chosen human. This position, by the way, can be done in reverse, that is, he sitting and she crouching.

The Drill

This position is ideal for  women who like to be submissive  in bed and for men who are dominant, since, as we see in the image, it is a total power game. To perform it, she lies on her back with her back slightly erect to receive the man’s penis in her mouth. We recommend doing it in bed, so that he can lean on the wall or headboard and better control movements.

The Rear, A Position For Oral Sex (And Not Only)

In this posture it is the woman who receives. As we see in the image, she gets on all fours from her and he stands behind her, with her face at the height of the female genitalia . With this sex position, she can receive oral sex or anal sex , with her tongue. Another possibility is that he does her work with his tongue while she uses her fingers to insert them into her vagina or anus.

The Rain

We have baptized this posture as The Rain because it comes from above. As we can see in the image, she is on her back on the edge of the bed and he is standing up, with her penis inserted into her mouth. The good thing about this oral sex position is that she can do her job while he stimulates her nipples , an erogenous zone that is also very forgotten.

Best Sex Positions For Small Penis

Sex should be a source of pleasure and happiness for everyone, but complexes often prevent us from enjoying ourselves as we should. In the case of men, some suffer from premature ejaculation , others are unable to maintain a strong erection for a long time and others simply think that their penis is too small to make someone enjoy it. We have prepared a list of the best sex positions for small penises, so both of you will enjoy each encounter to the fullest.


Face Sitter

This position can be overwhelming for some, but very pleasant for others. It consists in which the person who will give pleasure to the other is lying on the bed, while the other straddles her face. In this position the bottom one can focus on the other’s penis or clitoris, or pay more attention to their anus. Depending on the preferences of the moment.

Leg Up

With this position we eliminate from the equation the legs that can be an obstacle when having sex for those who have a shorter penis, at the same time that we stimulate the clitoris intensely. In it, the person with a vagina lies on their back and puts one leg on the shoulder of their sex partner. While he penetrates her, straddling her other leg. If a cushion is placed under the girl’s pelvis, access to the vagina will be even easier.

The Swoon

He sitting, she on top, but lying down enough to be able to do crafts on her clitoris so that she reaches orgasm. The penis leaves enough space to be able to apply even more pleasure.


Doggystyle is an absolute classic when it comes to sex. It is one of the favorite positions of men because it implies some control and domination, in addition the proximity to the anus increases the morbidity considerably. It’s also a great sex position for small penises, as it allows deep penetration, making both of you pleasure.

The Butterfly

With sex positions for small penises,  the goal is to achieve an exact angle in intercourse . The butterfly allows you to comply with this technicality in addition to inviting you to have sex in other places in the house. The couple, in their erotic game, must choose a piece of furniture that is firm to participate in the scene. Then, the woman lies on it and with her arms at her sides raises her pelvis. She brings her legs to the man’s shoulders and gives herself over to the action.

Best Sex Positions For First Time

Pain is one of the most frequent fears of girls when they think of it for the first time.The good news is that your first sex intercoursedoes not necessarily have to hurt.Also, you should know that there are some postures that can favor penetration and thus prevent you from feeling discomfort.These positions and other tips, like the ones you’ll find in our articleHow to prepare for your first time, will help you enjoy this most important moment in your life as much as possible.But now, read on for the best sex positions for the first time.


The Missionary, Classic But Pleasant

This is one of the most widespread and common postures. The woman lies on her back and the man stands on top. For many women it is pleasurable for its intimacy, since it allows face-to-face contact . The penetration is not too deep and, in addition, it favors the stimulation of the clitoris and the kisses, that is why we consider it among the least painful sex position.

Spoon, Your Most Sensitive Areas At Your Fingertips

In this posture, also one of the most classic, the man embraces the woman from behind, while both are lying on their sides. He can help the first few times because the penetration that is achieved is not very deep and favors slower movements. In addition, she can be very pleasurable for the woman because the man can hug and caress her entire body, increasing intimacy and arousal.

Upside Down, Slow And Rhythmic

In this case, the woman lies face down and the man is placed on top, so the penetration occurs from behind. The most interesting thing about this position is that the penetration will be slow and controlled , making it ideal for times when you want to go slowly.

The Candle, For Deeper Penetrations

Finally, in this position the woman is lying on her back on the edge of a bed or table, while the man is standing in front of her, hence greater depth is achieved in penetration and a gentle rhythm is recommended. . She can be very pleasurable for the woman because her partner can caress her entire body while maintaining eye contact.

The Amazon

The man sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair, while the woman stands above him. This position allows her greater freedom of movement and control over her body.

Best Sex Positions For G Spot

For years the G-spot has been the holy grail of sex for men. Countless hours have been spent trying to find it and looking for the best way to stimulate it, not always with the best results. However, we are sure that this is one of those activities for which you will always have time and desire. Don’t worry, we help you. We present a list of the best sex positions to stimulate the g-spot.


The Amazon

This sex position requires certain skills from the person who is going to penetrate, since he must remain standing and support the woman’s weight. In this posture, there may be variants according to the way in which she is loaded. In one, the woman can take over her movements so that he can support her legs; and in another, he can push her pelvis to penetrate her. Either way, you can get to the G-spot if you choose the right angle.

The Playful Doggy

Finally, we bring you the playful puppy. It is that of the conventional puppy but in a position that encourages the penis to reach deeper into the vagina. Conquer in that, when the woman is on all fours, the man  must grab her hips and ‘raise’ them against him to make the penetration deeper.



In this position , she lies on her back with her legs bent and touching her chest, while the man squats down and penetrates her, grabbing her legs. In this way, she achieves full contact with the female G-spot and greater friction on the penis with movements. This position is ideal for men with a paunch.

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower position or lotus union allows a very pleasant face-to-face love. It is a very sensual position that makes it easy to find the G-spot . To do it right, the man should sit cross-legged , ankles crossed between thighs, or squat. The woman sits on him and wraps her legs around his waist , placing her feet against her buttocks. This is how penetration begins.

Best Shower Sex Positions

Sex in the shower may not be as good an idea as it is in the movies, there are some dangers lurking in the form of pointy taps and slippery floors, but if done right it can be very enjoyable and can be a nice change from the usual. sex that we usually practice on a mattress. The shower is one of those places that could be defined as sensual, wet and hot for intimacy. We are used to having sex only in bed, but you can take advantage of every place.If you’re a fan of shower sex, it might be a good idea to install some sort of grab bar or grab bar on the wall for added security. They are cheap, easy to place and can save you the occasional trip to the emergency room.


The Standing Doggy

Undoubtedly, one of the most suitable positions for the shower is the classic doggie but standing up, firmly attached to the floor. It could also be done on your knees, but the floor is too hard and the shower jet would probably hit you on the head, which could be very uncomfortable.

The Sitting Cowboy

It basically consists of the person with a penis sitting on the floor, on one of those shower seats or on the edge of the bathtub (be careful with this one) and the other person finds a suitable position that allows anal or vaginal penetration.

Bend Over Boyfriend Position

If you’ve never tried bonding, the shower probably isn’t the best place to start, but it can be a good place to continue your bonding pleasures if you both want a simple cleanup before and after. With a waterproof strap-on harness and her choice of dildo, you can practice your thrusting skills with your partner in any position you like. We may suggest putting on the suction handle bar doggie style – you’ll probably need it for this one!

Against The Shower Wall

The most classic and useful for those who do not have a large bathroom. In this position, the person to be penetrated must lean against the wall. Following this, the other must pass his hands on the hips and next to it, penetrate. It is vital that they do not lift the other person or a leg, avoid falls. 

The best thing about this pose is how practical it is. Here they can stimulate with kisses, caresses, spanking, etc. If they want to give more pleasure, they can massage the clitoris or the breasts of the lady. The idea is not to be left alone with putting in and taking out.

Sex In The Shower Is Better On Your Knees

This is very easy to do and the best for having sex in the shower . What they need to do is basically get on their knees so there can be penetration. There, they just have to enjoy the friction of being so close. The cold is not a problem, they will be so close that their heat will join. Being so easy and comfortable, it gives them a phenomenal intimate approach. If your bathroom has a bathtub, this is the best pose you can try.

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