Halloween is just around the corner, which means the pressure is on college students. Matches will be appearing like ghosts in a haunted mansion, and you better be ready for them! Luckily, all you really need is a nice outfit. Whether you’re going for sexy, adorable, or something in between, there’s a costume for you!

Hot College Halloween Costumes

If you’re like most college students who have too much stress and not enough time, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to find out what’s going on for Halloween. Fortunately, there are several great ideas, they just require a bit of imagination.

School Girl

One of my first Halloween costumes in college was a naughty school year and it was very appropriate. It’s no mystery why this is such a common costume for those looking to be extra hot throughout their Halloween night.

You just have to want the look of a hot woman with one of those midget schoolgirl skirts and a revealing top. This hot Halloween costume truly stands the test of time as it is still among the most popular Halloween costume options chosen by college students. These sexy schoolgirls have the possibility to have other things apart from studying about history and math. It would seem that his focus is much more in the field of sex education.



Whether she’s adding magic to a child’s birthday party or playing a role in Peter Pan or A Midsummer Night’s Dream , we’ve got the fairy costume for every character. Our fairy costumes for adults allow you to become Tinker Bell or Titania. Or a sprite of your own design.


Fairy College Halloween Costume


Princess costumes are the most loved, right? They all want to be like the princesses in the stories, but more than anything like the princesses that appear in the famous Disney movies. There is no girl who can resist having the opportunity to put on a shimmering dress from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine…

Princess College Halloween Costume


This is another great ensemble costume that you and your sexy friends have a chance to pull off together on Halloween. The moment you dress up as a set of sexy prey, you’re going to have several friends trying to guide you on an escape.


This one is simple to pull off if you have a hot striped shirt and some naughty wives. The jailbirds costume is the perfect place to end our list of the 15 sexiest college Halloween costumes. You and your hot friends will make a huge impression on the rest of you at your college’s Halloween celebration with this amazing costume option.

Prisoner College Halloween Costume

Police Officer

Another of the much more iconic and popular college Halloween costumes is that of the hot police officer. This hot officer is going to make you beg to be arrested this Halloween. It’s clear from this costume that this naughty cop has a lot more on her mind than accusing you of your drunken and disorderly actions.


The easy fact is that this hot Halloween costume is still an all-time favorite on the college Halloween party scene and that’s not going to change. The moment you assume the role of the fiery police officer, you can insist that your friends going to the party respect your authority and sexual appeal.

Police Officer College Halloween Costume


You might want to transform into a real Barie girl this coming Halloween. This iconic stunner is also among the most popular and popular college Halloween costumes ever. Taking on the role of Barbie for Halloween lets you be hot and dainty at the same time.


The good news of proceeding to Barbie for Halloween is seen that there are many ways to carry it out. There are countless Barbie-inspired outfits for you to choose from if you want to transform into the ultimate Barbie girl for the upcoming Halloween festivities this year. It’s no surprise that Barbie ranks in the top 15 college Halloween costumes of all time!

Firefighter College Halloween Costume


Halloween is a time of shared dreams and fantastic adventures. It is the one day a year where you get to truly let go of who you are, and be who you want to be…for just a moment. This year, you have decided to spend Halloween at home with your folks, handing out candy to the neighborhood crew. And you know nothing would make your pop prouder than seeing you share his dreams of grandeur in this Military Costume. 

Military Cadet College Halloween Costume


Can we talk about how a nurse costume never goes out of style because it’s so cute?Another popular one for college girls. There’s probably absolutely no doubt that the hot nurse belongs to the far more iconic college celebration Halloween costumes ever. It is easy to see why this is the situation. You can really enhance your sex appeal the moment you dress like a hot nurse who seems to have a lot more on her mind than your medical health.



Nun costumes, priest or priest costumes are the most successful costume for your next Halloween party. As you know, at MiDisfraz.com we like to give things a “different” touch, so we present this section, where you will find everything you need to get, as in the Warren File, a satanic, gothic image, and at the same time demonic.

Nun College Halloween Costume


It is clear that beach watchers is among the most iconic and sensual television programs of all time. Software continues to hold a strong presence in today’s pop civilization. Or be conspicuous in that you can see several college students taking on the persona of a lifeguard beachgoer every Halloween.

The moment you pick up hot beach watchers lifeguard costume, you’re taking the beach scene wherever you want it to go. You also bring some real sex attractant!


Harley Quinn

We don’t know what leads a normal girl to become a ruthless and neurotic killer, but since we saw her in The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, the phenomenon Harley Quinn has us trapped. Ready to make an impact?



The sailor profession is as old as any other, but with these sailor and sailor costumes you will be totally updated for your most modern and original Carnival parties. Theme Parties, Carnivals, Halloween and even Bachelor Parties. Get ready for all of them with theese sexy sailor costumes or outstanding celebrity costumes from television and cartoons; like the Popeye costume , the Olivia costume or the Adventures of Tintin costume, the Captain Haddock costume. 

Sailor College Halloween Costume


Going to a rave party this Halloween and need a sexy costume?A cowgirl makes a great combo and you can get creative with it.

Cowgirl College Halloween Costume


Continuing on the theme of outstanding college Halloween costumes that look great for a group of friends, we’ve got the cheerleader costume for you. You must love the cheerleaders. They bring a real sense of school spirit to the Halloween celebration. This is a key reason why the cheerleader costume is one of the most popular options for today’s college students looking to bring a real sex appeal to their Halloween parties.

Cheerleader College Halloween Costume


Decorating an inexpensive bra and using a hot glue gun to add shells, beads, and flowers makes for a stunning mermaid costume. If you don’t have time to make a homemade tail, just wrap yourself in a shiny cloth (I’ve known since I’ve done


Mermaid College Halloween Costume


At this point we come to the hot and proven college Halloween costume that is the rock girl. You can show off your dedication to rock ‘n’ roll while proving your duty to be the hottest girl at your college’s Halloween celebration the moment you choose to dress up as the rock ‘n’ roll girl. The saying long live rock and roll is iconic and so is the rock chick Halloween costume.

Rocker College Halloween Costume

Playboy Bunny

Playboy’s playful bunny logo is an instantly recognizable cultural icon. It conjures up images of the decadent, pleasure-loving lifestyle depicted in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine. The success of the magazine led Hefner to open a chain of nightclubs, Playboy Clubs. Early members received a distinctive key with the bunny logo on their hand (in 1966 they switched to a plastic key card). Possession of a Playboy Club key became a status symbol. And one of the main attractions in the Playboy Clubs was the bunnies. They greeted the key holders and their guests at the door. They served food and drinks, checked coats and hats, sold cigarettes and other Playboy merchandise. 


50s Bombshell

Check out these sexy Halloween costumes for slim, average, and plus size women! This year, show off a little skin at your next costume party. For a little extra attention, accessorize with some sexy fishnet stockings, or even add some volume to a skirt with a petticoat. Find eye-catching, sexy costume ideas for your next Halloween party! 

50s Bombshell College Halloween Costume

French Maid

Being a maid is a lot of work! Making a bed that doesn’t belong to you, scrubbing floors and disinfecting toilets would be overwhelming for most, but not for French maids. Maybe they can complete these boring tasks so easily because they know they look good doing it. French maidens are very elegant. They are always wearing black and white with lace details and six inch high heels. Any woman who can clean an entire house while wearing fishnets and stilettos is highly talented and a huge catch, so it’s easy to see why so many women want to dress like a French lady.



Make it sweet but sexy this halloween.Even in college, Barbie stands out. You might want to transform into a real Barie girl this coming Halloween. This iconic stunner is also among the most popular and popular college Halloween costumes ever. Taking on the role of Barbie for Halloween lets you be hot and dainty at the same time.


The good news of proceeding to Barbie for Halloween is seen that there are many ways to carry it out. There are countless Barbie-inspired outfits for you to choose from if you want to transform into the ultimate Barbie girl for the upcoming Halloween festivities this year. It’s no surprise that Barbie ranks in the top 15 college Halloween costumes of all time!



Call it fetish or fantasy but the truth is that when one thinks of a sexy costume for women, the typical barmaid costume always comes to mind. Indeed, your imagination becomes a reality thanks to this model with excellent value for money. Dress, cap and apron and ready to work or have them work for you… Barmaid Costumes are cute, clever, and sexy.

Barmaid College Halloween Costume

Pageant Queen

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume is not as easy at it seems So as you plan out your truly sexy Halloween side, select the best costume for this year halloween, a Pageant Queen.

Pageant Queen College Halloween Costume

Greek Goddess

With the arrival of Carnival, Greek costumes are all a classic. Who has not seen someone come into that party dressed in their best clothes of Zeus or a Greek senator? Surely you have experienced episodes like these. One of the most outstanding aspects of the Greek costumes and the rest of the ancient civilizations available in Disguise is the attention to detail. Accessories such as helmets or shields are not lacking in the Greek costume, without forgetting the headbands and wigs in Greek costumes.

Greek Goddess College Halloween Costume


Bring an angelic quality to the Halloween season with our collection of adult angel costumes. You have a fantastic selection of sexy women’s costumes for you to choose from, each of which comes at a great price. You’ll be a heavenly creature with the help of our adult angel costumes.

Angel College Halloween Costume


Prepare your demon and little devil costume, with accessories, latex, blood, demon tail or a satanic wig. Perfect for Halloween, horror-themed parties or to bring a malevolent air to any costume party, you will find all kinds of devil costumes and devil costumes for all ages , as well as endless accessories that will put the icing on your costume. Halloween and will allow you to bring out your darkest side. If you have been wrong, do not lose sight of the costumes and accessories that we put at your disposal. 

Devil College Halloween Costume


Are you looking for a simple and comfortable costume for Carnival, Halloween or another party? The cat suit is an easy and fun costume.

Cat College Halloween Costume


By the time you choose alien college Halloween costumes, you are choosing an alternative that is out of this planet. It is also an alternative that is truly hot. For that reason, alien college Halloween costumes are among the top college Halloween costumes ever. You can take your Halloween personality to a new level of exoticism the moment you dress up as a hot alien.

Alien College Halloween Costume


Do you like to feel feminine, terrible and special at your next horror party ? Try a Witch costume. It is clear after seeing our huge catalog of witch costumes for women that indeed, and although many think that these witch costumes are the classic Halloween costumes for women, it is one of the categories of female horror costumes that varies the most year after year, with new suits and dresses, of more and more colours, more sizes and more shapes.



Excellent witch costume for women made up of a top, a bustier, a skirt, a choker , garters and stockings. This sexy costume will make you the most sublime and glamorous witch at your Halloween costume  parties.



Do you like to feel feminine but terribly hideous at your next Halloween costume party? Buy online zombie dresses to highlight the best of you. You will look amazing with one of our designs inspired by the original undead costumes.Get ready to surprise everyone.

Zombie College Halloween Costume

Hula Girl

Want a sexy Halloween costume? Try a Hula Girl costume with a sexy skirt, top and flower crown.You will make a sensation at this year’s party!



If you are looking for a costume with which to celebrate Halloween and not fail, the skeleton costume will be one of your best options. Being full of bones can be great for a horror outfit. It seems simple and classic: on a base where black predominates, different types of bones and skulls are printed, but we can also find in this category of Halloween costumes, the most daring and innovative models of skeleton costumes such as colored or neon ones for glow in the dark.

Skeleton College Halloween Costume


Do you want to conquer the seas? You won’t be able to do it without the essentials: a good wardrobe. The pirate costume is always a safe option to succeed at any costume party.



When Halloween comes we want to wear the most unique and different costume and in the end, at the party we see that there are others who thought the same as you and it turns out that you are not so unique and special because there are more with your same costume. Don’t let that happen to you! Stops breaking your head, go for those classic costumes that just because they are classic and nobody turns to see, choose to be a beautiful gypsy and cast a spell on that boy who you know will be there.



As distant as it may seem, we are all familiar with the Vikings. And it is that a Halloween party without these Nordic characters is meaningless. Choose viking costum to become a brave barbarian warrior. 

Viking College Halloween Costume

Go-Go Girl

If you are looking for an original Halloween costume, put on this Groovy Go Go Girl Costume, and get down tonight! Just slip into this fab and funky miniskirt, drop the needle on your favorite pop album, and your troubles will melt away before you know it!


This is where we are going to end our list of the 15 best college Halloween costumes. These costumes will help you show off your hot side this coming Halloween. It is one of those nights where you can transform into an alter ego while enjoying the celebration with your friends. Transforming into one of these sexy people is an amazing way to have a fun and heartwarming Halloween.

There’s a reason college kids look forward to Halloween just as much as little kids. The moment you pick out the best college Halloween costumes for this year’s Halloween, you’ll make a huge impression on everyone you meet throughout your night of celebration.

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