Black hair is very beautiful and it is diverse, with a variety of textures and thicknesses. Black hair is one of the hottest trends right now. Sexy, seductive and sophisticated, it brightens your eyes and adds depth and dimension to your overall appearance. If you want to add some life to your black locks, you should consider getting some highlights. Next we want you to have information about the tone of black hair and its different dyes so that you can get ideas from here if you want to change your hair color. So keep reading this and discover the hottest black hair with highlights ideas for 2022.

Best Highlights For Black Hair

This time we want to show you some examples of different black hair so you can get ideas from here if you want to change your look for a black tone.

Black Hair with Brown Highlights

What color of highlights looks good with black hair? The so-called milk chocolate or milk chocolate highlights are a safe bet if you don’t want to risk too much but you want to illuminate your face in a subtle way , and without having to sacrifice in maintaining your hair. In addition, black hair with hazel highlights will get a more intense color if the light hits them. Your black hair will not suffer when applying them, because they do not need bleaching or other types of abrasive and aggressive methods for your hair.

With the milk chocolate highlights you will achieve a multidimensional effect on your black hair and they will give it much more body and density. If you have black hair and have never had any type of treatment done or if you want to restore the health of your hair after applying some more abrasive chemicals, milk chocolate highlights are ideal for you. And they feel great!

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Adding platinum blonde highlights to a dark brown base is a great way to brighten up your look or try out how you’ll look with blonde hair. Mix your color with various honey tones in the front combined with caramel blonde highlights in the back and get all the benefits of highlights without the full commitment.

Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

Ombre hair makes using roots an acceptable alternative to expensive hair coloring appointments. Brown and blonde hair color combined with a textured cut that offers lots of movement and ripples the head of the bed in the best way.

Platinum Highlights on Black Hair

Black hair but with gray hair? This solution is perfect for you. Highlights in platinum tones will help you hide gray hair , keep your hair black and give it a much more modern look. The goal is to make these highlights with a platinum blonde or gray base, to achieve a spectacular contrast against the dark background of your hair.

You can make the highlights thin, if you want a delicate and polished result, or much thicker to generate greater contrast. Of course, if you bet on marking the highlights a lot, we recommend that the light color go on the contour of the face to generate a rejuvenating effect . Do you dare to try it?

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Depending on your maintenance goals and desired look, there is a brown to blonde hair lightening technique that can add a little (or a lot) of sunshine to your style. Versatility is what makes brown hair with blonde highlights so fun and exciting. With over 50 blonde hair color variants, blonde highlights can be so different, from heavy blonde on brown hair to copper-kissed mahogany tresses. When lightening your hair, it’s important to choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and complements a foundation. Therefore, blending blonde and brown hair is best done by a professional using a custom hair coloring technique.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Honey tones are all the rage in the hair styling world. The combination of these two colors produces spectacular results on black hair. In addition to that, the maintenance of these colors is easy compared to others. For that reason, many women select honey and caramel for their balayage highlights on black hair.

Copper Highlights on Black Hair

For girls who have short hair and little hair, some highlights are perfect to add more volume to your hair and, if you have a dark brown base, some coppery highlights will suit you perfectly. Whatever your cut, wavy or pixie cut, corbiza highlights will look great. These will give your hair a natural shine as long as you select the tone that best suits you.

It is recommended to make the copper highlights in the first layer of hair for those girls who have short hair. This is so that they look much more and thus can add more volume to your hair.

Full Highlights on Black Hair

Not exactly the same as ombre, this color blending technique adds blonde streaks to various parts of the shaft and the result is random, artistic, and much more natural than a full head of brown hair with blonde highlights. This color will grow beautifully so you can ditch the maintenance.

Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Until now we have based ourselves on golden, ash or caramel tones, but how about giving a touch of your color to your black hair? We make you a more risky proposal but that, without a doubt, looks great on black hair.

We are talking about strawberry highlights, which have a dirty blonde base color and are dyed with a worn strawberry tone, to give your hair an ideal effect. You can even mark your features by choosing reddish, burgundy or copper tones . This type of highlights allow you to give notes of color to the hair by placing them in strategic areas.

Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Balayage highlights for medium to dark hair look fantastic. Through these types of effects you will subtly add luminosity to the hair . The idea is to go for caramel or brown colors or a couple of shades lighter than the original, leaving the base of the hair in your natural color, in this case black. The result will be to maintain your brown color but giving light to the face and softening it. A perfect trend for this summer.

Natural Highlights on Black Hair

If you are considering dyeing your hair naturally black, brown and blonde highlights may be the most flattering option. Blonde tones accentuate the structure of the curls, adding a lot of definition to curly hair.

Black Hair with Red Highlights

Reddish tones can be a great addition to highlights on black hair. Just don’t try to mimic the ’90s look with thick red and blonde lines; opt for more natural tones and blending techniques.

Dark Red Highlights on Black Hair

When most people think of red streaks or streaks , they think there is only one way to do them. The truth is that there are so many options that I could write a whole year on the subject. You can vary the color of the highlights from more subtle tones that fade into the hair to stronger and contrasting tones. On the one hand the tone of the highlights or wicks and on the other hand the tone of the base. Although they can all be framed within the general idea of ​​looks with dark red highlights, the reality is that there are as many variants as there are tastes.

Black Hair with Purple Highlights

You not only want to shine, but you want to electrify the world.What better way to add some highlights to your look than to dye your hair a bold shade of purple and black? Although highlights are totally doable to do at home, they will require a little more patience and care than a typical dye job. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be amazed at the result. 

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

The most daring will consider this proposal whose formula includes a bright blue tone. This coloring technique is a great way to experience blue-black without too much commitment.

Chestnut Highlights on Black Hair

In a slightly lighter variant, we find the brown balayage. In this case, the contrast between the base color and that of the highlights is greater. 

Black Hair with Auburn Highlights

Icy mocha and Auburn highlights are ideal for warm skin and make a neutral approach to adding highlights for brown hair without unflattering gold or orange tones. Auburn highlights flatter medium and olive complexions.

Black Hair with Blonde Streaks

Say goodbye to boring brown and lighten your locks with beige highlights for a universally flattering take on blonde.Well, not only warm tones live the balayage in black hair. Ash blonde is a cool toned option that, mixed with the base color, forms a kind of gray. Ideal for those who are looking for a different and original look.

Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Gold on black, that is the idea that we propose with the metallic wicks and that will generate a spectacular contrast. This type of highlights are the latest trend this summer and with them you will add a bright, fresh and tanned touch to your skin. In addition, with the metallic wicks you will make your hair shine much more…Pure magic!

Metallic highlights are gold or bronze in color and are applied by sweeping a few inches further down the root. In addition, the maintenance of these highlights is low, so you can touch them up after several weeks, even months. The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to keep the shine and golden color, without turning it into a garish yellow, you should use toning products to revive the color and that your metallic highlights on black hair always look fresh. 

Black Hair with Grey Highlights

If you are one of those who want discreet highlights and your skin tone is rather cold and with blue tones, ash blonde, also known as ash highlights, are perfect for you. These types of highlights on black usually use shades similar to the color of a mushroom and are mixed with ash highlights on the base of black hair. The result? You get more volume on your hair and soften your features, making you instantly rejuvenate.

Subtle Highlights for Black Hair

You don’t have to have a stark contrast to achieve a beautiful color; instead, it can be achieved by adding subtle highlights to your black hair. By adding ashy and similarly darker tones – about one or two shades lighter than your typical hues – you are able to both add dimension and accentuate your hair’s natural hues, letting the base color be the star of the show.

Short Black Hair with Highlights

We get asked a lot about highlights on short hair. Our best response is with an inspiration like this. The technique is not only valid for shorter extensions but also for black hair. It works as a frame for the face, at the same time that it softens the features and the look. If you have a bob cut.

Short Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

The placement of these highlights keeps the contrast sharp, yet natural. These thick highlights are finely sectioned for a blended and soft color result, but you can also go for wider sections. If you are one of those who does not dare to go blonde or golden, but wants to have lighter and more sober tones on black hair, blonde highlights are ideal for you.

Partial Balayage on Dark Hair

Balayage is the trend that shows  no signs of going away. Since it looks different on each person, it always feels fresh and new, no matter how many of your customers ask for it. And now there’s another way to perfect those freehand-painted highlights, using partial balayage to create soft, subtle areas of more color light, adding a reflective dimension to the strands.Partial balayage allows you, as a creative colorist, to choose the parts that best enhance your client’s unique features.

All balayage is custom made, but a partial application means you can focus on the areas that will make her hair shine and enhance her complexion. Whereas a full balayage applies the highlighter to most of the hair (including top and bottom layers), a partial balayage tends to focus attention on one area, such as the front or top layers of hair. 

How To Highlight Black Hair

Highlights and highlights have superseded balayage this summer and it’s not for less, since they evoke a much more defined and chunky style very much in the mood of the 90s and 2000s that, it should be noted, this current has returned stronger than ever in the last months. And wait, if you have dark hair and want to join this coloring technique, but you don’t know which shades suit you best, read on to discover the highlights and lights for black hair in trend for summer that are a success, since they have the right nuances according to your skin color to illuminate and rejuvenate your face.

Remember that the highlights are more intense and defined than a balayage , they are not the same! Here, section by section of hair is taken, dye is applied and wrapped with aluminum foil so that each strand has a precise and accentuated tone.

Cold skin or that tends to blue tones? We have the most discreet type of highlights for the summer that consists of dyeing a color base in mushroom shades or similar to the Portobello mushroom, together with ash or ash blonde highlights . The play of both nuances is perfect, it makes the features look softer and younger and creates an effect of voluminous hair on sight. You will love it if you are a fan of blonde with more sober and not so yellowish accents. Try it and you will see!

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