Short hairstyles for black women have become very trendy in recent years. There are many celebrities who have worn them very successfully on the red carpets of the world. Thus, hairstyles have seeped into mainstream aesthetic consciousness as something feminine and wonderful to behold.

The reason why a short haircut suits black women better than anything else is the fact that the hair is of a lovely and special texture. As a result, longer locks or hairstyles may not fit well or may be difficult to achieve. Fear not though, because we’ve rounded up tp 50 short haircuts for black women, most of them inspired by your favorite celebrities, that are sure to impress and inspire you.

Short Haircuts For Black Women

When you look at black women’s hairstyles, you can see how extremely fashionable they are. And this is mainly because they prefer stylish short hairstyles.

They say that short hairstyles for black women are up to date as they not only go with fashion but with the whole character of these ladies who look grand and elegant in brown and black hair that is cut to the best size.

Straight Layered Pixie Cut

A handful of mousse or other setting hair product will give you this beautiful look. Pair it with some eye-catching makeup and some statement earrings so you can keep up with the trends.


Short Relaxed Hair

Show off your assertive side with this sassy cut that trumps all other short black hairstyles. Relax your hair or use a stylish short weave to get this soft but not too curly look that will give you confidence every day.

Short Relaxed Hairstyles

Retro Curls

For every thick-haired black girl, there are several with thin, weak highlights. Short styles can give finer locks a boost and look just as good as long hair.

Retro Curls

Tiny Finger Coils

Going au naturel is very popular right now with black women, but sometimes it’s not realistic for everyone. It requires a lot of maintenance and is not always very functional for certain vocations. If you love the idea of ​​natural hair but have a hard time pulling it off yourself, go for a short, cropped version like this cute style.


Long Black Pixie with Swept Back Layers

Layers can make or break short black hair. Variation in lengths is what gives depth, volume, and style to an otherwise drab cut. Layers really take center stage on shorter cuts like bobs and pixies; in the style shown below, they offer the impressive effect of hair being swept back.


Silk Scarf Updo

Short hair is no excuse to stop your styling experiments with beautiful and unusual hair textures. These tight circular curls are reminiscent of round brushstrokes that look amazing with the high-gloss finish. Something like that can easily be achieved with a short pixie length.


Short Black Women Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for African Americans are the perfect opportunity to show off intricate styling techniques. Vintage-inspired finger waves and highlighted curls are so chic and make a big impact when paired with a short pixie. It will look stunning no matter what color you decide to use as lights.


Short Twists

Black women who don’t shy away from short lengths should try a choppy pixie like this one. Not only is it super cute in texture and silhouette, but it’s one of those no-fuss hairstyles that we all dream of wearing and looking good. Short haircuts for black women are meant for such an easy look.

Short Twists

Short Afro

A quick style for short natural hair is a mini afro.There is less chance of it breaking as there is no need to use hair bands or heat styling.To keep your mini afro healthy, be sure to style your hair when it’s dry rather than wet.Do oil masks and treatments regularly to lock in moisture, and wrap it in a silk scarf when you go to bed.This is also an effortless style when growing out.


Voluminous Pixie Cut

For black girls, a short cut is a stylish way to show personal style. Want something a little edgy, but still feminine? A mohawk with luscious curls is the style for you. Instead of shaving the sides, put your hair in finger waves for a retro touch.

Pixie Cut For Black Women

Temple Shave Pixie

Here is another cute variety of pixie to add to the stockpile of stylish hairstyles for black women. This curly style is clean and understated, yet exudes good taste and sophistication.

Short Pixie Cuts For Black Women

Straight Asymmetrical Bob

For short hair, keeping it simple can be just as nice as something with more texture or color. With layers at the back and super subtle highlights, you can achieve a look that’s elegant and sophisticated in equal measure.


Side Swept Pixie

It is true that almost all pixie cuts are feminine and sweet.However, they don’t have to be.If you’re looking for a sexier or sultry vibe, dye your hair sandy blonde and ask your stylist to show you this number.

Side-Swept Pixie Haircut For Black Women

Side-Parted Hair Style with Curls

Short hairstyles for black women can vary in texture and type – in this example we see soft, controlled curls achieved through a hair relaxer followed by hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron.


Tapered Scarlet Pixie with Layered Top

Short hairstyles for black women are a good canvas for experimenting with hair color. Go bold with a primary shade like red. Contrasting with the dark roots, the fiery shade becomes even more apparent. A pixie cut is already sexy and sassy, ​​but the color amplifies the effect.


Side-Parted Pixie

Beautiful hair isn’t always sweet and neat. If you like a little flair, why not add some real borders? This hairstyle features a long, pointed tip at the nape, as well as curved edges at the ear line and choppy layers on top.

Side-Parted Pixie For Black Hair

Black Stacked Bob with Flicked Layers

Bobs are a universal favorite and a classic style if you are someone who prefers short locks. Wispy’s layers moving backwards build beautiful movement. A stacked back will accentuate the body of the cut and also give it a chic tapered effect when you opt for natural hair.


Short Ringlets

Natural ringlets can look stunning when worn with a relaxed hairstyle. To create the look, all you need to do is clip the back of your short hair and let the rest hang loose.


Short Copper Curls

If your curls are a bit on the wild side, try to embrace their unpredictability instead of fighting it. A short afro will play to the strengths of your hair, such as its texture and natural volume.

Short Copper Curls

Short Stacked Choppy Bob

Although there is not much length to work with, short haircuts can be bold and make a statement. A high-contrast palette with blonde and black hair highlights adds to the visual interest. The clean angular lines of the cut make the short haircut even more eye-catching.


Ringlet Afro

A voluminous pixie cut is a great hairstyle for women with naturally thick curls. Try the look for yourself if you want a style that screams retro chic.


Pixie with Undercut and Bangs

This beautiful haircut is all about the bangs. There are simply layers upon layers of curls coming down to the front of the head, lengthening the neck and slimming the face. Add a pop of color to your tresses and a piercing or two while you’re at it.


Pinned Up Ringlets

Here is an amazing way to style a minimal pixie that has long bangs in the front. You don’t have to spend them all the time. Instead, you can whip them up using a setting mousse or hairspray.

Pinned Up Ringlets

Tricolor Funky Black Pixie

If chic texture isn’t enough for you, tap into the great potential of modern hair color. Mixing natural black, chocolate brown and golden blonde through today’s most popular balayage coloring technique creates a short black hair style that is anything but ordinary.



Also called a “Frohawk,” this cut involves a side fade with much more length and volume on top. You’ll need to start with medium-length hair before getting this cut, as you need enough hair to form the mohawk. The natural mohawk hairstyle suits 4A, B or C curls as they have more volume and hold their shape better.

Short Mohawk For Black Women

Mini Afro

Mini Afro are great because they have the ability to look chic or edgy depending on how you style them. This look leans more towards polished due to its vintage-inspired texture; ideal for a woman who enjoys being inspired by the last decades.


Micro Bowl Cut

World class diva Rihanna has sported many short hairstyles in the past. Among others, we fell in love with this one. The color choice is outstanding, as well as the way the oversized bangs give the face an angular look.

Micro Bowl Cut For Black Women

Messy Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is perfect for ladies who aren’t afraid to try something different. The cute and quirky cut looks very stylish when worn with complete confidence. If you’re looking for a bold style that can’t help but stand out, look no further than a bowl cut. Just remember to keep the look messy and imperfect for a modern and stylish rendition.

Messy Bowl Cut For Black Women

Sassy Bob

A gorgeous and modern look with an amazing haircut, sassy bob style is an amazing idea on very short haircuts . To wear this style, cut your hair in such a way that your face will be nicely framed with front locks on both sides of your head and the hair at the back will be cut in the round below your ear. For a touch, you can also cover a part of the eyes with the front directed hair if it is not irritating to you. Highlight it for an ultimate look and treat yourself to one of the best super short hairstyles for black women collection.


Half-Up Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can look just as impressive on short hair as they do on long hair. To make your short dreadlocks more fun and trendy, consider a half up style . The look is perfect for the weekend or a night out.

Half-Up Short Dreadlocks

Black Women Short Hairstyles Inverted Curls

It is one of the most elegant and eye-catching braided hairstyles for black girls . Inverted curls are very trendy due to the elegance and allure that is found in this particular hairstyle. This hairstyle can be done on both types of hair, either straight or curly. Begin your hairstyle by parting the side of your hair as a simple parting. Now the hair I curl on both sides with a curling iron.


Glamorous Bob

Black hair styles are too cliche sometimes, so the next time you visit your salon, go for something more sophisticated and modern. This curly adds some overall softness without the hassle of long or high-maintenance hair.


Long Bob

This trendy hairstyle is perfect for a round face shape.Length is added so that the eyes are drawn down and that allows you to add texture and height to make your face appear slimmer.Feel free to go for some side swept bangs with your long bob but try to avoid layering.Style your hair with relaxed waves or straight tight curls, but with a round face shape and this length will only add width where you don’t want it.The image on the left is a fabulous bob with golden highlights.


Geometric Style

Sharp edges and fading aren’t just for the guys. Ladies, you can also embrace taper cuts! You’ll probably have to go to a barber to get a shape like this. The perfect lines and the shaved part add a touch of youthful charm to your hairstyle, yet remain elegant and pretty.

Geometric Haircuts For Black Women

Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

If you want vibrant and healthy hairstyle then this is a cooler option for you. It is also one of the easiest and most self-maintained short haircuts for black women who have a strong accent of sophistication. It suits very well with his mature appearance. You can create a partition wherever you think is necessary. Just make sure the volume and clip-ins for that use. Sheen is used after drying so the natural shine should be achieved. This hairstyle shines especially on round faces.


Asymmetric Undercut Hairstyle 

The asymmetric Undercut is an excellent hairstyle option for very short hair. To achieve this shiny hairstyle , use good amount of hair cream to add volume to the hair. Use a child’s brush to brush the hair on one side and blow dry. While brushing, twist hair to get more volume and brush them to the opposite side. Finish the hairstyle with wax or spray finish. This hairstyle uses layered bobs to make a messy hairstyle with tousled curls.


Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Short natural hairstyles are more important because when you change your hair you have a new look and you definitely look different and beautiful. According to your haircut and face, stylist makes haircut. Even short hair is always easily managed.


Curly Bob with Pinned Top

This is a pixie cut taken to a whole new level. The asymmetrical hairstyle is perfectly balanced with one side of the head shaved and the other adorned with thousands of beautiful curls.

Short Curly Bob For Black Women

Asymmetrical Whitish Blonde Bob

Her look is undeniably flirty and pretty, the perfect hairstyle idea for summer fun when parties are a daily occurrence. She starts off with a super short bob, leaving long side bangs to frame her face. With a back parting and a bleached blonde color, it’s a look that slays (especially with a pink pout!).


Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

There is something about shortcuts that exudes confidence. Part of it is the elegance of the cut. Mix some highlights to give depth to the tapered hairstyle. The big curls give even more dimension, making this an eye-catching hairstyle.


Short Black Hairstyles For Women Over 50

The rich texture of black hair is the true pride of women of color. It is surprising that the eminence that facilitates styling even in the gray years when you are over 50. The thickness of your hair is what you primarily need and your naturally styled hair is endowed with that. You have varied options in short haircuts for black women over 50- they are incredibly smart to be worn in simple understated updos to trendy ones.


Cropped Natural Curls

Styling natural hair can be difficult. Make the most of your taper cut with a protector, such as wearing your hair in sticks at night and taking it out in the morning for the prettiest rolls. A look like this can be easily achieved without heat, preventing the strands from getting too damaged.

Short Cropped Hairstyles For Black Women

Short Black Hairstyles For Women With Voluminous Angular Top

Have fun with short haircuts for black women. Go bold with a bright red-orange hue, or any electric shade that suits your style. The chosen colors of the rainbow are expressive and show more than just your style, but also a bit of personality.


Short Hair With Drama

Are you a drama queen? Then check out this short style that is perfect for all those ladies with big personalities. Still short enough to be manageable, the dramatic long front bangs and wavy side bangs breathe new life into an ordinary style.


Chubby Face Short Black Hairstyles

Not only is the style bold, the color sets you apart from other black women. Short hairstyles with a tapered silhouette are popular with thick-haired African-American beauties. If you have a similar cut, why not visit the barber and have him freshen up your look by lining it up?


Choppy Crop with Bangs

Nothing is more elegant than short hairstyles and arched eyebrows. Animate this cute faux hawk by making it your own! Undercuts flatter black ladies immensely. Adding color will not only complement your black hair, but also your skin tone. On your way home from the salon, treat yourself to a new ear piercing.

Short Choppy Crop with Bangs

Buzz Cut

If you’re ready for a bold new look, why not try a super short style?Women going natural for the first time often get ‘the big chop’ as it means their hair will grow out completely with the same texture.Any relaxed or damaged hair is cut off.Very short curls are easy to maintain as they don’t need to be braided or twisted.All you need is regular trimmings and lining up to keep your look fresh.Don’t forget to condition it too;your hair still needs moisturizers and oils to keep it from drying out even when it’s very short.

Buzz Cut For Black Women

Braided Side

Bring the texture with curls on top of the curls! Beautiful spirals give short black hairstyles so much body and volume. But despite the fullness of the hairstyle, it still maintains brightness and elegance, as seen in the photo. No frizz here!

Short Hair with Braided Sides

Bob With Bangs

Short bob hairstyles have moved away from the perfectly groomed look and now cut layers are the way to look stylish.I love these new hairstyles because they work with my frizzy hair and for once in my life I get to unleash natural volume as “big hair” is another big trend in contemporary styles.



Cute natural hair is fun, youthful, and low-maintenance.This look is perfect if you have 3C curls and relatively thick hair.Let your curls flow freely, you won’t need to do much more than comb your hair and apply your usual hair moisturizers.Just follow the natural direction of your curls.

Short Blowout Hairstyle For Black Women

Blonde Pixie Cut

Forget about staying inside the lines when you color. You can push the boundaries and dye your hair a gorgeous blonde. Cut it as short as you like so that the color can surround your face like a halo.

Blonde Pixie Cut

Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women

It is one of the most flattering black updo hairstyles for black women that requires no extra effort to wear. It is perfect for women who have curly hair. Define the curls with curling mousse to maintain them. A kind of black eye can be used to add shine to the hair.


Wavy Bob

The evolution of the Queen’s hair is fascinating to watch. However, now we will stop at one of her short hairstyles for black women. It is a short blunt bob, very choppy at the ends, in a honey blonde.


Subtle Highlights And Graduated Bob

This is a classic graduated bob hairstyle with very subtle stacking in the back for a hint of body. Add subtle highlights to her mane, creating a lovely, textured hairstyle.


Short Hairstyles For Black Girls

Short hairstyle for black women can be neat or messy, depending on the occasion and clothing planning. Curly, straight or slightly wavy and tousled, the choice is yours. This sleek pixie has a tapered silhouette and voluminous messy bangs that are brushed forward roughly, as if tousled by the wind. It is a beautiful hairstyle, full of life and movement for a girl on the go.

When choosing a hairstyle that is right for you, keep in mind the fact that it is a difficult and time-consuming process. If you are not absolutely sure what to choose, it is better to consult your stylist, ask your family and friends, look in different magazines, etc. Then your choice will be perfect. Stay beautiful and elegant!

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