Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrities of the year, families commonly gather to celebrate this date that means so much to everyone. Sometimes it is not possible for everyone to celebrate together physically, but thanks to technology you can share the best messages, wishes and thoughts for this December 24 and 25.

The beautiful Christmas Eve messages will always increase the value of the most beautiful moments that you share with your loved ones. In spite of everything, remember that the best thing is always to be surrounded by a happy family, the ones you love the most. Have a merry Christmas !

Traditional Merry Christmas Messages To Family

There is nothing more effective than resorting to the traditional on these dates. Concepts that seem old-fashioned throughout the year take on special meaning at Christmas . If you want to play it safe, these messages will not disappoint you:

  • It is always time to renew and live in peace. Merry Christmas! 
  • Christmas is a time to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope. 
  • I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, may all your goals be achieved and may you enjoy your dreams. 
  • Let go of the ghosts of fear, disgust and sadness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
  • When Christmas day arrives, the same warmth that we felt when we were children comes to us, the same warmth that surrounds our hearts and our homes. 
  • I wish you a bright Christmas, bring you joy, love, peace and harmony. 
  • The most beautiful days of the year are these, the ones we dedicate to all those people who appreciate us and love us. Live them with desire and enjoy them. Merry Christmas! 
  • I would like four angels to protect you this Christmas: Love, Health, Joy and Happiness and may God bless you. Merry Christmas! 
  • Dear friend, I wish you the best Christmas of your life. 
  • May God in his infinite goodness, bless and fill our hearts with peace and love on Christmas night. Happy Holidays. 
  • Christmas is synonymous with love… it is a time when the love of God and of human beings must prevail over hatred and bitterness… a time when our thoughts, actions and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God. 
  • With all our love, we wish you that the magic of Christmas enlightens you and helps you achieve all your dreams. Merry Christmas! 
  • We wish you a Merry Christmas in the company of your families and loved ones. 

Christmas Messages To Dedicate To Your Family And Friends

There are people who do not want to be traditional or send the most beautiful message. They want to “hit the note”, make the recipient laugh, or want their message to be remembered. For this reason, they resort to the most original messages of the moment:

  • Your happiness is my greatest wish for this Christmas, I send you with all my heart the promise that your dreams will come true on these special dates.
  • Christmas is a time full of magic in which the best things are not the gifts but the beautiful moments that we live next to our loved ones.
  • Even if other things are lost through the years, let’s keep Christmas bright (Grace Noll Crowell).
  • He changes his car, his house, his clothes, his month or his job, but never his friends. Happy new year!
  • May the tenderness and hope of Christmas fill your hearts with love, peace, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas!
  • Friends are like stars that, although you can’t see them, you know they are always there. Merry Christmas.
  • There is nothing that adorns Christmas better than the smile of those you love. Merry Christmas Family!

Merry Christmas Text Messages To Friends To Send By Whatsapp

The instant messaging application, Whatsapp, is one of the best options to express messages or chains this Christmas. Here are the best examples of Merry Christmas text messages to friends so you can share it with all your loved ones this holiday season:

  • Christmas is the day that unites all time (Alexander Smith).
  • I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it throughout the year (Charles Dickens).
  • Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and because of that, everything is softer and more beautiful (Norman Vincent Peale).
  • This Christmas, your heart will light up when you remember those who are no longer here. They will always live inside you!
  • Perhaps 2021 has not been the best year, but it has been full of people, moments and unforgettable days.
  • Did you know what…? You have the happiness of not needing money to be happy. You just have to look around you and you will realize the riches that surround you.

Christmas Messages For Your Loved Ones

Once again Christmas arrives and with it hundreds of happy moments that we will share next to the people we love the most, that’s why just thinking about this party we feel great joy in our hearts. Christmas has taken on a very commercial character lately, but we must not forget the essence of this celebration, which is why it would be a great idea to dedicate a beautiful phrase to your family and friends. We want to share with you a selection of beautiful messages for you to share with the people you love most this Christmas.
  • You deserve to receive a huge and expensive gift because you are a wonderful person, but I can only give you my company, all my love and gratitude. Merry Christmas! 
  • Merry Christmas to all! May the birth of the baby Jesus remind us that the most important thing we have in this world is the company and love of our family. 
  • My greatest wish on this Christmas Eve is that my friends and family can find peace and love in abundance in their homes, next to their loved ones. Merry Christmas! 
  • My friend, it is my most sincere wish that you can enjoy a nice Christmas in the company of your family and that God pours out his blessings on you. 
  • We have been waiting for so long for the arrival of this Christmas because it will be the first that you and I will celebrate since we got married. My love, I wish you many congratulations! 
  • As Christmas is a beautiful time, in which love and happiness are present in abundance, I send you this greeting wishing you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much! 
  • The time has come to leave behind our sorrows and sorrows to welcome the happiness that Christmas brings us. To all my loved ones I wish you happy holidays. 
  • Our love makes the magic of Christmas feel stronger in our lives, so let us enjoy the most beautiful party of all. Congratulations, my pretty princess! 
  • We want our hearts to be filled with happiness this Christmas and we want to be very generous when giving our love to those around us. I wish you many congratulations! 
  • All of you, our friends and family, are invited to our house to celebrate Christmas. We wish you many happy returns! 
  • There is nothing more moving than seeing the little ones overflowing with happiness, as they discover one by one what their gifts contain. Merry Christmas! 
  • During Christmas peace and love should reign in our homes, so let’s forget about any quarrels that may exist and give each other a brotherly embrace of reconciliation. Happy Holidays! 

Merry Christmas Love Messages For Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Are you looking for the best love messages for boyfriends for Christmas ? Christmas has arrived, the perfect time to show your deepest feelings to the person you love and there is no better way to do it than through romantic Merry Christmas messages. We are here to help you write beautiful Christmas messages of love for you to share with your girlfriend and make her feel incredibly happy and make her fall in love even more.

  • Do you know what gift I have asked for this Christmas? To spend another year by your side!
  • Your smile can be the best of Christmas decorations.
  • The fault that Christmas is so magical lies with people like you, who make everything more special.
  • Life has given us one more year and all I want is to be able to share it with you.
  • The best things in life never come alone, and this Christmas I confirmed it… they come with you! Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas is not necessary to live, but with you it increases its value a thousand times.
  • I have something to tell you… It’s a secret. This Christmas I asked that all your wishes come true and that I be present to celebrate them.

Messages For Your Wife, Husband Or Children On Christmas Eve

We might think that only if we were rich we could give a gift to all our friends and family, however we do not realize that we have the potential to do so if we share with them our best wishes this Christmas. Choose the most beautiful Christmas messages that you like the most and use them to share all your happiness, wishing a nice Christmas to your family.

  • Happy holidays, dad and mom, that these important dates are full of good things and unforgettable moments.
  • Although we have lost a hope, many others will come along the way to excite our hearts. Happy New Year 2022!
  • Thank you for filling my life with surprises, for keeping my heart full of joy, for making me happy every day. Merry Christmas.
  • What is Christmas? For me it is knowing that you are healthy, that you are fulfilling your dreams and that I celebrate them by your side.

Merry Christmas Christian Messages

Christian messages to thank the Lord for the favors and blessings received. To celebrate the stage that ends and receive in peace and with love the new year that begins. We share Christian reflections for this December, a month of calm, peace, love, family life and spirituality. To celebrate the birth of Jesus with humility and gratitude and fill us with joy and hope for the new year that begins shortly.

  • My greatest wish for this new year: “May God’s blessing not be lacking”. 
  • Thank you God for your hand that did not let me fall. Thank you for this year that is ending and for giving me hope in the one that is beginning. 
  • Live this December with joy, because God is in charge of the future. 
  • Give this Christmas: To your enemy forgiveness, to friends your heart, to the sick your help, to children a good example, to yourself respect and to everyone, love. 
  • More faith and less envy, result: PROSPERITY. 
  • The light of Christmas is yourself, when you illuminate the path of others with your life, with kindness, patience, joy and generosity. 
  • December is a month to be thankful for everything received. If you don’t know any sentence, it doesn’t matter, you can say the shortest in the world: “Thank God”. 
  • And in the end I understood that this year it was never luck, it was always God… 
  • As we mature, the wish list for Christmas gets shorter and shorter and what we really want cannot be bought. We can only ask God for peace and happiness. 

Sweet Merry Christmas Messages

Almost everything is ready to receive Christmas, remember that you cannot miss a sweet message for your partner or family member who is surely eager to see how you are going to surprise him in this very special celebration.

  • A month of lights, snow and parties. It’s time to make peace and tie up loose ends, finish what you started and hope that all your dreams come true. Happy Holidays. 
  • May we never lack a dream to fight for, a project to carry out, something to learn, a place to go and someone to love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
  • Seek God every day of life, now is the best time to find him. 
  • My wish… That everything that comes is better than you are looking for, lasts longer than you expect and makes you happier than you could imagine. 
  • For Christmas: happiness. For New Year: prosperity. And forever: our friendship. 
  • Thank you for your friendship, Merry Christmas! 
  • Let’s not lose the illusion of Christmas, because those who are no longer here were the ones who taught us to live it. 
  • Christmas, a time to give, a time to share and a time to love. 
  • A nougat is enough for me at Christmas, but your friendship feeds me for life. 
  • Christmas is that sweet space where memories, hugs and laughter prevail radiantly. 
  • Giving thanks and acknowledging everything you have and are is the first step to living a life of fulfillment and happiness. Everything else will come. 
  • May the magic of Christmas illuminate your life filling your heart with love and happiness. 
  • For Christmas… I want a watch that knows how to stop at the best moments of our lives. 
  • There is nothing that adorns Christmas better than the smile of those you love. Merry Christmas family! 
  • Christmas is not about opening gifts, it is about opening our hearts. 

Merry Christmas Messages To My Love

If you need some ideas of romantic Christmas messages, read the texts that we have published in this article that are ideal to continue conquering your partner.

  • Merry Christmas to the person with whom I feel I have the greatest treasure, thank you for teaching me to value this date, I am grateful for being blessed with your love. 
  • Hope is the last thing to be lost and this Christmas let us ask God that our love be eternal. 
  • I may not know all the countries in the world, but it is enough to have you as my girlfriend to share this universe called love. Merry Christmas”. 
  • With you I feel in glory, you are my celestial sky, my starry night. With you it is impossible not to believe in God. Merry Christmas”. 
  • Your love touched my soul, you are the most important thing in my life, I always carry you protected inside my heart. Merry Christmas”. 
  • I would give anything so that these hours that are missing to receive Christmas, you were with me. I miss you my love”. 
  • It fills me with enthusiasm to prepare to receive Christmas, I feel that on this date we are more united. 
  • Merry christmas, love. Thanks to you I can say that God exists and blesses me with your company and support at every moment of my life. 
  • Merry Christmas, princess. I wish that the illusion of this love never ends, which I hope will last a lifetime. 
  • There is no Christmas more beautiful than celebrating it with you, I wish with all my heart that God bless our love. 
  • Without thinking we met and fell in love, it was the most capricious and successful coincidence of destiny. Merry Christmas, my love. 
  • Every year we celebrate the arrival of Christmas together, however, you have that gift of making me feel that emotion of the first time that leaves you enchanted. 
  • If there is something that I cannot stop thanking God for, it is having allowed me to find a love like yours. Merry Christmas to the queen of my heart. 

Merry Christmas To Boss Messages

Christmas Messages for my Boss is what you are looking for? .The year is coming to an end, Christmas will arrive soon, the date on which we all gather in peace, to share, to give each other a hug of happiness. Not only do we wish prosperity to the members of our family, we are also ready to wish much happiness to our boss, who is the person who gave us the opportunity to learn and be better professionals.

  • Thank you for being my teacher at this stage of my professional life. I hope that this Christmas I share it with her family with much prosperity and union. Have happy holidays! 
  • We want this Christmas to be the most beautiful of your entire life, because we want your wishes to come true, with much love, joy and with the desire to move forward. Merry Christmas boss. 
  • I feel immensely happy to work with you, you have been a great friend and above all a boss who has taught me a lot in my profession. Merry Christmas! 
  • Because the boss is so wise and so talented, we are very happy to be his collaborators. I hope this Christmas is the best for you.  
  • Being with you makes me want to acquire all the good things you do to be a great professional like you. My greatest wish is that you share a beautiful Christmas with your family. 
  • We are going to make the birth and put together the little tree, so that our workplace looks wonderful. We wish you a Merry Christmas for you boss and all your family. 
  • I am so happy at work and I owe it to you, because you have been like a father, always teaching based on your knowledge. May you have a beautiful Christmas with your family. 
  • Many times we have asked to work with you because you have an incredible charisma. We hope that next year we will have that luck. Merry Christmas!”. 
  • I just want to give my Christmas greetings to you and your beautiful family, but also to thank you for being such a cheerful and active person at work, that way you invite us to follow your ways. Merry Christmas next to yours. 
  • Dear boss, I wish you much peace and prosperity this Christmas, and I let you know that I perform my duties happily, because you taught me to be better every day”. 
  • Thank you very much for having the patience and good humor to take everything calmly and joyfully. May Christmas Eve fill you with more love and happiness. 
  • May this Christmas be the best for you and your whole family. He is a person whom I admire for all the experience he has as a professional. Happy Holidays”. 

Christmas Messages From Great Writers, To Be Inspired On Christmas Eve

And if none of the above has worked for you, you can always turn to the wisdom of famous people . Whether to appear cultured or because they have inspired you, these messages are very helpful:

  • ‘It is time for us adults to recognize that the most pleasant thing about Christmas is the opportunity it gives us to be able to return, with impunity, to the time when the world could start moving just by screwing the rope of a mechanical toy’ – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • ‘I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it throughout the year’ – Charles Dickens
  • ‘Perhaps Christmas does not come from the store. Maybe Christmas…maybe…means a little more!’ – Dr Seuss
  • “The most beautiful thing about Christmas is that it is inevitable, like a storm, and we all go through it together.” – Garrison Keillor
  • ‘Christmas is the season to kindle the fire of hospitality in the drawing room, the genial flame of charity in the heart.’ -Washington Irving
  • ‘I like Christmas as a whole…In its awkward way, it brings peace and goodwill. But it’s clumsier every year.’ – E. M. Forster
  • ‘Christmas is built on a beautiful and intentional paradox: that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home.’ – GK Chesterton
  • ‘It occurred to him that how you spend Christmas is a message to the world about where you are in life.’ -Nick Hornby
  • ‘I feel overwhelmed, and bored, and disappointed, as I always feel the day after Christmas’ – Sylvia Plath
  • ‘I do not want at Christmas any more a rose, than I want snow in the laughing and smug festivities of May’ – William Shakespeare
  • ‘No matter the wind, no matter the cold, because we can still celebrate a merry Christmas’ – Walter Scott

Merry Christmas Wishes Messages

Christmas brings families together, smoothing out rough edges, reducing distances and awakening the deepest and most sincere feelings that inspire us to enjoy a Christmas Eve full of love and happiness. It is wonderful and to enjoy again this beautiful time that is Christmas , that is why on this occasion we want to share with you some beautiful Christmas messages so that you can dedicate them to your contacts through social networks.

  • The real gift this Christmas is being able to be together as a family. Merry Christmas! 
  •  In German, Christmas is said Weihnachten which means “night of blessing” and for me this day with you is a true blessing. Merry Christmas! 
  •  Sharing and celebrating with those I love most is the true Christmas gift. I love you so much! 
  •  Understand that health, family and love is the most important thing, it’s what makes this Christmas so beautiful and special. 
  •  This year has truly been one full of blessings, thank you for being a part of this. This Christmas, I celebrate and thank our family. Merry Christmas! 
  •  Here’s to more Christmas with this family union, hope, peace and health. Merry Christmas. 
  •  May this Christmas be full of love and happiness and may it always be so. Merry Christmas! 
  •  Because the true spirit of Christmas is lived next to those who love you. Wishing the best today and always… Merry Christmas. 
  •  The real gift this bispera Christmas has been spending it together with all of you. Thank you for sharing with me the magic, affection and love. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
  •  I wish that this Christmas comes full of magic and love for you and our whole family. 
  •  I appreciate all the blessings we have experienced this year, and I appreciate being able to share this Christmas together as a family. 
  •  This Christmas is a real gift to be able to spend it by his side, with the people I love the most. Thank you for sharing another year by my side, and for the family you have given me. 
  •  I hope that this Christmas, we realize that the best gift of all is not material, but love and the family that we find together. My best wishes for this beautiful Christmas. 

Merry christmas Card Messages

The company of your friends has been essential in your search for happiness, that is why you should not forget to send them beautiful Merry Christmas greetings this holiday season.

What if you turn your feelings towards your friends into words and surprise them with some tender Christmas dedications of friendship ? It is a perfect detail for this time.

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