At some point in our lives we all lose a loved one. The loss of someone close, as you well know, is always a painful moment for us but also for the people around us. In those moments, few things comfort us more than feeling the warmth and support of our loved ones, because a simple phrase of condolence can remind us that we are not alone.
Next, we want to present you with some examples of condolence messages so that you can improve the day of those people around you who have lost someone close to them.

Condolence Card Messages For Loved Ones

There are few hardships in our life than the death of a close person. The pain of loss can last for years in some cases and the truth is that there are no words to describe the grief. However, there are condolence messages for death that can make those who have lost a loved one feel better. With the following messages, you can show that friend or friend that you are by her side and that you share her pain.

May the memory of that person help you overcome these difficult times.

Sometimes it’s hard to get comfort from words, but I hope mine can convey to you how sorry I am for your loss.

Many times, in the face of a significant loss, words are superfluous. Who has lost someone close does not need to listen to empty words, but to feel supported.

In these difficult moments that you are weighing, remember that you have the support of your whole family.

The memory of a feeling can last a lifetime, and I will not forget you.

After the tears and goodbyes, only the good times you shared with him will remain. In the meantime, he has my full support.

I am very sorry for your loss, if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask me.

Remember those who leave with their best smile.

Neither the clouds in the sky nor the sunlight are as beautiful as your memory.

You didn’t lose anyone, the one who died simply got ahead of us, because that’s where we’re all going. The best of him remains in your heart.

My deepest condolences to you and your family. May God give you the peace you seek.

May our flowers and prayers reach our beloved loved one who has left us so soon.

I wanted to let you know that I am deeply sorry for your loss. Although the words are not comfort, I hope you know that I am here for you.

Death takes with it a pain that no one can heal, but love leaves a memory that no one can ever steal.

I know it’s hard to believe that he is no longer with us, but remember that what we keep alive in our hearts and in our memories will never die.


Sympathy Condolence Messages

There are few things more important than being with a friend when they have lost someone important in their life. In the next section we present some condolence messages for friends that will let them know that you are there in the most complicated moments.

As you will see, the following quotes are closer than the previous ones, but you will find all kinds of messages to fill your friend with hope .

I’m here for you. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

My heart is with you in times of loss.

A prayer, a flower, a candle and sad tears of pain at your grave. My condolences.

It breaks my heart to see you like this; I will be by your side at all times for when you need me, friend.

I dare not say I understand your pain. But I would like to be close to you to offer you my comfort and my love.

Grief and loss are difficult times. Keep in mind that many people take refuge in solitude and in the memory of the lost person to combat grief, however, you can always let them know that you will be there for them when they need anything.

The following messages of hope can also serve as inspiration for beautiful messages of encouragement .

Who passed through our life and left light, will shine in our soul for all eternity.

Receive my deepest condolences for your loss, friend. You’ll have me here no matter what.

I know what it’s like to feel like nothing can fill your void, but please stay strong and lean on me when you need it.

Let your memories flood your mind, bring warmth to your heart and guide you forward.

It could have escaped from our sight, but never from our hearts.

At this point, words would be superfluous. We are with you in mind and soul, along with those privileged to have known him.

Having enjoyed his presence for all these years is the luck we must cling to.

This pain is inconsolable, my friend, but rest assured that I will do everything I can to alleviate it.

A beautiful soul, full of love and faith has ascended to heaven, far from me. But he has also drawn closer to God, and has left behind days of pain and suffering.

Those we love never leave, they walk with us day by day.

Grief is a long and painful process, that’s why this is one of the condolence funeral flower messages examples that we like the most. The certainty of never seeing that person again in life may sink us, but knowing that those who have left will continue to guide our path from wherever they are is a good consolation. Remember, only those we erase from our memory go completely.


Condolence Messages For Loss Of Mother

Of all the loved ones that we can lose in this life due to death, the Mother is the one we least want it to happen to because she is the one who causes us the greatest pain of all with her departure.

She always takes care of us as if we were still her little children, despite being quite old.

The Mother is the most loving being you can have in life and that is why she causes the greatest pain of all with her death.

If you have someone who has lost this valuable person in their life, send them your deepest condolences. You can use the following messages to help you, we hope you find them convenient.

I share your pain, dear friend, I know what it feels like to lose the most wonderful being on Earth. But you should not be sad, even if you no longer see it, she will always be with you from now on, taking care of her because she has become an angel of the Lord and she will not stop watching over you for all eternity. She smiles and thinks that now she is in a better place. Friendly force.

 Little by little you will understand that there is no reason to continue being sad. I know it’s the saddest thing in the world to lose a mother, but you must be strong. She would ask you to be, right? Remember that when we are born God lends us a couple of little angels for a long time to take care of us, those are Mom and Dad. But they must one day return to God. Let us always pray for her and remember her fondly.

I am very sorry, it is a pity that this happened to you. But he is already in a better place, resting happily with God and his angels. Let us remember her fondly and following her valuable teachings.

The most beautiful person I have ever met has just left for a trip of no return. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see her again. The love of a Mother and her son is so great that not even death can change it, one day we will undertake the same journey that she has made today and we will see her again. Patience, dear friend, have faith.

 Accepting the hard blows of life is not easy, sometimes it takes away who we love the most and today it has taken away the woman of your life, your Mother. But do not think that this separation is forever, she will be waiting for you with open arms, but she lives. She does not expect you to go now, because she is making all the preparations there in heaven to receive you in the best way and that will take time. Life goes on and we must make the most of it. Then you will have an eternity to be with her.

 He has left this world forever but he is in another much more beautiful and perfect one waiting for you. Don’t suffer anymore because his pain has ceased and now she is very happy. She will live in your heart forever, so she is not completely gone. The body is just a shell, the true self of her is now with God and soon you will be able to be with her forever.


Condolence Messages For Loss Of Father

At some point in our lives, we will have to accompany a loved one until the end of their home, it is a very sad moment but it will be inevitable because it is the law of life.

The death of a Father is a very great pain that is not easy to accept and the desolation and sadness is indescribable. If you know someone who is going through moments of pain, do not hesitate to approach him / her and express your heartfelt condolences. 

To help you we have prepared some messages of condolence for someone who lost their Father . Read carefully, if you don’t feel able to say them personally you can dedicate them in a text message or through social networks.

I am very affected by the news of your father’s death. He was a great person and I will miss him. I give you my condolences with all my heart .

I give you a big hug and my condolences. I appreciate you very much and I wish you can overcome this great pain in your life. I give you all my solidarity at this time .

I understand that nothing I say to you right now will bring your loved one back. What you do have for sure is that in me you can find a friend who will listen to you when you want to vent your sorrow.

I accompany you in your moments of deep pain. Count on my sincere friendship, you know how much I esteem you and it hurts me to see you suffer for losing your Father.

I am sorry to see the pain you feel right now. You know that I will always be by your side in good and bad times.

 I was not lucky enough to meet your Father but I imagine he would be a great Dad who knew how to do a good person like you. Receive my sincere condolences.

The news left me in shock. I think about how you must feel about the unexpected way your Father left this world. My deep regrets for you and all your family, friend ..

As soon as I heard the news, I came to give you my condolences and all my support, I put myself at your entire disposal if there is anything I can do for you right now.

It is unfortunate that your father is no longer in this world but he thinks that he was already very old, the time came that sooner or later it was going to happen that he would have to anticipate the trip of no return. I’m very sorry friend .

Right now I can only tell you that time will be your best ally for you to overcome this pain of losing your Father.


Condolence Messages For Loss Of Husband

The ultimate test of reality is the death of a loved one and the loss of a husband is at the top of this list. “Until death do us part” may sound romantic, but the feeling is so intense to be separated from a husband. Nothing can mend this crack in a widowed wife’s heart, but words of sympathy can bring the calm she wants to find in grief. We present to you a collection of messages of condolence for the loss of a husband. Use these words of sympathy for the loss of a husband to convey her empathy and comfort someone who lost her husband.

The sudden disappearance of her husband is really sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I am very sorry for your loss. Your husband was someone to look up to!

My deepest condolences to you at this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.

Nothing can make up for the total absence of her husband. May God heal your pains!

God is here with us, God listens to us. We pray that He will soon release you from this terrible pain!

Death could have taken your loving husband away from you, but it couldn’t take away the beautiful memories that you two have created all these years. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Take care of yourself.

I am so sorry for your loss, but I know that a strong woman like you can get through this tough time and get through anything. Health!

The death of a loved one feels that God is unfair to us, but in reality he is choosing the best soul to light up the garden of heaven. I will remember him every day through my prayers.

My heart broke upon hearing the sad news. She may have died, but her love for you will remain forever. Take care, please.

I am very sorry to hear the news. I feel lucky to meet him in person. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Please accept my condolences.

I can’t say how sorry I am for the loss of your husband. My heart goes out to you in this time of despair.

I know your heart has been shattered. But we are always here for you. Live for the good of others and contact us. A warm hug for you.

Perhaps God has loved him more than you. That is why he called him to decorate the beautiful garden in the sky. I pray for you and for your soul. Love.


Condolence Messages For Loss Of Son

Life is very beautiful and we must thank God for giving us the opportunity to be part of this world. Also thank our mother who is the person who brought us into this world, giving us all the unconditional love that a mother can have for a child.

In relation to this, going through the case of the death of a family member is very painful. In the case of the loss of a child , the Parents are the most affected, especially the Mother, since a mother is the one who loves a child unconditionally.

 I am very sorry for the death of your son, I know that it is a very painful moment for you and your family, we are also available to support you at all times.

We recognize that it is a very painful time, but we have to accept God’s designs, we are going to pray a lot for the soul of your son. He receives our heartfelt condolences. God bless you.

Receive my deepest condolences, like that of my family, we are totally dismayed by the irreparable loss, we are already here to support you at any time you need. !Blessings!.

I want to send you my most sincere condolences for the unexpected loss of your son. As a Mother I understand how you feel, losing a child is unfortunate and sometimes unacceptable, you just have to lean on the Lord so that he may have him in his holy glory.

 It is very difficult to accept the death of a child, it is a constant pain, since there is an intense emptiness in the heart.

You must follow the path of your son to continue with what he would have liked. I accompany you in your pain with my prayers.

God loves us and He knows when He takes us from this world; if He wanted it that way, it is for something that you must accept it; for one must trust in the will of the Lord.

I will have you in my prayers. I offer you my condolences.


Sympathy Cards For The Death Of A Child

There are moments in the life of a family that happen unexpectedly and many times you don’t know how to act, when a total and immense sadness invades the soul.

When we are involved in a loss in the family, we all go into pain, especially the mother, when it comes to the loss of a child . It is difficult to overcome this lack, because the love you have for a child is unconditional.

In these cases, it is better to surrender fully to prayer to find peace in God and thus accept his designs.

In this case, we offer you some phrases of condolences for the death of a child , so that condolences can be offered to a family member or friend.

I am very sorry for the loss of your son. I really know that this is a very difficult situation for you and your family, but time is responsible for this pain to pass, asking God for his soul.

You have my support at all times, and remember I will be in constant prayer for you and yours. Blessings.

Receive my most sincere condolences as well as those of my family, for the irreparable loss they have suffered.

Nobody imagines losing a child and less in an accident, we accompany you in your pain, with our daily prayers. Rest in peace!

God gives us the opportunity to be Mothers with a gift as great as the love of the Virgin Mary, who as Mother loves unconditionally.

When a child leaves this world, the loss is irreparable, rely on God to give you the necessary peace.

Remember that your son will always be with you. I will pray a lot for the soul of your son so that God may have him in his glory. So sorry.

Dear friend, I understand what you are going through in these sad moments. First of all, receive my deepest condolences, I hope you give yourself to prayer so that it gives you a little peace of mind and faith that it is what you need.

It is not so easy to accept the loss of your son, only God can fill that void, do not stop walking in Him. I will be at your disposal for whatever you need. Many blessings.


Condolence Bible Messages

On this occasion we want to share biblical Christian condolence messages to encourage a person who is going through a difficult situation of sadness and pain for having lost a loved one.

Christian condolences for death inspired by the Bible with verses of strength to move forward after losing a very special person in your life forever death is an act that everything must go through but no one is prepared for it and the person who he dies rests but his family is left suffering in deep sadness and pain in the soul for not seeing that loved one again.

The Lord walks by our side through the darkness and leads us back to peace. Please know that we are praying for you during this difficult time.

Let memories of your loved one bring you comfort in times of darkness. Give your voice to the Lord and know that He will guide you.

Surrender your pains to the Lord and find peace in His love. We pray that you will be comforted and feel the grace of him in your life every day.

We send our love and sympathy to you, our friend and neighbor in Christ. Through this time of sorrow, give your prayers to God and know that He is always with you.

I am praying that you find healing through the infinite love of the Lord. Lend him his concerns and take comfort in the fact that he is always by his side.

May God’s infinite love and healing be with you in this time of struggle. You are in our prayers now and always.

During this very difficult time, listen to the voice of the Lord and take comfort in His love. He is always with us, even in our hour of darkness.

We pray that you take comfort in the love of the Lord and know that you are never alone. He walks by your side even in the darkest moments.

We send you our condolences at this very painful time. May you feel the light of the Lord bless his family and bring him peace.

We are thinking of you during this time of tremendous loss. Give your voice to God and know that He is always with you.

Even if we don’t understand the tragedies of life, we are always in the hands of the Lord. We pray that you find healing comfort.

Our deepest condolences and prayers are with you at this time of unimaginable loss. May God walk by your side and guide you.


Condolence Funeral Messages

If that person who has lost someone close to us is not from our closest circle, we may not know what to say. However, from we encourage you to spend at least a few seconds offering comfort to that person, since good thoughts and loving gestures are always welcome.

If you are not very clear about how to offer consolation, these beautiful messages of condolence will help you.

May my condolences bring you comfort and my prayers ease your pain for this loss.

Please remember that you are never alone. Those of us who care about you will be there when you need it.

I offer you my thoughts, prayers and good wishes during this dark time in your life.

I just found out about the unfortunate death. Much encouragement to you and yours.

I wish that God relieves the pain of your absence; a lot of strength, mate.

I hope that these words, coming from the bottom of my heart, show you that you are not alone.

In weak and painful moments, yours are your rock, your refuge and your support. We are here for what you need.

May we take comfort in the fact that he had a great life, surrounded by people like you, who loved and admired him above all else.

My condolences for your grief, my sincere condolences to your pain and all my love for you to spend this moment. I’m here for whatever you need.

Death has taken his body, but his spirit will always be with us, protected in our hearts.

I am deeply saddened by the loss you and your family are going through. My condolences.

What an honor and what a blessing to have known him. He was a true light in our lives and will be sorely missed.

I am available to your family, today and always.

Day by day I think of you, because your memory is still very much alive.

I remember her in my prayers, and you can be sure that I will not forget you either. My deepest condolences.

We have shared great moments in life, and I want you to know that in these difficult days I will also be close by for whatever you need.

We know that his departure is heartfelt and that he will be missed, but we also know that he is now at peace and resting.

If my hug was strong enough to take away the pain, it would never end.

I send you my most sincere condolences; Hopefully time will teach us to move forward and live the memories, because they are the greatest impetus for the future. A hug!

I can’t even understand what you are going through right now, but I would like to offer my deepest condolences to you and your family.


Formal Sympathy Condolence Messages

In the most difficult moments, a person wants respect and tranquility, do not forget it. That is why the following formal condolence messages are the most indicated if you are going to visit someone who has lost a loved one and is not from your closest group of friends and coworkers.

Count on me for whatever you need, I accompany you in the feeling.

Death is something we all must go through, yet we are never prepared. My deepest condolences, mate.

One of the most appropriate formal condolence messages is this, because it is also a very honest quote. Death is inevitable, however, that certainty does not alleviate the pain of losing a loved one. In the following article of Phrases of pain you will also find quotes that are very suitable for these situations .

Let’s stay with the good memories that he gave us; that will make us stronger.

I’m so sorry for your loss, friend. You have always been here throughout my life and I wanted to let you know that I will also be here for you.

My condolences to the bereaved family; My thoughts and my prayers are with you.

May your memory keep alive the flame of its light.

He was a great person, a vital example for many others; the memory of him will remain and his trajectory will be remembered.

Although the end is always sad, we must remember those who are no longer in the good times and keep them in our hearts.

One day we will meet again. Until then, let’s not stop reminding him.

I will pray for your rest and for the peace and comfort you need.


Condolence Messages In Spanish

How to offer condolences is one of the questions that usually arise to those who attend funerals or burials. Giving encouragement to a person who has lost a family member or a condolence messages for coworker is a much-needed act of solidarity to help them cope with their grief. Choosing the right words of condolence is often difficult, especially if you choose to offer your condolences in writing or via WhatsApp. In Spain, the most common thing in face-to-face funerals is to shake hands or give two kisses to the person who has suffered the loss. Of course, this will depend on the degree of closeness you have with the relatives of the deceased. 

Mi mas sentido pesame. Os deseo a ti y a tu familia mucho animo para seguir adelante. 

Se que tal vez no pueda hacer gran cosa para aliviar tu dolor, pero recuerda que estoy a tu disposicion ahora y siempre. 

Si puedo hacer algo para ayudarte a sobrellevarlo, no olvides que estoy aqui. 

Recuerda todos los buenos momentos que habeis compartido. Por mi parte, lo guardare siempre en el recuerdo y estoy aqui para darte todo mi apoyo. 

Lo mas importante ahora es seguir adelante y mantener viva la llama de su recuerdo. No olvides recurrir a mi para todo lo que necesites. 

No me atrevo a decir que entiendo tu dolor, pero te acompano en el sentimiento. 

No te imaginas lo mucho que lamento tu perdida. Era una persona excepcional y espero que sepas que estoy aqui para lo que haga falta. 

Siento mucho tu perdida. Si necesitas cualquier cosa, cuenta con mi ayuda. 

Comparto tus sentimientos y estare cerca si me necesitas en cualquier momento. 

Estos son momentos dificiles, pero nunca olvides que cuentas con el apoyo incondicional de tu familia. 

No tengo palabras para expresar lo mucho que lo lamento. Me queda el consuelo de haberlo conocido y puedes contar conmigo para ayudarte a superar este trance. 

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