We know how important the graduation gala can be for anyone who is at that point in their life. Therefore, we are going to tell you about Makeup for graduation: ideas and tips.

Agitation, anxiety, worry but also joy and satisfaction. There are many feelings that move our hearts the days before our graduation, because it is the day we have the opportunity to express our style like never before.

So it’s normal that you want to look radiant during the celebration of one of the most important achievements of your life, and a makeup that makes you look beautiful is as essential as the dress. If you still can’t find the ideal look that complements your outfit and highlights your best features, here are some ideas to inspire you. You will dazzle everyone on that special day! It’s impossible to create the perfect prom look without the right makeup. Even the most beautiful dress, the finest jewelry and the most beautiful hairstyles will not look harmonious without good makeup. When you go to the prom, you should pay special attention to this. We offer the best prom makeup ideas for your spcial day.

Smokey Eye Prom Makeup

It is a look that always looks good. In addition to being very sexy. You will need to outline the eye inside and out at the level of the eyelashes . On the outside you will have to make a thick line and then with a black shadow or in a dark tone and a brush you paint over the outside lines. Then, with a clean brush, you will only have to blur towards the outside. On the fixed eyelid, apply a bright shadow, it can be gold, white, light pink, etc. Then curl your lashes and put on two good coats of black mascara.

For this look you will have to take the black pencil to touch up the line when necessary. If you have never smoked before, try several times before the day. This look will suit girls with big eyes or light eyes. It will go well with all kinds of dresses.


Pink Prom Makeup

As we well know, this season fuchsia pink is everywhere and the most daring also choose it for makeup . If you are from this group, then this eye makeup will be cool for everything, whether it is for your graduation and being the top of the moment, or for your summer nights.

Pink Prom Makeup Looks

If you want a discreet and soft makeup for your graduation, opt for pink tones. Use a lightweight foundation like Light Wonder for a hydrated, radiant complexion, a nude pink blush like Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk, and a Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk Original for plump, irresistible lips of the same shade. For the eyes, we recommend Charlotte’s Pillow Talk Instant Eyeshadow Palette The Day Look, which blends 3 soft shades of champagne pink, rose gold and dark pink for a romantic and enchanting look.

Prom Makeup For Grey Eyes

Gray eyes are rare, but super mysterious and attractive. Grey-eyed girls have a magnetic and unique look that captivates the naked eye, but they don’t always know how to make the most of the gray color of their eyes. Are you one of the lucky girls who have beautiful gray eyes? Take advantage of them! Try different combinations of shadow, eyeliner and mascara and show off a deep, attractive and unique look. We advise you on the shades of shadows that best suit you, and we share the best tricks for you to learn how to make up gray eyes.

Prom Makeup For Grey Eyes
Prom Makeup Looks For Grey Eyes

Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

Very clear like ice, bright like a cloudless sky or deep like the sea: they are blue eyes. Whatever your shade – from aquamarine to bold blue – by now you will know that to get a truly intense look , even blue eyes must be made up and enhanced in the right way . And it’s not always that easy, especially if you’re looking for a non-trivial make-up (in addition to the blue pencil, there’s more)!  

How to make up blue eyes, then? Keep in mind the color rules we have already mentioned when choosing eye palette hot or cold depending on the more or less contrasting result you want to achieve. No hesitation on gold or metallic eyeshadows with shiny shades. A winning choice can also be purple, which combines a cold base with red tones.

Cute Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

Prom Makeup For Green Eyes

If you have green eyes and are looking for makeup ideas that flatter you and highlight your color, don’t miss these looks that we have chosen. Gold is a very elegant color that suits green eyes very well. If you combine it with a black eyeliner, the result is spectacular. This look combines gold with copper and black for smokey. If you have green eyes, you are in luck, you can wear reddish tones without any problem!


This copper even has a hint of orange, however it looks great outlined in black and a few coats of mascara. A perfect look for the summer is this one that combines reddish tones with an eyeliner flush with the lower lashes in blue.


Prom Makeup For Brown and Hazel Eyes

For girls with brown eyes, shadows in dark shades are ideal. At the prom, makeup artists recommend combining them with light-colored eyeshadows. In order for the makeup to look more successful, the latter should be located above the eyebrow and dark – in the outer corner of the eye. When creating makeup for brown-eyed girls, it should also be borne in mind that shades of green and purple will look more advantageous. They will help create a deeper look. It is not recommended to use blue and blue eye shadows. They may be relevant only in certain cases.

Gold and Rose Gold Prom Makeup

Gone are the days when only blacks, blues and pinks were considered the right colors for makeup. With multiple trends emerging on the fashion scene, gold and rose gold have become the new chic statement. Highlighters, eyeshadows, bronzers, or blushes in these shades can create healthy looks for any party.

Use three different shades of gold, putting the middle tone on the mobile eyelid. You will put the lighter one in the area below the eyebrow and in the tear area. On the banana or “V” part of the eye, put the darkest gold and also under the bottom of the lower lashes. It is a color that looks good on small eyes. Finish by applying black mascara or false eyelashes as we see in the image. Remember it’s your graduation party!

Prom Makeup For Black Dress

A black dress is always a safe choice, however, a dress with cut-outs will certainly create a touch of drama and a sexy look. An outfit of this type requires similar makeup, so you should definitely opt for black smokey eyes. A black cream eyeliner will do wonders. Apply along your upper lash line and blend out with a smudger brush. Then, line your cheeks with a peach blush and apply a neutral lipstick to complement the dramatic look. A black dress will make you look like a catwalk model!

In addition to all these makeup tips, beautiful and healthy skin should be your foundation, no matter what look you choose;To achieve this, use different creams and beauty products.Many girls with sensitive skin have acne problems, so beauty treatments are also recommended.Laser skin rejuvenation treatment is one of them, it helps you eliminate acne, dilate your pores and small scars before your big day.As you can see, there are many makeup styles that you can combine perfectly depending on your dress, the secret is to choose the one that best suits your needs.When everything is ready, all you have to worry about is having fun and creating great memories with your friends.

Makeup Looks For Black Dress

Prom Makeup For Pastel Colored Dress

Your skin should be near perfect when you wear light or pastel dress. In fact, a light pink dress will accentuate facial flaws like blemishes, etc. The same goes when you do makeup for yellow dress. This is why you should try to keep the skin flawless.Try pure base, but focus on concealing the problems like darkness under the eyes, dark spots etc. Here are the different combinations you can try.

Prom Makeup For Green Dress

Emerald green pairs amazingly well with amethyst, and these two make an amazing combo. If you like smokey eyes, you will definitely love this look, you can create it by applying purple glitter eyeshadow. Then use Kohl’s pencil to line the upper and lower rims of your eyes and add a few coats of black mascara to your lashes. Pale pink lipstick works perfectly with this alluring look.

Prom Makeup For Navy Blue Dress

Do you want to wear your favorite navy blue or turquoise dress this dance, but you don’t know how to do your makeup? Well, you may be wondering if your lifelong makeup staple is enough to wear with any dress. But why stick to a simple look that you’ve worn to every party and night out when you can create a striking and elegant look to complement your blue dress?

The first thing you should know when trying a new makeup is the color chart.Complementary colors help highlight each other.So when you wear blue, you can wear its counterpart on the color wheel.The reds and oranges on the color wheel are complementary to the blues.So you can combine colors from this range such as coral, orange, peach or brown with blue.Here you can play with the colors and find the ones that best suit your face and complexion.Another trick is to highlight a color in various elements of your dress.For example, if your dress is not entirely blue, but has blue elements interspersed, you can introduce blue into your makeup as well.The presence of other colors makes your look interesting even while playing with the blue theme.

Prom Makeup For Red Dress

A red dress is perfect for a night out where you want to attract attention, it’s sexy and explosive, with good makeup you’ll get what you want. A makeup for a red dress that is the one that has a bit of shine, but very subtly, not exaggerated, it looks very natural if you leave your lips soft it will look very light and soft, with red lips it gives a more glamorous appearance but that it’s your choice you can wear them as you see fit.

Another very successful option that many of us choose is a more relaxed eye makeup and focus attention on the lips with a red tone like the dress. This option is often the winner, and we prefer to let the dress and the lips speak for us.

Prom Makeup Ideas For Red Dress

Prom Makeup For Purple and Burgundy Dress

If you are going to wear a purple dress at your graduation party, the most appropriate makeup has to be something more natural than if it is in the afternoon/evening. At night we can always allow ourselves certain licenses and also the electric light clarifies the colors. A very fashionable trend is the ” nude ” or natural, which looks for a washed face effect, with a natural makeup base, illuminating powder, eyes and lips made up in soft colors (beige, light pink, light gray, light green).

Evening makeup allows more fantasy, use a range of purple colors, smoky eyes , eye liner that highlights the eye. The lips can go in a shade of strawberry or soft mauve. False eyelashes can be used which will create a sophisticated and spectacular look.


Prom Makeup For White and Cream Dress

The white dress is a truly spectacular piece and well deserves to be accompanied by a makeup that allows us to enhance our natural beauty and enhance the attractiveness of this color for a dress, whether it is at night or if we will wear it during the day. The eyes and the look are the star of our image, therefore the color of eye shadow that we use will be essential to achieve the ideal look.

To show off a white dress, we advise you to use vanilla-colored eyeshadows and brown-colored shadows combined with shadows in light and dark tones to illuminate and enhance the beauty of the eyes. You can also choose to use shades of pink colors. The pink will achieve the same as the vanilla color, give your face a fresh touch and illuminate.

Prom Makeup For White and Cream Dress

Natural Prom Makeup

A natural eye look can be turned into party makeup even if you don’t believe it. You will only have to use the shadows of soft but bright colors. Line the inner part of the eye with a white pencil to open the eyes. Curl the eyelashes and apply mascara in good quantity. If you want it to have a more festive touch, apply under the eyes, in the upper part of the cheekbone, a little glitter in light tones . This makeup will suit you if you don’t have much practice in applying makeup and if you have very pretty lips that you can highlight.

After making up the eyes, we will move on to the cheeks: use soft colors, in shades of peach or pink. You will make up the lips depending on how you have made up the eyes : if you have chosen a smoky one , you have to make up them in soft tones , with bright glosses but without much color and if you have chosen gold or neutral , you can put a stronger color and that contract with your eyes.

Natural Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom Makeup For Dark Skin

You are wrong if you think that you can only achieve a common look if you have dark skin. Dark complexions are versatile. From a calm nude look for prom to a bold and sparkly look, you can try it all. For a serene and comfortable prom look, you can also play with soft brown and bronze tones. A little touch of highlighters on the sharp edges can define your features.

Use shades suitable for nude to add warm tones to eyes and lips. Line your eyes with a flat eyeliner brush and a dab of kohl on the waterline for a little more accent. Lastly, line your lashes with black mascara and trust us girl, you’re going to kill!

Asian Prom Makeup

Every girl, regardless of their nationality, wants to be able to do the perfect makeup. Creating the right and beautiful makeup for Asian eyes is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you follow the steps below and try to follow the rules of application, you can easily create a good makeup for a short period of time with the help of the most basic cosmetics.

Having set the tone on the face, the skin became smoother and more radiant, you can proceed directly to the makeup of the eyes. To this must be applied on the basis of the eyelids under the shade. You will be able to create a special coating that helps prevent shadows from rolling or losing their color. Often the basic carry and care functions, which will take care of the delicate skin of the eyelids and around the eyes.

Simple Prom Makeup

If you want to achieve a flawless and elegant makeup without going overboard, you can go for a simple and casual makeup for prom night. However, you will need to make a qualitative leap from your usual outfit. To learn this prom makeup look, go through the motions but in a glamorous way!

Prep your skin with your favorite nourishing moisturizer. Apply a foundation to match the skin. Darken your eyebrows a little and blur them. Neutral-toned eyeshadows like peach, nude, and taupe can enhance your overall look. Do not forget to draw a fine and precise eyeliner and cover your lashes with plenty of mascara. Finish off with a soft, matte lipstick and you’re ready to hit the ramp!

Prom Makeup Ideas

Whether you’re a bare-knuckle professional or a daring, innovative princess, your prom makeup needs to be perfect. No matter your eye color, outfit, or skin tone, if you’re up for your prom night look, we’ve got your back. Whether you want to go bright and glamorous or try a simple nude look, this article lists some of the most sought after ideas to brighten up your prom night. So get ready to be the sensational diva you are and get all the accolades!

– You can choose to go with simple, natural prom makeup or make heads turn with smoky eyes and gold and rose gold makeup looks.

– Don’t compromise on good quality brushes for a flawless makeup look.

– Eat healthy, sleep well and drink plenty of water to naturally glow for your prom.

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