Blue eyes are very beautiful, if you have this color of eyes, discover best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes that you can use to highlight them. 

Blue-eyed girls have many combinations that you can use to  highlight their look, take into account the tips that we offer you. They are combinations of eyeshadow colors that you can apply with shadows that favor you for all occasions, both day and night.

Do you want your blue eyes to draw everyone’s attention? Among all the eyeshadow color ideas that exist, there are some that can help you make blue eyes stand out. Here we have prepared an article in which we give you several tips with which you can change your look in a few steps and choose the best eyeshadow looks. Wait no more and read on to learn what eyeshadow colors will help you bring out blue eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors For Blue Eyes

Makeup addicts know it well: the colors that most enhance the natural tones of the iris are their opposite colors on the color wheel. Therefore, to make up blue eyes, warm tones are perfect, that is, those that go from red to orange and yellow, which create a strong contrast, adding intensity to the look. These are tones that obviously add strength to the look, making it extreme. If you prefer a less groundbreaking effect, opt for more neutral colors, but which in any case contain pigments of these warm tones.

On the other hand, you can choose cool colors (perfect for highlighting brown eye makeup) for a more harmonious result with less contrast. In this case, to add depth to the look, black eyeliner is essential.

There is also room for copper and gold tones, which will make your blue eyes shine.


Eyeshadow Looks

Your blue eyes speak for themselves, but with the right makeup, it’s very easy to make your look even more amazing. With the right eyeshadow palette, mascara and eyeliner, you can make up your blue eyes in different ways according to your desires. Discover all our tips for making up blue eyes . A discreet day make-up, a smoky make-up in the evening, we explain everything you need to know to highlight your look.

In addition to having the chance to have eyes of a color that is becoming increasingly rare and which is set to disappear, blue eyes are among the colors that can afford to opt for different styles of makeup. The good news for women with blue eyes: you can easily make simple makeup on blue eyes since nothing sublimates them!

Burgundy Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

Bordeaux red is intense and sophisticated. Combine it with soft hampagne cream eyeshadow tones on the eyes and peach on the cheeks to create an ultra feminine and elegant look. Apply an eyelid base so that the shadow lasts longer and is applied more easily and evenly. Put a taupe shadow that blends with the tone of your skin, apply it in the mobile eyelid basin and in the lower eyelid avoiding the tear area. Smudge with a round brush and pull the shadows to the sides to enlarge the eyes and give them a sophisticated look.


Purple Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

It is a color that looks great on light eyes. You can enhance the look by highlighting with a simple eyeliner outline in the upper part of the eye and finish with a mascara above and below. Lilac eyeshadow and violet tones are ideal for blue eyes, you can apply it during the day to go to the office, or also if you have an event. A trick to apply this color is to apply makeup on the eyelid and under the lower lashes, it will look incredible and very sophisticated.


Orange Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

Orange is the new black! We love this colorful and slightly glittery tutorial that will light up your face! We start by making up her eye with a matte beige eye shadow that we sublimate with an orange glitter eyeshadow! And we don’t forget the lash line to open the eyes! If you have blonde hair and pale skin, this makeup is ideal. Tip: add glitter eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye for extra glam.


Pink Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

Other colors that also feel great to make up blue eyes are pink eye shadows , since they create a sweet sweet girl air that helps you look younger, this look is also very attractive when looking for a partner and in makeup of day. Remember that for daily orange and coral shadows are also perfect for you.  

Bronze Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

If we compare all the shades, color palettes between brown and gold, bronze turns out to be the color that suits all eye colors! We start with an icy chestnut base, which we combine and shine with beige-gold glitter! We finish with candy pink lips for gluttony and voila! Beautiful ! 


Natural Eyeshadow Looks For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes look great with eyeshadow in natural, earth tones, like beige or light browns. So if you’re going to college, work or anywhere, these shades are perfect because they give a lot of light to your eyes. If you want to give them a bit of drama, you can add a thin line of eyeliner. Here are some makeup and eyeshadow ideas for you to use:


Grey Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, gray tones will favor your makeup. Try blue grey eyeshadow like theese pictures bellow:


Blue Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

If you want to dare color, this makeup is for you! We start with a shades of pastel blue eyeshadows that will undoubtedly mix with your bluish pupils, then we continue with a timeless cut crease with a beautiful line of liner! On the lips, a touch of gloss and you are ready to go out! This makeup is absolutely sublime on brunettes, so if you have brown hair or even jet black, go for it! Here are some blue eyeshadow looks:


Smokey Eye For Blue Eyes

Shadows in metallic tones such as gold and copper are a resounding success if you go to a party. In addition to being super flattering for our looks, they give contrast, luminosity and soften facial features. You can apply a little black eyeliner at night to generate more drama in the look and of course accompany it with long and voluminous eyelashes. Dark eye shadows create a perfect contrast with the lightness of your blue eyes, reinforcing their color , dark shadows also help your eyeball appear whiter for the same contrast effect. 


Brown Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

It is one of the most versatile iris colors and, in reality, few colors turn off this type of eye. They range from the warmest mustard and gold or bronze to a smoky one in the coolest, most dramatic tones. Although, in reality, the ones that make the greatest contrast are the neutral tones and the warmth of the browns. 


Green Eyeshadow Blue Eyes

Yes, who would have thought of that! Green and blue together! The combination of these two colors brings depth and elegance to your look! We start with a blue tint base, which we decorate with green pigments on the first half of the eye! And brings it all out with a smoky side thanks to a touch of black in the outer corner.


How To Blend Eyeshadow

More tender, more lively, natural eyeshadow or sexy, eye shadows have the power to change the look and deepen it in a very special way. However, if not applied properly, they tend to crack and smear over time. Who hasn’t had to remove eye makeup after applying shadows because they looked like a raccoon?

One of the most common mistakes is not blurring the shadows . Therefore, the application technique is essential when looking for a good result. Best of all, with a couple of makeup brushes and just three colors from the same color range, you’ll get very professional results.

For the effects of the eye shadow to be effective, we will have to combine at least 3 different shades of the same color : a light one, an intermediate one and a dark one. Choose a color that matches your iris. As brown is the most common eye color, we are going to work with a brown color as an example and we will play with dark tones close to chocolate, earthy intermediate tones and light sand or golden tones to highlight.


Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Blue Eyes

If you want to bring out blue eyes , one of the safest options is to use eyeshadow colors that are close to the tone of your eyes. In this way, they will attract much more attention without risking too much.

On the other hand, if you want to combine different colors to create unique aesthetics that flatter blue eyes , you can opt for shades of brown. Also, to contrast we recommend using yellow, orange and pastel red shadows.

We are in favor of varying the colors of shadows to try all kinds of different combinations until we find the one we like the most.

The Lemonade de Maybelline New York: With shades of yellow, orange and cherries as well as neutrals, beiges and pearls, this palette has plenty of flattering shades for all blue-eyed gals. 

Green Me Eyeshadow Palette by Kiko Milano: Warm, earthy colors plus a black hue allow you to experiment with an ideal combination for day or night. 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette has a perfect combination of shades to make the most of every day of the year. For daily, neutral matte shades or soft touches of color like pink and lavender. For special occasions, shadows with shimmer and shades such as bronze or plum. It is made up of highly pigmented shades of adjustable intensity , so you can choose the drama of your look.

Huda Beauty’s new Rose gold palette has 18 shades perfect for making up blue eyes. From shades of the nude range, ideal for day to day, to ideal shadows to create smoky and shiny finishes for special makeup. Even black eyeshadow can turn into eyeliner if you get it wet.


Best Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes

The shades that best suit blue eyes If you choose a warm – colored eyeshadow , bet on the range of beige, brown, orange, copper or gold tones. If you prefer to give your eyes a cooler look, try shades like lavender, gray or dark blue.

Choosing the best eyeshadow for blue eyes is all about figuring out which colors will best emphasize the blue and make your eyes stand out. Selecting a contrasting color is the key to finding this perfect, flattering shade. According to the color wheel, which is a diagram designed to represent how different colors complement or contrast each other, the color that contrasts the most with blue is orange. This means that orange is the color against which blue eyes will appear most dramatically.


How To Apply Eyeshadow For Blue Eyes 

Blue eyes are quite easy to make up. Just avoid tone-on-tone as much as possible. As in painting, we favor colors that combine to make a success of our makeup.

For the ranges of eyeshadows , blue eyes can afford both warm and cold tones: earth brown, caramel, bronze, beige, peach, apricot shadows up to pink, violet and coral colors that awaken the iris in the blink of an eye !

Bet on complementary colors to create contrast, illuminate and give sparkle to the eye. Orange and orange-yellow, warm and bright colors, are therefore ideal for blue eyes.

For a simple blue eye makeup, opt for gray that will suit any occasion and will accentuate your look.

The dark shades go wonderfully with blue and help to intensify the look. Get doe eyes by creating an increasingly dark gradient going towards the outside of the eye, with colors such as brown or black, brown or copper, plum, purple… or in highlighting the edge of the upper eyelashes with a line of eyeliner or black pencil for a doe-eye effect.

Do you want to have a contrasting effect for your eye makeup ?

  1. Apply a cream eyeshadow in shades of brown to the entire mobile eyelid
  2. Blend with your finger to the crease of the eyelid
  3. Create a halo starting from the crease of the eyelid by degrading to under the eyebrow with a brush
  4. Add a black line along the eyelashes.
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